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Russia: US Warplanes West of Euphrates in Syria Now Legitimate Targets


Russia: US Warplanes West of Euphrates in Syria Now Legitimate Targets

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what is being characterized as an act sure to further escalate already alarming tensions between the United States, Syria, and Russia, an American fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane over Raqqa on Sunday, prompting Moscow to cut off its deconfliction channel with the U.S.


Well good morning insanity!

Just looking at this dire headline told me that I should have stayed in bed.

I am too old to duck and cover like once I was able to do.

Way too old!

Trump is utterly the worst president ever. It is bizarre that cynical Republicans allow this incompetent fool to dance along a razor’s edge suspended over the chasm! One false move … ? We are talking Trump who wouldn’t even realize that it might be a false move.

WW III brought to you through arrogance, stupidity and incompetency!

Tax cuts for the rich though…here at the ending of the world!!!

When do the saner Republicans exert some influence over this fool? When?


What a major disappointment Trump’s “foreign policy” has turned out to be. Not that I had very high hopes, but we knew that with Hillary “The War Hawk” Clinton we’d be flirting with nuclear holocaust – the only silver lining with Trump was that perhaps he would be less inclined to start WWIII with Russia.

Looks like that was a false hope. We’re doomed people. Time to dust off that nuclear fallout shelter you forgot about after the Cold War ended. You might be needing it after all.


Well from what I have learned over the years we have created another major problem. When W & Cheney came in the plan was to take the Middle East period, Afghanistan was just an issue because after 9/11 they had to go there, they weren’t going to, Powell insisted because people would know they let Osama bin Laden walk, from there they invaded Iraq ousted the Sunni and installed a Shia puppet govt, the Sunni’s revolted, Rumsfeld and crew gave the Sunni army 30 days severance instead of including them in the new “democracy”, from there we took Libya and then the dumbest move, we went for Syria trying to use the Sunni ( ISIS) and offer them a bone of being our puppet there, this has been the dumbest of all plans because the Sunni aren’t going to be our puppet and will take it if they can for themselves, meanwhile Putin has been a business partner of Assad’s for a long time and he does not want to lose this…remember folks this is all about business and money and nothing else.

This has been our pattern at least since post WWII, pull some moves, install a puppet as we did in Iran. Think about this, Putin is extremely intelligent and crafty, I believe he used our own tactics against us and installed a puppet here, or he thought he did. Any thoughts??


And clearly, Russia and China are in US target sights as US continues to move closer in one
way or another – NATO, for one – but also via coups and other means of interference in
Ukraine and Crimea as we’ve seen in the past and with no expectation that US/CIA will cease
this behavior.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the Putin interviews with Oliver Stone I’d highly recommend them -
not for Oliver Stone who oddly enough often sounds like a buffoon, but for Putin and for a
terrifying look at what our nation is actually doing and what it plans to do to other nations …
whether they are currently labelled allies or foe.

Obviously, this criminal behavior of our government will go on because we have nuclear weapons
to threaten everyone with and the right wing is in control of our government and its agenda…
but we should at least be able to slap straight jackets on those officials heading up government
and our MIC leadership.


Hillary didn’t get the Oval Office, but she just might get her war with Russia anyway. Change you can believe in!


Perhaps, Putin will spank trump. trump needs a good spanking.


I, for one, am tired of winning…


There are no saner Republicans at the upper levels who could exert pressure that I can see. Smarter and more well spoken maybe. Rand Paul says some sane things about our supplying bombs to kill Yemeni children and beyond that I hear no sanity. There a few sane Democrats though far from the majority. We’ve got a lot of work to do.


I heard Trump likes being peed on. Perhaps, that would be good therapy for ‘Humpty Drumpfy’.


“…saner Republicans…”

Now there’s an oxymoronic phrase.


Her war? Not Trumps? Can’t help yourself, can you?


The idiocy of the Clinton nuclear WW3 was repeated here endlessly as a basis for electing Trump. It was BS then and still is BS. Trump did not fool you, you fooled yourself.


You do not get it. It is not Trump nor Clinton as both are stooges who do or will do as they are told. It is the system, the ones in the shadows that run this not some foolish figurehead.


Oliver Stone hardly qualifies as a buffoon. That animal currently resides in Washington, D.C. Which is part of the Deep States’ Operation Useful Idiot. Every good bamboozle needs a fall guy, with an entourage of true believers to make it appear as if predetermined and obvious scripts, are unfolding spontaneously in real time.
Clinton’s script concerning Syria was in the open and publicly vetted; the " no fly zones " were going to achieve the outcome we are now witnessing, along the same timelines, pretty much. Trump was just as bellicose, only his plan envisioned a temporary deal with Putin, then the elimination of Assad and finally the carving up of Greater Eastern Syria and Greater Northern Iraq. With Russia gaining some border security assurances and continued military and economic presence with the newly formed gov’t based in Damascus.
Israel and Saudi Arabia would gain by installing a largely defanged and compliant Syrian gov’t, and the opportunity to destroy their militarized enemies, who refuse to accept Greater Israel’s victory in the region. Palestinians would simply be exported to areas where they can monitored and controlled.
And, everyone lives happily ever after, for a while.
Oh wait, we’ve still got to straighten out Iran and Venezuela and then …


Looks like the neocons and their Clintonite allies are succeeding in pushing Drumpf toward open war with Russia. They DO realize, but don’t care, that this would lead to World War III and nuclear holocaust that will wipe out all life on Earth including microbes. It’s madness. Why are the American people not rising up to stop this?


You are so right about that. Anyone sitting in the White House is just a figurehead. It’s the corporate power who controls and decides everything.


Reports are that Trump has turned over war-making decisions to the Pentagon.
The illusion of a “decider-in-chief” has been completely swept away.


But I’m afraid it won’t do you much good.


Good morning B. Hows the weather at Langely today?