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Sabeen, The One Who Never Backed Down


Sabeen, The One Who Never Backed Down

Hassan Belal Zaidi

The fingers type, but I don’t feel them moving. The ears sense a commotion, but I cannot hear. The eyes fight back tears, but it’s futile to resist.

How can you feel, how can you react, how can you respond, when the news of a friend’s death hits you, right between the eyes?

But Sabeen was far more than a friend, she was a beacon; an island of calm in a sea of madness.


This is the Mr. Hyde of the culture of the region. even for the most forward thinking and civilized sections of the society, the scourge of a violent attack is just a breathe away. I can only imagine the social dexterity that the likes of Mr. Zaidi and others who speak out have to exercise for their everyday existence.

In the United States, this is glaringly true for minorities in most regions.

it seems like civilization and the rule of law has never reached some dark corners of the society, and grasp of these negative elements on some people is making civility an illusion.

The world is currently being ruled by the sword, glazing over anything the pen can do.


Sadly, your words are so true and poignant. Thank you.


Spot on. And it’s why we must relentlessly box up the psychopaths: they are the authors of the violent attacks, the exploitations, and the uncaring power-seeking. Even with the voluntaries they’re fewer than 20% of the population, probably, but they’re responsible, directly or indirectly, for 90% or more of all the unnatural misery in the world.