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Russiagate and the New Blacklist


Russiagate and the New Blacklist

Matt Taibbi

Putin loves you; therefore, you love Putin. The enemy re-tweets you, therefore, you're in league with the enemy. We're at war with them, therefore we're at war with you.

One of the first rules of a shunning campaign is that it doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be what everyone's saying. Since most Americans went to high school, we tend to be instinctively familiar with the concept.


I really respect Matt Taibbi, a true journalist. This is an excellent piece, that really opened my eyes a bit wider and made me think from different perspective on this subject.


Thanks Mr. Taibbi for the account of the recent propaganda. Here’s a report on the long term, culturally embedded propaganda. Beware! It comes from RT.





I completely agree with this man. But fortunately, the majority of new millenial generation does not believe in any of this crap about this “Russia gate”. Only the red neck aging Americans could be fooled with this BS. The huge pile of student loan and joblessness or low-paying job is going to change the face of this nation forever. The old styled Anglo-Saxon colonial mentality is bringing more suffering to the common people and nothing else. Everything is well reherased trap. Useless overwhlemingly fat ladened defense budget is nothing but the crooked way of stealing tax-payers’ money from the treasury. Majority of the members in both sides of the isle are crook. The war is a racket and they want to continue it in far future by any means. This is the motto. Only the millenial could change and they will. Just look around.


The example of CNNs attack on ms Goldfarb was on target, but then Taibbi goes on to his own hysterics. In the course of one particularly frothing small paragraph he does a little misinformation of his own, saying we are told by those covering Russian activities that putin was behind Black Lives Matter(along with retirement of Jeff Flake, etc.). Slick move, but of course no one has made such a claim but Taibbi himself here. What did occur and which Taibbi does not mention is that Russian trolls did create something called Blacktivist and sought to interfere with real activists such as Black Lives Matter. No doubt there is some exeageration of Russian influence (Clinton lost her own election) however Taibbi seems more jealous of the real journalism pursuing the Trump organization than concerned with some blacklisting that he never supports.


Is very interesting comment you make. Study English long?


Mr. Taibbi’s unique talent is his ability to sort through and bring into focus the current situation. This piece should be required reading for everyone who cares (or pretends to care) about the future of our democracy, and how those who have been manipulating the system for decades are still at it.


Why take anything from the MSM when we can eliminate the middle man and get straight a state owned source.


This is a special case of this new age we are in of threats using the internet. The internet could be used to take down electrical systems, etc, The US was able to destroy Iranian centrifuges using the internet so the potential to interfere not only with elections but also physical systems should be clear. A big part of this problem is the irresponsibility of social media companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These are now media companies yet they deny what they clearly are and insist they are merely platforms for users. No they publish news and are therefore media companies and should be held to the same standards as other media companies for editing their content. No respectable media companies simply publishes lies and hate without editorial control yet this is what social media companies are doing. The Russians are simply taking advantage of this as are many hate groups in the US, ISIS, etc. It is a complex problem that needs to be dealt with. The social media companies are run by greedy libertarians and they do not want to hire large numbers of people which would reduce their profits. In some way they need to be forced to hire enough people to do their jobs responsibly as media companies. Using algorithms instead of humans is not working and probably cannot work. Thousands of workers need to be hired and trained to raise the standards of social media to those of other media companies that rely on people to make editorial decisions.


This an article on the US History of meddling in Russian Elections and other countries.

Please note it “Justified” by making the claim that when the US does it in Russia, it for GOOD reasons. The NYT displays an inherent bias evem as it admits the US interferes in Russia in the body of the article where they detail as to how the US motivated out of good and a desire to promote democracy and human rights (which any person knows an absolute crock.) while Russia is always up to no good.

“It’s not just apples and oranges,” said Kenneth Wollack, president of the National Democratic Institute. “It’s comparing someone who delivers lifesaving medicine to someone who brings deadly poison.”

