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Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Peril of America’s Aging Elite

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/25/ruth-bader-ginsburg-and-peril-americas-aging-elite

Excellent topic. And excellent take on it. Reminded me of Soviet Union at the end of its decay, when its leaders were around 80…and in a matter of a few years they started replacing each other because they were dying, and that was right before Gorbachev, who represented a younger generation and a new approach. Same in certain African countries where presidents stay in power forever. Both senate and “the court of the supremes” need term limits for a society to be democratic. They stay for ever because of the power they amass. There is a reason they are mostly millionaires. And let’s not kid ourselves with Biden. He has been in power for half a century!!!


This aging trend is exacerbated by murkins’ ongoing love affair with Ronny Alzheimers Raygun, who turned 70 within days of his first inauguration, the oldest POTUS starting age until Trump ascended the throne.

Older judges and electeds staying too long are just part of the equation. Although the GOP strategy of appointing younger, fascist judges was recognized when Clarence Thomas was appointed in 1991, Democrat presidents continued to appoint older judges right up to Garland who was in his mid sixties in 2016. Democrats are either complicit with the GOP’s strategy or they haven’t got a clue.

AOC will be 35 in October 2024 !


Lofgren observes well that it makes sense for a Supreme Court Justice to resign while his or her favored faction is in office.

He assumes badly by imagining that this is not routine and that Ginsberg herself did not attempt to do this. It is fairly certain that she did at some point, though arguably not when she ideally might have or how she might do it in some theoretical hindsight from beyond the grave.

Before her death, there had been discussion of Ginsberg’s possible impending resignation for a long time. She could hardly have been unaware of it herself. The likely scenario is that the Democratic senate in question was not to her liking either.

She might have done better by leaving earlier, but that will remain uncertain regardless of the timing of the appointment or the outcome of the election. Biden himself favored people who opposed her on the bench, and in this way Biden might be representative of the Obama administration.

I am glad she took the years that she had. It could be that the reasons that our representatives, Democrat and Republican, do not fight for her values is mostly that they do not share them.

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I’ve long been bewildered by the idolization of Justice Ginsberg. By trying to hang on, she has effectively set progressive causes back at least a generation, maybe longer.

President Obama served two terms giving her 8 years to bail out - 8 years! She died at age 87 so 12 years ago in 2008 when Obama first took office, she was 75 which is way past retirement age.

What she did was profoundly selfish and irresponsible.

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Right on article! We could add that Dianne Feinstein, the lead Democrat overseeing the “fight” to stop Trump’s Supreme Court pick, is the oldest sitting Senator. She was 85 in 2018, when she insisted on running again, beating out a half-way decent Democrat who was literally half her age for the position.

I wrote a letter to the SF Chronicle (one of the dozen in a row they haven’t printed) that Biden’s support comes from those 40 and over – those who’ve lived most of their lives in the 20th century. Sanders has the majority of those who still have most of their lives ahead of them. My generation – the Baby Boomers – are in the process of destroying the viability planet, mindlessly sucking the life out of it. I hope more kids wake up to the fact we’re screwing them.

Although not as old as Feinstein, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, currently running for a third term has never been highly popular with Democrats, never met a corporate welfare program for Boeing that he didn’t love, and is denying governorship to several more highly qualified younger candidates. In the event that Biden wins it is likely that Inslee will be appointed to a federal post, turning the governorship over the likely Lt. Governor, Denny Heck, who is almost as old as Inslee, is retiring from the US Congress, and has told voters he doesn’t want to be Governor.