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Sacramento Teacher Strike Is a Warning to #RedForEd Movement Everywhere

Sacramento Teacher Strike Is a Warning to #RedForEd Movement Everywhere

Jeff Bryant

The enduring RedForEd movement that has spurred teachers to walk out of schools, organize massive labor actions, and stage protests in streets and state capitols has resulted in big victories for teachers in terms of new labor-friendly contracts, increased teacher pay, and improved conditions in schools. But there’s a danger these victories could be undone.

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CA had a top quality educational system including free colleges of quality until Republicans began their attack. Howard Jarvis lied by giving home owners a 1% tax but also giving commercial property owners like himself a 1% tax that includes all those massive high-rises owned globally. Social services went into the ditch. Finally Democrats said enough, but digging out of a ditch is not easy. Same applies to Trump and his loyal GOP who grab tax breaks, lie and destroy life for the people who pay the taxes.

Just a quick hit Jeff; you forgot to mention getting rid of California’s Democratic Party
stalwarts, Pelosi, Feinstein, and former progressive, Barbara Lee. Any Democrat not
willing to cut America’s military murder budget, by a few hundred billion at least;
blood soaks our money, killing American kids, just as our regime change bombings
do to children abroad. But just a thought.