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Russia Warming Over Two Times Faster Than Rest of Planet


Russia Warming Over Two Times Faster Than Rest of Planet

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Russia is warming at 2.5 times the global average and faces a dramatic rise in related threats—from floods to fires—the country's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection revealed Friday in its annual report.

"Growth of average temperatures in Russia in 1976-2014 was 0.42 degrees Celsius in 10 years, which is 2.5 times more than growth of global temperatures on Earth for the same period—0.17 degrees Celsius in 10 years," the ministry wrote, according to media reports.


With temperatures in North Florida seldom slipping from the 80s.. and no discernible signs of winter on the horizon as people skate this Christmas at New York City's Rockefeller Center... in sleeveless clothing, the U.S. is on track to catch up with, or even bypass Russia's global warming increment.


Nothing mentioned here about all the permafrost in Russia that is likely to thaw over the coming decades and release large amounts of methane or carbon dioxide and set up a positive feedback that could drive global warming well beyond 2-3C regardless of how many countries meet their pledges to reduce emissions. It has been predicted that one fourth of the permafrost in Alaska could thaw by the end of this century. It would seem that something similar could occur in Russia. In addition Russia has large amounts of peat bogs that could dry out due to climate change and release large amounts of carbon dioxide. Despite all these voluntary pledges to reduce emissions it would seem that an increase in warming to the 4-6C range by the end this century still seems to be a distinct possibility. The big threat of global warming this century is due not only to inaction to reduce emissions but also to the fact that global warming is amplified in the Arctic region. This could create positive feedbacks for warming and accelerate melting of Greenland ice resulting in dramatic sea level rise.


Putin's historic refusal to acknowledge the crisis ??

Coming in the wake of the Paris climate talks, the ministry's findings underscore the urgency of climate change. The conclusions are significant, further, given President Vladmir Putin's historic refusal to acknowledge the crisis.

Click the link and you find this:
A Change in Tone for Vladimir Putin’s Climate Change Pledges

LE BOURGET, France – Many observers were surprised on Monday when President Vladmir V. Putin of Russia – the head of a heavily polluting petrostate and a longtime skeptic of climate change – offered a platter of climate-friendly platitudes to his fellow world leaders.

“Climate change has become one of the gravest challenges humanity is facing,” he said. He went on, “Caused by global warming, hurricanes, droughts, floods and other anomalies are the source of economic damage.”

If the other leaders’ jaws did not drop, it was only because they were being polite. The remarks were a departure from Mr. Putin’s years of publicly mocking the issue. In 2003, for example, he noted that climate change could have the advantage of causing Russians to spend less on fur coats. ..

And you find that Mr. Putin's "historic refusal to acknowledge the crisis" is not at all "historic" in the common sense of the word. More accurate would be "Putin's past refusal to acknowledge the crisis."

As it is currently worded it leaves the reader with the false impression Putin does not acknowledge global warming and the attendant climate changes.


Good point. I was surprised at Putin's statement at the Paris meeting. This seems to leave the Republican Party as the only deniers with a lot of political power in a major country. Who would have thought that in the country that pioneered universal education that this would have happened?


Thank you for bringing up this point. Two or three years ago this site hosted several excellent discussions on the subject (methane burp). The Arctic and Siberian regions are likely to release vast amounts of methane and CO2. Several writers suggested this will create a feedback loop that will drive climate change more rapidly than currently modeling suggests. I don't think we are tipping. I think we tipped.


I think it is time to distinguish between tipping and catastrophic tipping. You are correct in thinking we have tipped, in fact the term tipping point is now a media catch all phrase denoting visible climate change like melting glaciers and thawing permafrost. We tipped years ago when the polar Ice Cap began disappearing in summers. We weren't ready to admit that for what it was even as big a sign as that is.

However now we are confronted not by tipping (as I say we have long ago tipped already into climate change) but we are faced with catastrophic tipping which is a whole other order of business.

Catastrophic tipping is the difference between glacial meltwater coming off Greenland faster and faster each year and that of a sudden collapse of the ice shelf off Antartica and resulting tsunami like surge that hits the southern hemisphere and raises seas world wide by several feet. Catastrophic tipping is a massive thawing of the permafrost exacerbated by drought and heat induced forest fires that are unable to be suppressed and continue burning throughout the year.

