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S. David Freeman: Seven Decades of Participating in Power for All of Us

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/28/s-david-freeman-seven-decades-participating-power-all-us


Thank you, Ralph, for honoring yet another unsung, yet heroic, public servant
who deserves our gratitude and respect.


When I saw his picture, I thought I recognized this guy. Then I remembered. I believe he appeared in one of my favorite movies, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. The small condensed version here unfortunately doesn’t include the clips of S. David Freeman, but I think his voice is heard for about a second at one point:


(actually having just watched it again, 4:24 - 4:32 I think is Mr. Freeman)

Here is the top video came up when I search for “S. David Freeman” in YouTube: