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Russia's Shot Down Jet Is Sending Us a Powerful Message: Keep Well Out of Syria!


Russia's Shot Down Jet Is Sending Us a Powerful Message: Keep Well Out of Syria!

Oliver Tickell

With today's shooting down of a Russian SU24 by Turkey, the war in Syria just took a new twist - and one that sends a powerful message to the UK as it contemplates joining in bombing raids on Islamic State militants.

And for those who are hard of hearing, that message is: 'keep well out!'

Up until now, the war in Syria has looked complicated. On the one side the Syrian state led by President Bashar Assad, supported by its long term ally Russia, Iran and Iraq - 'Them'.

On another side, Islamic State (IS) and allied terrorist groups.


" It was all going so well! Until Russia stepped in."

That quote says it all!


If only there were a way to seize the "major media" for a week, and ACTUALLY hash out all the very real questions outlined in articles like this one.

Just historically-based, factual questions and follow-ups about:
- What are the concrete histories of these countries and peoples since WWI?
- Who has been allied with whom, over what?
- Who has funded whom, for what?
- Whose militaries are actually doing what, to whom, right now? And:
- How does this all fit together?

Instead we can watch endless repetitions of massively dumbed-down "major media" marionette shows / pantomimes of obfuscating, empire-friendly "talking points" that leave viewers dumber than they were before viewing.


One of these wants changed: "Turks" rather than "Russians", or "outside" rather than "inside", or "Syrian" rather than "Turkish".


seeing the writer's publication, it is of some interest that Prince Charles, roundly condemned by the media, has brought up the interesting long-term aspect of drought and water in the Near East. As a background element in the parlous situation, the control of water by Turkey and Israel has been of considerable importance in ongoing conflicts.
The scandalous duplicity of the NATO lot seems so obvious as to be indefensible by any sane person, yet, through chutzpah, they get away with it time and again. Turkey, long-time "friend" of the Zionist State, is especially devious.


Thanks o' bunch, for a moment I thought I was once again suffering from cluckslexia.


Turkey screwed up. Supporting anybody fighting against Assad is stupid. Russia is right to bomb the he'll out of them. The US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and it's allies are bat sit crazy.


Surely you haven't misconstrued my comment as being in support of Turkey, the US, or its regional ME allies. It was wordplay, if not pun play relative to the typo in the article that Mairead pointed out.