Such huge scale effects of global warming are hanging over us and it almost seems like our politicians and leaders are waiting for some massive catastrophe to occur before they truly commit themselves to doing something about climate change.

The worry is that even in the face of catastrophe that the incompetents will not do their jobs and condemn us all to further catastrophes years down the road.

There is also the additional problem of methane hydrates on the ocean floor and when they go we will know it indeed. It truly seems like our leaders simply can't or won't believe that the weather could actually change all that much.

What we need is to reach a politician's tipping point where finally politicians admit that climate change is an emergency and start to do what they are supposed to be doing... their jobs!


If you have listened to speeches of politicians like Obama, Kerry, Whitehouse, and Sanders then it should be clear that they know we are in an emergency situation just like we know. But that is not the same as being able to take effective action. The problems preventing effective action are numerous. Most can be classified as political. To some extent one problem is simply inertia. Overcoming inertia can be very challenging. Some politicians do not seem to have a tipping point. It doesn't seem they will take action no matter the facts are. There is more than enough reason to take action and still they haven't budged.


Yet when they want to push something unpopular like tax cuts for the rich, they manage to get it done. When it is bailing out banks or changing bankruptcy laws that hurt the little guy, they get it done. Trade deals done in secret no less, they get it done. Endless war... apparently not a problem.

The idea that they would if only they could but gee whiz they tried but they can't is a standard cop out that is part of the language the governing elites use for the public. Don't blame us because it is our fault sounds silly but that is what it boils down to.

Of course people like Sanders and Eliz. Warren may have trouble getting the lords and ladies to support raising the min. wage and other legislation not backed by oligarchy money. Our congress became privatized some time ago and except for a few holdouts like Sanders and Warren, they are obvious about it. So they keep a few old fashioned cop outs and excuses on hand for whenever it is necessary.

Being able to take effective action is the operating theory not the operating principle. Inertia is a steady state condition - the reality - that is only interrupted when oligarchic money wants legislation done. No money means little or no interest basically.

The only thing left is when there is no place left to hide from the public when it concerns something unavoidable. Climate change is like that. Sure congress will take action when inertia confronts unstoppable. A two foot rise in sea levels and you can bet that congress will be on it in a flash!!! Get that? In a flash (that means the 15 years prior to it when something could have been done to help avoid it, congress did nothing).

When it is already too late... you can trust that Congress will be first to take action.


Here's one more thing that thug Putin can agree with that idiot Trump about - no big deal about the so-called climate change. We are truly in the thrall of gangsters.


Up to 80 % of Russian economy is dependent on oil and gas. Let's be real none of the profiteers from oil and gas would move away from it. It ain't going to happen to Exxon , Saudis or Russia. Trusting Putin on climate change , scratch that ...on anything, is a big mistake.


I think you are looking at this from a very biased point of view. During Obama's first term Congress passed increased fuel efficiency for motor vehicles. The House passed a cap and trade bill but it didn't get out of the Senate where a supermajority was needed. Obama ordered the EPA to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Obama not only bailed out banks but spent large sums of money to get renewable energy going. Even when it is not for the rich they often get things done. There has been a clear attempt to fight climate change but because of various factors the efforts have fallen far short of what is needed. This is the same story in many countries, not just the US.


All true but as I said when they want to do something no matter what it is or what it costs they do it. I'm not talking about a slightly better gas mileage kind of thing. I am talking about ending fossil fuel using cars. I am talking about roads which charge you electric car as it drives on them automatically thru induction. I am talking about the total end of fossil fuel use (excepting planes and commercial ships etc.) for most things. A different planet in effect. They somehow found a way to bail out the banks to a tune of 17 trillion. They could restore those two trillion in tax cuts of Bush's and use the money to electrify American transportation. They could stop subsidizing oil and invest in solar and wind.

Yes they could and they should have but they didn't and since they needed to ... Obama wasn't capable enough to get it done. He allowed the republicans to regain power after Bush/Cheney ...so how did that work out for him and us? He failed as a president. He failed us all.


