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Sacrificing People to Corporate Profit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/08/sacrificing-people-corporate-profit


Thank God in our beloved Democracy where each vote matters, we have an “opposition” Party which will prevent this from happening and stand up for the people!!!


It is almost as if they are asking to be killed. Guillotines should be sharpened and be made ready to accommodate their madness. Just don’t eat the rich until you see if the worms can withstand their toxins.


Good one!

Yes, they are basically saying “we own you and this country”, and there’s not a dam thing you can do about it.


Good observations. It is interesting how difficult it is to link any of it to electoral politics though, isn’t it?

They must be stopped! But how? They have bought their way into more power & more money than anyone needs. Where has it left us?
Sanders & Warren talked about their plans to “upset the golden apple cart” & to lessen the vast inequality…& it scared the shit out if both parties + DNC!
The rich & greedy types will always fight against doing what is right! They liked “wealth redistribution” just fine, as long as the money was flowing to THEM! Never heard that called Socialism or Communist! Or any bad other names for it. But, just try to get some of that money redistributed so that people at bottom could make enuff to raise family, with food & housing, etc! And those in middle income could rise above where they are, carrying loads of debt to stay afloat. It would be best thing for everyone & America itself would flourish again. White, black & brown respevted & represemted & anle to make a libing wage! “Hallelujah!!”

Oh? Who and where are they?

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I’m more worried about the saturated fat and cholesterol!!

Little (if ANY) difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore, they’re just after the Almighty Dollar!!!

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It’s been going on since the beginning, nothing new, just becoming more obvious…

“Gosh, Larry (Kudlow, Trump’s economic advisor and a fine example of a DIShonest economist, still in the majority), thanks for your little moral lecture, but what about giving workers and our society some confidence that ‘if something happens,’ you can’t take away their basic human right to pursue justice?”

Justice hell: How about LIFE?!? How many people has T-Rump already killed?

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Our mission, “should we decide to accept it,” is to prove them wrong, wrong, WRONG, then to apply the guillotines as WiseOwl recommends. I took a personal vow of non-violence many decades ago, but these are M. Scott Peck’s People of the Lie, so completely debased as to be beyond redemption. That such people exist is open to debate, but the wise Ursula Le Guin suggested that they do, in The Word for World is Forest.

I just read Thom Hartmann’s 1999 book, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, in which he posits that while Stone Age technology may not be the only sustainable technology (as once proposed by deep ecologist Derrick Jensen), in order for humankind to survive we will have to relearn what pre-agricultural and early agricultural people remembered, as most surviving descendants of the indigenous peoples do and and few of the rest of us have never known.


And for that reason, exactly why is he still in office?

Yeah, seems like it would be obvious to anyone except another sociopath/psychopath, doesn’t it? Oh–wait.

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