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'Sacrificing Democracy': Senate GOP Plan to Hide TrumpCare From US Public


'Sacrificing Democracy': Senate GOP Plan to Hide TrumpCare From US Public

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an act of secrecy denounced by one commentator as "an insult to Americans and our democratic process," two GOP aides told Axios on Monday that although the Senate will soon complete its version of the widely panned American Health Care Act—also known as TrumpCare—the bill will be withheld from the public indefinitely.


Truly a new low from the party of Gross Asshattery.
I would say shame shame shame but these R’s have absolutely NO shame at all.


Congressional Republicans’ decisions in 2017 are based on one question: Will Trump’s voters vote for me when I run for re-election ? They know that they will lose the next election if Trump’s voters don’t vote for them.

As long as they believe that their vote in favor of TrumpDon’tCare is a ticket to their re-election, Senate Republicans are all in.


Disaster Capitalism!


Trump right wing hysterics distracts attention from congressional right wing extremism

“[A]s the Huffington Post recently reported, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is attempting to capitalize on the attention being paid to other matters—namely former FBI James Comey’s recent testimony—to quietly pass deeply significant legislation.”

Or - to generalize about Trump-centric news - as one recent article remarked: “[F]ocus on Trump as an extremist has indirectly had the effect of minimizing how extreme congressional Republicans have become.”

[btw -don’t agree w/all of cited article: GOP-enabled impeachment of Trump would split GOP electorate - threatening anti-establishment Trump ‘swing’ factions from traditional GOP electorate - thus imperiling GOP 2018/2020 right wing control, IMO.]




The farce is, of course, that the CBO findings will have no effect on how the cretins vote. Yeah, we are not stupid either.


Capitalism deserve total, Gandhian non cooperation. The time is coming.


jesus… i was not prepared for that at all. is there a way to mail it to each one of these monster miscreant republithugs?


Doesn’t matter. They don’t care. Their health care is safe!


I don’t think the Republican Senators will be this foolish. They must amend existing legislation to get reconciliation so they can’t just pass a new bill. Perhaps their strategy is to get a bill done secretly and evaluated and then know that it will not pass the filibuster process and blame it all on the Democrats. Not even the Trump 35% will buy that. How many of the 23 million who no longer have insurance are going to vote for the people who took it away? Is it more than the 89,000 that swung the critical states in the last election?
The Republicans are in a real box - they could virtually leave most of the original ACA including the funding to the insurance companies and implement some other method to force people to buy insurance and perhaps squirm out of the problem.
I really don’t believe they can pass a bill so all of this is academic. They can kiss close elections goodbye.


I know, I know. Y’know? Today I actually had to quit reading the news forums that I’m on. What these beyond-vile monsters are doing is so dizzying.


Did someone pick up the United States and plunk it down in South America? Has the Senate decided to do away with our Constitution? A cabal of Republicans is writing a bill in secret because they know how truly odious it is, without even the attendance of Democratic Senators, who will not be allowed to read it before it goes to the floor for a vote. And participation by the American public? Sorry, but der Fuhrer will not allow it. Wow! Less than five months into Donald Trump abomination of an administration, and I can hear the Brown Shirts stomping in the streets. I can understand an ignorant, delusional, narcissistic megalomaniac lacing on his jackboots, but Congress knows exactly what harm they are doing. They will bear the shame of having replaced our Constitutional Democracy with out–and–out Fascism. What craven quislings!


I wouldn’t be so confident. Enough so-called moderates are probably on board to pass it with Pence’s vote. They are going for a mere majority, and they aren’t going to worry about overruling the parliamentarian if they need to. After all, it’s really a nicely disguised tax cut for the rich more than a healthcare bill. There’s nothing that gets the GOP more excited.

With Trump actively sabotaging the ACA, all bets are off anyway.


Yeah…sometimes I have to get away from it for awhile, too.


Does anybody feel that leaks aren’t part of democracy with this administration? Let’s hope that Americans who still believe in democracy will leak this bill to the public for all our sakes!

Leak it to the public for democracy’s sake!


Wall Street Mafia working overtime.


Imagine a government that wants to pass a bill but doesn’t want the public to find out what’s in it because they know the public won’t want it?

Now imagine that government trying to tell everyone that it believes in democracy?

Hard to imagine huh?


That is the only kind of capitalism there can be when there is no meaningful anti-trust regulation applied or even wanted by the bought and paid for Federal gov.


GOP senators–were you guys just underneath the table on your knees as the cabinet members showered dt with faux praises?