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Russian Hackers, 'Cozy Bear' & 'Fancy Bear,' Steal Trump Research from DNC

Russian Hackers, 'Cozy Bear' & 'Fancy Bear,' Steal Trump Research from DNC

Nika Knight, staff writer

Two separate groups associated with Russian intelligence agencies hacked into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer network, spying on communications and stealing research on Donald Trump, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The Post described the extent of the intrusion:

Something wierd with this. Cant put my finger on it. Cozy Bear is talked about in Intel Exchange on the deep web, so not sure where their intel is from, but he/she is not Russian. He/she is a hacker and apperently a good one. Maybe good enough to do this, but that is speculative.

I call bullshit. Have a listen to Moxie about the attack on Comodo. Start 5 min in if you want to miss the (unrelated) funny story. The story of the attack on Comodo is even more funny. (It goes up to minute 12, but the whole talk is worth it.)

Absolutely Priceless - every minute of it!!
Thanks for the heads up on it. Every bit of demystification and unveiling is deeply, deeply appreciated.

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GOOD! The USA thinks it can do anything,anywhere; why only the USA?
“We’re perceived as an adversary of Russia.” I wonder why, with NATO bases right up to the Russian border, “wargames” in Poland and Romania, Obama calling Russia the greatest threat to the US.

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"nuclear combat toe to toe with the Rooskies. Slim Pickens as Major TJ “King” Kong.

OK let’s get this straight, the same Democrats that spent 1.2billion with nearly half from countries like China and Saudis arabia are whining about foreign governments influencing the election. Wernt they the ones who cheated Bernie Sanders in some states and there is an investigation and finally Dident the Clinton news network tried to pin Donald’s ears back when he hesitated to say he would concede. OK now he is President elect and the CIA the same that run all over the world destabilizing elections gets involved, the same CIA that helped Hillary destroy Syria. The news runs the same old lies about a Russian hacker over and over without proof,just propagandizing away on the few die hard viewers who watch. What’s next planet nibiru landed in Russia they all became zombies and cozy bear hacked the election so Putin gets his dirty money from Hillary’s Plutonian deal.

So this conspiracy has been in the works since 2015?