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Ruthless Coal CEO, Blamed for 29 Deaths, Asks Trump Not to 'Punish' Executives


Ruthless Coal CEO, Blamed for 29 Deaths, Asks Trump Not to 'Punish' Executives

Nika Knight, staff writer

Former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was released last week from prison after serving one year for his role in a deadly mine explosion that killed 29, and one of his first acts after being released was to appeal to President Donald Trump for more lenient laws to pr


Yet another Republican sh*theel who (still) belongs in prison.


I would not be supposed in the least if Trump appoints Blankenship as Asst. Labor Secretary for MSHA. AFAIK, even his misdemeanor conviction does not prevent it.


Well, you now see the cowardice, greed,"frightened" (WHAT???? - after the deaths extending far beyond the 29 for which he was convicted!!!!) which is the CEO end of the horrors of the coal industry facing a long overdue end. From the collapse of tailings ponds, the failure to institute safty measures - having been warned again, and again and again.

At this point it seems necessary to line up in front of these 'dangerous hombres' and also point out out to them that the days of claiming that WE NEED COAL is the result of industrial collusion, organized criminality, a history of abuses that these darlings of the current resident of the oval office are long overdue to step aside so that REAL CHANGE can re- energize ( in all senses) and get us out of the rut these abusers demand that everyone live in.

For the environmental record - scroll down here

In the spirit of coalition - Tell JPMorgan Chase: Defund Tar Sands!


They tried to rehabilitate him, but since he was never 'habilitated' to begin with, it was a stupid waste of time and resources. If you start with shit, you end up with less.


A heart as black as coal


Blankenship is a real work of art. The way to prevent more accidents in the coal industry is to phase it out ASAP. Chose an electric provider with a renewable portfolio like Green Mountain Energy and Arcadia Power to name a few. Replace older less efficient appliances and ac units for newer and more efficient ones. Push for divestment in coal companies and be more mindful of your electricity usage.


Blankenship: "More onerous criminal laws will not improve mine safety." Since when are laws "criminal"...when they are applicable to wholesale decimation of the environment; to the safety of the lives of the workers; to the health and well-being of the people living in the vicinity and they lead to the mine owners having to adhere to them thus reducing their own personal gain and the profits of their shareholder? Is that when the laws are "criminal?" Mine safety improves WHEN REGULATIONS ARE FOLLOWED WITHOUT FAIL! And this pox on the land has killed and/or ruined the lives of far more than 29 human beings...he only was caught dead to rights and convicted for his cause of 29 deaths...particularly brutal ones at that.

Why is it that the monsters like DJT, Blankenship, Clovis, G. Cohn, S. Mnuchin, R. Tillerson, W. Ross, Pruitt, Prince, etc. exude evil in their faces, in their voices, in their eyes, in their manner, and in their vitriolic speech? And the exudate that flows forth from these parasites is particularly foul and rank.


I'd like to take a PET scan of this guy's brain. Bet good money that it shows a shrunken section typical of psychopathology.


Can anyone say Pinkertons?


That DOES seem rather harsh, Donald, doesn't it ? Considering you only killed 29 people. Supposing it had just been a measly one or two people's lives ? Do you think perhaps a physical slap on the wrist might have sufficed?

Or perhaps a choice between life-imprisonment or a life in the infantry - not as a staff office, but in the field, until you drop ? Or execution, if only 'pour encourager les autres'? I think you should tell us.


'"More onerous criminal laws will not improve mine safety."

Well, you know, Donald, there would be such a concept as a punitive sanction, corresponding, for example, to 'punitive damages'.


Look up "shameless" in Webster's and see this asshole's picture next to the definition. Un-fucking believable. I'll bet he doesn't feel a shred of remorse for what he did and one lousy year in prison is not nearly enough. From what I read of the case against him he was genuinely reckless when it came to the safety of his coal workers. The only thing that mattered to this piece of shit was profit. He is a disgrace.