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Russia Was Never the Real Scandal

Russia Was Never the Real Scandal

Peter Certo

Robert Mueller won’t be filing any more indictments related to the “Russiagate” investigation.

Though the search unearthed ample evidence that Russia wanted Trump to become president — and hints that some members of Trump World were perhaps aware of this — the recent summary declared no concrete findings that the two camps knowingly “colluded.”

The president, naturally, is declaring victory. And his anti-Mueller attorney general is preemptively clearing the president of related obstruction charges, it seems.

The old adage applies here. One spoiled apple destroys the bunch. Had these issues been focused on by the media and by those opposed to Trump , the truths would have been far more likely to resonate with the population. By mixing them in with the “Russian Collusion” narrative that entire message was made suspect.


Actually Barr and Mueller are old friends.


The Democrats clearly wanted to avoid the meta-scandal of Government For Hire to the Highest Bidder, because, like the Republicans, that is their business model.

Russiagate was merely another long reality-TV escapade, compelling perhaps to some, but in the end, of no more consequence than Tanya & Nancy.

It’s stock & trade for the Democrats, whose job it is to keep liberals & progressives busy chasing red herrings & going on snipe hunts, so as to assure they never put their efforts into genuine reform.


Tanya didn’t precipitate the demise of America’s experiment with democracy. The historical tentacles of the Dems committing so disgracefully flagrant a hara-kiri (usually they maintain a pretense of competent opposition) will be long, and could certainly go there.

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Applause to Peter Certo for the excellent article.

There is a point here that is given short shrift here, however. There is an apparent reason that there should be a two-year investigation of one of the few offenses of which Donald Trump could at the outset be said to reliably be innocent. There must be a reason that an investigation of collusion should be directed away from the abundant collusion that actually did take place and that was very much in evidence.

The reason is fairly simple: the corruption involves the Democrats as well.

Corruption that involves both the Republicans and the Democrats has no empowered opposition to put it to question. This is a consequence of decades of overly consistent “least-worst” voting, both of “corporate Democrats” and “big state” Republicans. These “hands-across-the-aisle” folks, so often advertised as “centrist” or “moderate,” back the most extreme policies of the political spectrum: the perpetration of wars and acts of war and of kidnapping and torture, the killing of citizens by fiat and without trial, universal surveillance, the fairly open persecution of even foreign journalists, the extensive manipulation of national elections, the acceleration of nuclear and hydrocarbon industries, the formation of networks of “trade agreements” to forestall the responses of local peoples against predation by international corporations, extension of aggressive posturing with nuclear armaments, and so forth.

But this is why Certo is correct in his observations here, and well based in his request: Let’s direct some attention to a real resistance.


“Backed by health insurance corporations, Trump and the GOP have spent years trying to repeal, negate, or undermine the law that’s provided health care to between 20 and 30 million Americans.”

Writer, you forgot to add: "…while the corporate-owned, neo-liberal democrats dig in their heels against a Single-Payer System overhaul."


My question was and still is how can the citizens of the United States unseat a power elite who for the last 50 years have craftily built a nearly impregnable system to prevent just that? A growing number of activists, motivated by different affronts to the people, are organizing to challenge the entrenched power-brokers. They see a direct correlation between their troubles and concerns and the power wielded by corporations, the military, the courts, and powerful politicians. The young (those under 50) understand what is facing them unless they install their people and implement their policies: debt, discrimination, disaster, dystopia, death.

Russian interference in the 2016 election may not have involved corruption and collaboration, but it was and remains a threat to the stability of the United States. tRump’s policies, tweets, and loose talk contribute to the break-down of our society whether he is in cahoots with the Russian’s or not. He and many other out-of-touch leaders need to defeated. The energy of the youthful activists is the only hope we have of that happening soon enough to stop the free-fall into even darker times.

Why are you drinking the Russian-boogieman Kool-Aid, bro? You want to talk about a nation that REALLY control US politics, talk about Israel, which does it in plain sight. Next to Netanyahu, Putin is a Girl Scout.


Hey Peter Certo, this isn’t about Trump, it’s about Democrats and their lackeys in the corporate media. Trump has done and is still doing massive damage to this country for the vast majority of its citizens and the world (in regard to the danger of nuclear war and climate catastrophe). These are real crimes to humanity. The Liberal class knew, just like the Bush administration and media propagandists knew that there were no WMD) that there was no there there for Russian collusion to put Trump in the WH. They knew. That means for 2 years the American people have been spoon-fed a manufactured conspiracy theory distracting them from the real damage Trump, the GOP and a lot of Democrats are responsible for. This needs to laid at the feet of the Liberal class, corporate media and the Democratic Party. These people are also guilty of giving Trump a major political asset as 2020 approaches. The MSM can report real criminality of Trump, but his base now has a solid reason for not believing any of it.


These issues of corruption are not overlooked or misunderstood by those interested and following the scandals. I’m sure they confuse an only partly engaged public, and makes no sense at all to the “Deplorables.”

A perspective long overdue for adoption by the American public.

