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Russian Mouse Threatens US Elephant


Russian Mouse Threatens US Elephant

Eric Margolis

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” So echoed the cry this week from the Pentagon, the US media and Republican candidates for president.

How silly. It seems the Russians have sent six tanks to Syria, some medium artillery and a bunch of military technicians to two bases on Syria’s coast near Latakia. According to Republican warmongers, the wicked Soviets…ooops, sorry, Russians…are intervening militarily in the five-year old Syrian War and planning new bases in the strategic Mideast nation.


"President Vladimir Putin re-asserted this claim, saying he wanted to protect the Levant’s 2 million Christians who are now gravely threatened by IS."

Imagine the media circus if a US president had made that claim. We would never hear the end of it.


Great picture, Ted, but you're not going to get to be the fear-monger-in-chief.


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" In fact the Islamic State, or IS, is a tacit American ally."

Putin has to know this and his latest chess move has just put Obama in check because of his offer to help eliminate IS!


This is a great article as far as it goes.

But to make it seem like it is only Republicans like Ted Cruz who are all anti-Putin war mongers is nonsense.

This article should have a picture of Sec. of State John Kerry up there instead of Cruz. It is Kerry and his boss Obama who are the ones stoking the anti-Russian fires and manipulating the American public to support a ground war in Syria in order to achieve the destruction of the Syrian state and the removal of the secular regime.

Then once this happens the next step is for Israel to once again go to war with Southern Lebanon, this time with no Syria to support Hezbollah. The then real terrorists in the Middle East will finally once and for all 'wipe off the map' one of the thorns in their side who have resisted there aggression.

Ted Cruz isn't the one giving the orders to the US military


I know that- but I intentionally didn't bring it up because this article wasn't about Sanders and I don't want to start another argument about Sanders. We need to discuss the US policy in Syria not get into another fight about "how can you not support him?" versus "how can you support him?"




The USA a vassal state of Russia? Putin invaded the Ukraine and seized the Crimea?

Talk about delusional.


That depends on what US policy towards Syria actually is.It seems confused, if not opaque.


No you are not us. You are one person. I am trying to tell you that you are delusional.


Clinton and Obama are both very smart people, even if they often behave like idiots. As a college roommate opined years ago, "Smart people are a dime a dozen. What counts is what you do with your smarts." Among other things, that means there is a moral dimension to peoples' behavior, smart or not.


Not delusional-just bat shit crazy.


Bat shit crazy in suggesting that The USA a vassal state o Russia, delusional in believing people here would buy into that crap.


Conservatives live in fear:



Maybe get your history from another source other than Fox news? There are a number of excellent texts out there.


O.K scholar,

Explain to us how "America is a vassal state of Russia and, equally, of Iran."


Where I went to college, they were. I can't speak for the general population,but if you make the assumption that intelligence is evenly distributed throughout the population ( I do), that means there are multiple millions of intelligent people out there. It' just that most of them didn't have the advantages that I and most of my classmates had.Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Yale Law School.I mean listen to the man talk: he's brilliant. Obama's academic credentials are pretty impressive too, and regardless of what you think about his policies and general behavior as Leader of the Free World (sarcasm alert!) he's no dummy either.


Handy pie chart on world military spending. Long ago, the Soviet Union was a genuine threat to U.S. dominance in conventional military terms, but that has not been the case for many years. The bipartisan wailing about the minuscule Russian presence in Syria is plainly ridiculous.


Exactly.That's what I meant.