The above quote in the article and reminds me very much of Henry Kissinger on Chile when justifying the US helping to topple him because it was not the fault of the US that the Chielan people elected the wrong government.


Someone found ole Joe’s playbook. Still no evidence that the state of Russia interfered with anything.


“If you don’t think that the endgame to all of this lunacy is a world where every America-critical movement from Black Lives Matter to Our Revolution to the Green Party is ultimately swept up in the collusion narrative along with Donald Trump and his alt-right minions, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Taibbi nails it on this one. All of you sincere but misguided liberals that have been sucked up into this whole Russiagate meme are going to be very very upset when you realize that will all be used to eventually censor not the Russians…it will be you they censor. Soon anybody arguing against the fascist narrative will be accused of being a commie, a putin puppet…you hang yourself with their propaganda and don’t even realize it.


Don’t know which is more pathetic - a government that knows no other way to govern than by creating villains or the sizable segment of the public that never fails to sucker for the scam. A page out of old Joe’s playbook is right.


“Parts of the Russiagate story may be real.”

That’s good. Tabbi isn’t denying everything. He is a least somewhat grounded in reality. But what is going on with all this denial stuff on the the left. They are even denying self-driving cars are real. Where does it end? We have climate deniers on the right and self-driving car deniers on the left. Denying reality seems to be the big thing now in populist movements.


And yet, for some reason, Snopes has a page about that very claim, citing an example from almost a year ago. And there has definitely been mainstream reporting that Russia was behind some Black Lives Matter Facebook ads. In the broader context of this article about how social movements are being swept up in the collusion narrative, the inclusion of Black Lives Matter doesn’t seem unreasonable, and I certainly wouldn’t call it “frothing”.

“Taibbi seems more jealous of the real journalism pursuing the Trump organization than concerned with some blacklisting that he never supports.”

Seems that way to you, perhaps. But I think that says more about your mindset than it does Taibbi’s.


I am completely flabbergasted! What happened to Taibbi? He is completely flipping reality and not sure what are his goals? CNN tried to open eyes to a Trump voter by showing her she was used by Russian propaganda trolls. Proven post fact and historical event.

All it showed people are completely politically blind and disconnected from reality.


How long do you think it will take for Taibbi to be dismissed by all the serious people as a pawn of Putin?

Taibbi is definitely a threat to [the illusion of] democracy, because he’s absolutely right. The purveyors of mass hysteria are always hard at work. But this deep-corporate-media-state campaign has apparently succeeded in diverting discussion of the crescendo of crises we face. With so many.

And against so many. Right in the cross-hairs are the real inspirations. If there’s a Malcolm among us, he’s again targeted for destruction by this unabashed force of totalitarianism. Well, there are Malcolms among us, and one of the things we can do to fight back is to lift them up. #BlackLivesMatter


You do realize that hundreds of thousands of voters turned out at Trump rallies that were not set up by Russian trolls, right? Was that old woman used when she went to one of those?


You have misread both Taibbi and myself. What the stories on the Facebook ads address is precisely my point: Russian trolls sought to disrupt Black Lives Matter. Again, no one, certainly no major media, has alleged that Putin was behind Black Lives Matter. The local Black activists in Baltimore themselves recognized it as interference. They weren’t told by CNN.


The Russian troll factory in St. Petersburg should be a cause for concern. It started small but at last report in the NY Times it now employees about 1,000 trollers. By paying high salaries for sitting at a computer and messing around with social media there are a lot of takers. Former employees who left because they didn’t like doing something wrong have given detained descriptions of how it works. They are instructed on how to create bots which greatly amplifies their efforts. I don’t think there is much the US government can do about this but social media companies with their vast fortunes and knowledge of the internet should be capable of making sure their accounts are legit and keeping the bots off their platforms. Supposedly 20% of tweets are by bots and a high percentage of followers on Twitter are not fake accounts. I can’t believe Twitter and these other social media companies can;t do better. Internet 2.0 is a disaster. Maybe we should go back to 1.0 and start over.