I agree that Obama isn't particularly good at working with Congress. He is much better than Jimmy Carter was but still that is not his strength. But much more importantly, during his first term the main goal of the Republicans was that Obama would have a failed presidency. We are not talking about slightly better gas mileage, we are talking about doubling gas mileage. Roads that charge an electric car are in an experimental phase and presently extremely costly, To end all use of fossil fuels excect for planes and ships all buildings would have to be heated by something other than fossil fuels. That can't happen overnight and it would be very expensive for millions of people. Since most electricity comes from burning fossil fuels conversion to no fossil fuels would be monumental,. Again, it can't happen overnight. The government has tax credits for solar and wind. In fact Congress just extended them. Yes, they certainly should stop subsidizing oil. Actually, the government can't do everything it wants because there are divided opinions on just about everything, When something gets done it is usually the result of compromising and trading of votes. In a way the Founding Fathers set the government up not to work because they were afraid of centralized power. The "they" you are talking about does not exist. What you have is representatives from 50 states, all of whom have different agendas based on what state they represent and which party they belong to. And Obama is a Democrat while the Republicans are in the majority in the House and Senate. That is not a good situation for getting things done, The Republicans control the House largely because of gerrymandering. I don't see how you can blame Obama for that. They control the Senate largely because last election a lot of Democratic seats were at stake and a number of Democratic senators retired. Again, I don't see how that is Obama's fault.


I think that as soon as Obama got in, he bent over backwards in an alleged attempt to create bipartisanship. However I think that he was in fact conning those who elected him and instead paying back the corporate oligarchy who funded his election. They needed a continuation of Bush/Cheney's economic policy and neocon politics and Obama gave it to them. The repubs were dead in the water after Bush/Cheney and yet by the midterms they had regained sufficient power to block everything like they were in power from the start and let Obama claim that he tried but they fought everything he attempted. It was just an obvious bait and switch.

Obama's job appears to have been to follow Bush/Cheney lead in most things. From being at an all time record low in popularity, repubs regained control. Obama did that. It wasn't by accident either (like his reappointing Bush/Cheney's economic team for example and keeping the same generals running things etc).

Obama turned out to be a fake and history will place as among the most dishonest and weak presidents. He betrayed everyone that hoped for the changes he promised and never really tried to accomplish. Change with Obama was only skin deep. His real promise was to the corporate backers who wanted the republicans to become powerful again. Obama ended up becoming a disgrace. He created a new term - an Obama promise of hope meant it was all talk. A sham that brought no change and no hope whatsoever.


CLIMATE CHANGE-YES. The Important Issue for you to consider for yourselves and your family is How Will You prepare for this new world? No need for further debate.
Time is growing short now for preparation. For Your Governments are not preparing to help you- You must develop your own action plans, your own Arks..
For you have some time to prepare, but not much time....For those who are following global events, they know what is coming.... Corporations and the Dominant World Governments are showing their cards in relation to this....How will you prepare? Will You Wait for the Great Waves to crash upon you....or will you take action?....Knowledge---and how will you know what actions to take (Great Waves of Change;... Summers-MV).


People have to take actions too. Politicians should should come out and tell the public how everyone can help to reduce the global warming. But they are all afraid to do that because it might hurt the precious economy. The TV news has reported that this year more people than ever are driving and flying around for the holidays. Gas is cheap and the living is easy for some.


The current unprecedented floods in parts of South America and the UK make the point - many more will be affected by Global Warming regardless where you live, it's just the luck of the draw where the effects will be felt and in which ways. More moisture in the atmosphere means more severe rain and snow events. The deadly Christmas Day storms/tornados in the US south are another case. http://floodlist.com/

And still the powers that be continue to perpetrate the fraud, to fiddle around the edges and deceive to protect business as usual.........yeah, "we will get 'er done by 2020 or 2050" they say........“It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just promises" http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/dec/12/james-hansen-climate-change-paris-talks-fraud


Isn't it bizarre? We live in a Twilight Zone episode where people know something bad is coming their way but nobody will even talk about it and go around pretending like nothing is going to happen...

... but you know it's coming and try to get people to do something about it but people refuse to discuss it much less do something!


That's funny! Best laugh I've had in a while. Hey wait...that's not really funny at all sheesh! It is true dagnabbit!

Well the hymn part is still pretty funny. Lol.