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Russian Lawyer Reasserts Snowden's Desire to Return Home


Russian Lawyer Reasserts Snowden's Desire to Return Home

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's well-established desire to end his asylum in Russia and return home to the United States if promised access to "fair and impartial" legal proceedings is in the news again on Tuesday following new comments by his Russian lawyer that sparked a flurry of headlines.


I’m surprised he would want to return to the US as he cannot get a fair trial. He has already been convicted in the press, convicted by Obama as well as many political figures (at least one wanted him assassinated). He will be broken financially, his career ended, and he will do serious time. For someone as intelligent as he has proven himself to be, this is very foolish and naive. Putting his faith in lawyers and the promise of a fair trial is suicidal.


He would be better off going to Cuba. He would spend years if not life in prison should he return to the US


Don’t do it dude. smh


Snowden must know a lot more than most of us know; otherwise, he would not want to make this move because he is too intelligent to not realize he cannot go before the unjust and expect justice.


No one can know what Mr. Snowden feels. He can suggest how he feels in the actions he takes but he has not as yet himself shared the why of these preliminary public queries as to how the justice department would respond. I fear for him. He is on a very singular road and decency and integrity have been very poor defenses against the predations of the world’s most merciless power. My own plea to him would be to not return, America suffers a regime that has no integrity and there is not a scintilla of reason to believe it would honor any commitment it makes.