If there is a real Russian issue, it’s with the Russian oligarchs/mafia who bailed Trump out of bankruptcy at least once, presumably in exchange for favors. This criminality falls under the category of corruption, not the DNC’s preferred distraction of collusion.


“Though the search unearthed ample evidence that Russia wanted Trump to become president…” Is this a known truth given no one has actually seen the report? There was heated debate in Russian political circles on whether Hillary or Donnie would be better with most siding with the devil they knew. Donnie was considered a unknown wild card. Robert Scheer has been reporting this for more than two years but no one in the MSM would listen.

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Found it:

Yes. And the same holds true of war crimes (yeah, Nancy “Look Forward, Not Backward” Pelosi, I’m talking to you).

I think that statement was made by Obama, not Pelosi? And was his excuse for not investigating and prosecuting Bush administration war crimes and the fabrications/lies that got us into9 the Iraq quagmire? Or was it the 2008 bank induced collapse?

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I agree. I suspect that in a post-nuclear era, World War-type warfare has become obsolete. Empires continue to exist as you insightfully posit, but wars occur through proxies; hence, Afghan wars, Yugoslav wars, Somali wars, Yemen wars, Syrian wars, etc.
The Russians, the Americans, and the Chinese arm locals to kill each other in hopes that the victor will grant favorable trade concessions and mineral extraction rights to its respective empire “sponsor.” Meanwhile, the elected administrators of Empire extract and misdirect taxes that feed their respective, bloated military machines. Follow the money, always.
Be well.

from a comment a skeptic of which I’m responding to…

Russian interference in the 2016 election may not have involved corruption and collaboration, but it was and remains a threat to the stability of the United States. tRump’s policies, tweets, and loose talk contribute to the break-down of our society whether he is in cahoots with the Russian’s or not.

The only thing I ever heard Maddow get right is that Putin could have convinced Trump to do something unbeknownst to anyone [thanks, Jeremy Scahill]. OK, the empty de-bugged room…but does Putin know that much English? Doesn’t look like it from the Oliver Stone interviews

OR NOT…yep, or not.

But whether or not their influence amounted to much, really we are lucky to figure out what some hackers [IRA in Russia my “best” guess] were trying to do. AFAICS it comes under PR science (“research”). It didn’t amount to a hill of beans next to voter suppression, crosscheck, etc.

Just to get the lay of the land, though, ya gotta ask yourself…why? Putin acted pretty rationally in Syria, and one’s tempted to forget the mechinations of oil hegemonies.

from “The Most Damaging Election Disinformation Campaign Came From Donald Trump, Not Russia” by Bruce Schneier and Henry Farrell 11/19/18…

"When a Russia-friendly government in Ukraine collapsed due to popular protests, Russia tried to destabilize new, democratic elections by hacking the system through which the election results would be announced. The clear intention was to discredit the election results by announcing fake voting numbers that would throw public discussion into disarray.>

"This attack on public confidence in election results was thwarted at the last moment. Even so, it provided the model for a new kind of attack. Hackers don’t have to secretly alter people’s votes to affect elections. All they need to do is to damage public confidence that the votes were counted fairly. As researchers have argued, ‘simply put, the attacker might not care who wins; the losing side believing that the election was stolen from them may be equally, if not more, valuable.’ ” The Most Damaging Election Disinformation Campaign Came From Donald Trump, Not Russia https://www.schneier.com/essays/archives/2018/11/the_most_damaging_el.html

[ “democratic elections” pushing it a little given NED’s involvement]

from from “We did Trump to Ourselves and Should Own up to It; Mueller and Putin can’t Save US” by Juan cole 3/25/19 [interesting title] …

"All this is not to say that Putin did not try to put Trump in. He did. The St. Petersburg troll farms are real, and Mueller charged them. Whether Putin’s efforts were effective is something for a Big Data specialist to address. I personally think the Russian efforts had an effect at the margins in states like Michigan and Wisconsin, which were key to Trump’s victory. They aimed to depress the Black vote by slamming Clinton, and may have succeeded. They aimed at convincing white workers that she is an al-Qaeda sympathizer, and may have succeeded. But that’s just my educated guess. The high-powered data specialists may eventually be able to come to a more rigorous conclusion.

“But I think the Russians were only one Trump backer abroad. It seems clear that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were also plumping for Trump. In fact, the UAE introduced Trump operatives to a major Russian banker close to Putin.” https://www.juancole.com/2019/03/ourselves-should-mueller.html


Yep, whether or not their influence amounted to much, if Russia wanted Trump in, ya gotta ask…why? Mostly IMO due to not wanting WWIII over Ukraine. Been thinking about another reason. Partnering with Exxon + US crude oil shipped east (and liquid natural gas shipped east too…the latter derived to a big extrent currently from FRACKING). Easy to search Russian arctic LNG arriving in Boston. Not so easy to search US LNG going east, though US crude oil going east gets results pretty quickly (2nd link below). I read about one Russian billionaire tied to a firm involved in shipping the stuff from north america east…LNG IIRC.



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I responded to flapdoodle64.

Yeah but…all oil hegemonies will keep try’n to drill in the wrong places.