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'RussiaGate' Has Become a Catastrophic Failure of Leadership — and a Debacle From Which the Trump Presidency Will Not Recover


'RussiaGate' Has Become a Catastrophic Failure of Leadership — and a Debacle From Which the Trump Presidency Will Not Recover

Douglas Blackmon

A version of this post first appeared on Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Douglas A. Blackmon’s Facebook page.


.... and Trump and Russia did what exactly?
PS Time Magazine cover story about how the USA manipulated the election of Yeltsin and the thereby the end of the USSR ... but anything the USA does is fine because we're the good guys.
(personally I trust Putin more than I trust our Dark State)


Hey, if you're a Putin lover or liker why not emigrate (unless you already live there, of course). We can at least vote out the crapiest of the crappy.


I think it strange that a person expressing what they think or feel about a foreign leader or country would need to move anywhere. Who the fuck are you to tell others to move because of what they have said.

Lay out your value as a human being and let us judge if you have the right to be an asshole to others.

Then lay out your reasons why Putin does not stand head and shoulders above the last 4 American presidents.


Reading this well reasoned account of Trumpian treachery, if not treason, I came away impressed with the author's probity and restraint. While reading this I was reminded of Walter Cronkite's reluctance to declare the Vietnam War a mistake and make it plain to all America that to continue pursuing the war would be a moral error!

This article felt like a historic document, which perhaps it is but more importantly, it treated the reader with respect for the seriousness of the subject matter. Too often commenters respond to an article simply by venting as if seeing their words in the comments section was all that mattered. This author wrote for all Americans who would feel regret and some degree of shame for the low state that the office of our presidency has been brought to! Much the same feelings for the country itself which must endure this political embarrassment anew!

For those who can still retain a serious perspective on current events without recourse to bombast, hyperbole, irate ranting or venting - this article was one hell of a read! Quite exciting really. Post Watergate that is!

This time it isn't about the meaning of 'is' nor even about a cover up of a break in! This time it really is bigger than yet we know!

Fucking yikes - here we go!

My money is on Trump resigning rather than his risking the historic irony of his being fired but if his ego can't take it then ...

...here we go! The big show!

Loved this article!


I must be missing something.
Apart from much name dropping and paragraphs of empty pomposities I saw nothing to suggest that there is a shred of evidence that the Russian government 'penetrated the White House.
The author should turn his Pulitzer Prize winning skills to outlining the enormous amounts of evidence that the Saudi and Israeli governments are just two of the many which invest hundreds of millions intervening in US elections and legislation.


"...intelligence reports have since surfaced ...."
Leaks from neo-cons in government to neo-cons in the media.
And what of the substance?

" Barack Obama was still president at the time of the conversation, and Flynn was still a civilian. Meddling by a citizen in a dispute between the US and a foreign government is illegal under a federal law enacted in 1799 called the Logan Act."
The Logan Act. A piece of legislative idiocy in 1799 that has never been used. Read it again to see why: meddling by a citizen in a dispute between the US and a foreign government is illegal. It happens every day. Half of Congress is elected thanks to funds raised by foreigners lobbying for influence. That is why the Speaker of the House can invite the PM of Israel to address Congress on the subject of Iran without being jailed under Logan.
"...According to recent reporting, Flynn also assured the Russian ambassador that the Trump administration would “revisit” those sanctions once in office — a strong suggestion that it would likely reverse them... On the day after that phone conversation, Putin announced that Russia would not retaliate, just as Flynn had asked. Based on other reporting and suggestions in recent congressional testimony, it’s safe to believe that description of Flynn’s conversation...."

Another leak from the neo-cons. But so what? Putin would not have retaliated over a lame duck demonstration of impotence designed to provoke. Putin isn't that dumb. And he certainly didn't need Flynn to advise him.. There is nothing in Blackmon's story beyond the news that he talked to Yates.


Yawn. No real news there; just lots more paragraphs full of maybes. I'll keep my mind open and my eyes open for any evidence. If there is demonstrable proof of any quid pro quo, violations of emoluments clause or anything else...by all means, fight for prosecution and/or impeachment.
But it's amply clear that establishment Dems are still all-in trying first, to sell the lie that Hillary lost because of Russia; and second, that Trump and his team are completely dishonest and unethical, and very possibly criminal. As if we didn't already know the latter.


Proof? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


First, you should relax a bit. I did not "tell others to move." I simply suggested "why not"? Second, I'll let you dream on about how wonderful Putin is.


Et tu, CD? Seriously? I've been coming here for 15 years, but am contemplating a change in online habits due to the sad, credulous, non-critical platform the editorial staff is apparently down to give the transparently b.s. "Russia-gate" yarn. Losing your credibility, folks. And I t's very hard to get back (with the people who count) one that goes out the window.


You didn't actually read this article did you? Lol.


Try reading for comprehension next time.


Nuff said.


Apparently some think Putin a saint. Lol.


This is one of the most asinine comments I've read in a long time, anywhere. It has the infantile tone of a lower grader in an elementary school yard who has run out the few inane comments he or she could conjure. Grow up man.


What isn't mentioned is that this phony attack on Trump, devoid of meat, will damage the Democrats, maybe even more that it does Trump. There are many legitimate reasons to work for impeachment of this inept stooge and his fascist cabal but instead, they chose the Hillary route of lies, smears and innuendo -- and most people know it. But it's worse than that. Instead of working with Russia on issues of shared importance, instead of working in the community of nations, this attempt at restarting a cold-war to feed our military industries is bringing us closer to nuclear war and alienating the rest of the world which increasingly sees us as a dangers failed state.

If Trump is destroying the Republicans, Clinton and the DNC, in league with their media, are destroying the Democrats. What about the rest of us? Shouldn't we be building a Progressive Populist alternative?


Your childish retort doesn't really deserve a response but I will just say that such snippy remarks don't help your cause any. Most readers here appear to be rather well educated, critical thinkers, and can discern between well-reasoned argument and ad hominem.


I suppose we don't know what most people think/know, but it's certainly true , judging by my read of commentary on various news/blog/social media sites, that a rather large segment of the population is skeptical if not disbelieving. But various factions have apparently decided to double down - in the hopes that various fishing expeditions might indeed gather something truly damning, or perhaps just enough fishy bits with which they can continue to smear Trump until 2020.

Aside from the risky anti-Russian fever and its potential consequences and lost opportunities, you're right about the possible added force of a backlash against the D's. I already know a fair number, including lifetime D's, who are "done" with the Party. They're so distrusting that I suspect they may never go back.

The DNC and other neoliberal organs are clearly simply relying on anti-Trump backlash to restore them to power, but I suspect they may be once again deluding themselves, just as they did when they anointed HRC. Too many have awakened and aren't going back to sleep.


The author clearly states that his article was not about Hillary and Russia. I was just pointing out that you obviously hadn't read the piece.


My, my, my, you must be a Russian agent or something. But you will soon find your point of view to be way out of touch with what our nation wants to hear...even the clueless trump supporters. And if you do admire Putin so much, to paraphrase so many conservatives, why don't you move there, Comrade?