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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Undergoes Treatment for Pancreatic Tumor—Doctors Say Supreme Court Justice Completely 'Cancer-Free'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/ruth-bader-ginsburg-undergoes-treatment-pancreatic-tumor-doctors-say-supreme-court

It’s not limited to abortion rights, if we lose any left leaning judge on the court before a progressive sits in the WH, you might as well start planning the next revolution, because 99% will be done.

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What does Gingsburg have to lose at this point in speaking out for ERA and

What about the other women on the court?

We need a new campaign for the ERA here –
$5 from every female in the US – Let’s go!

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I take no joy in saying this aloud. Pancreatic cancer is 90% fatal in the long-run, and this is her second bout with it. Given that turtle-face Mitch McConnell has admitted his rule about not naming a new Supreme Court justice during an election year was convenient bulls#$% just for a Democratic President, you can bet there will be a rush to complete the right-wing takeover of the court before she is cold. Better start raising money to pay for women with unwanted pregnasties to go to the few states on the coasts that will not ban abortion after the McConnell court reverses Roe.

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May this fantastic woman live another few decades.

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Take heart, GD. In all the coverage I’ve seen on this, the docs quoted speak of a ‘tumor on her pancreas’, which is not necessarily the genuinely nasty pancreatic cancer.
I say this as a patient undergoing treatment for a lymphoma that happened to attach to my pancreas. (Although I’m not halfway finished at three treatments — more power to RBG!)

This is not a forgone conclusion. At 86, Ginsberg is already a miracle on legs. She is doing her job and we should be doing ours. Instead of sitting on our butts whining and veching and being shocked by the daily craziness of POTUS, I say that it is Mitch McConnell who needs to be taken down. We need to take to the streets now. To wait is what is crazy.

Sorry to hear that - I hope your battle with Lymphoma is successful.

Thanks for the kind words, Dennis. The good news is, I’m in the Canadian (BC) healthcare system. The only thing ‘off the table’ at the moment is bankruptcy — and insurance company forms.

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