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'Sad Day for Democracy': Bowing to Restaurant Industry, DC Democrats Vote to Overturn Tipped Wage Increase Approved by Voters

'Sad Day for Democracy': Bowing to Restaurant Industry, DC Democrats Vote to Overturn Tipped Wage Increase Approved by Voters

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just months after voters in Washington, D.C. decisively approved Initiative 77—which would gradually raise the wages of tipped workers to match the city's regular minimum wage by 2026—the Democrat-dominated D.C. Council on Tuesday opted to side with the powerful restaurant industry over the public will and voted to take the first step toward repealing the measure.

OK, Where’s all the Democrat Apologists on this?

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Democracy rode out of town a long time ago…


Lets stop the semantics, they aren’t “contributions”, they’re BRIBES !
It’s bad enough the residents of DC have zero representation at the national level, now they’re betrayed at the local level.


Yep. Just another pig at the trough.

This is ridiculous - I hope some of these Democrats pay the price and are primaried out as soon as possible.

If I were a restaurant owner in DC, I would never pressure my government to go against the will of the people. If I thought my restaurant might not survive, I would run the numbers with my employees and show them that they can take in less tipping money and still get paid reasonably (and I’d put this on the menu so all customers knew all the information too).

I would prefer a world without any tipping whatsoever - I’ve always hated it - I’d rather people were paid fairly, and were nice to me because I’m nice to them - not because I would tip more if they are nicer.


Then you’d love Ireland, where bartenders, wait staff and the like earn enough not to need tips to survive.


This article, and today’s article about Sen. McConnell’s frustration with his unruly constituents, confirm Page and Gilens’ thesis that we live in an oligarchy. What we want is nothing. What the donor class wants is everything.

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Some more “Hope and (chump) Change” action.

Washingtonians should lead a massive boycott against all the restauranteurs who bribed the council. Get a list and contact as many people who frequent their restaurants to organize other such patrons. Workers will need gofundme support to survive lost work from the boycott.

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Two operative quotes:

“It’s just another sign that voters in the district are second-class citizens in their own country.”

“Repealing this measure sends a clear signal to D.C. voters, particularly low-income communities of color, that their votes don’t count.”

The Founders’ set up works! We have a Senate that grants the same political power to states like Rhode Island, Delaware and Montana as much (or as little) as to California or New York! We have a representative government wherein the political theory posits that the representatives will reflect the will of the voting majority and vote accordingly… And last, but not least by a long shot, our vaunted Electoral College, in theory established to rein in a populist despot– despite a majority vote in 2016-- chose to ignore the majoritarian will and delivered us over to Trump, in betrayal of its raison d’ etre. Need I add more? Be well.

The good news is these folks can be voted out–and should be!

Democracy? This is NOT a democracy. It’s a Republic. Some people need to get educated on how our country was and is set up.