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Sad! Moron/Racist/Liar/Pervert/Sociopath of the Year


Sad! Moron/Racist/Liar/Pervert/Sociopath of the Year

Folks on social media are kinda peeved TIME's Person of the Year - he/she who "had the greatest influence for better or worse" in 2016 - is orange clown and black hole of need Donald Trump, presumably because a. he horrified so many of us and b. every president-elect is. Many noted he thus joins the illustrious ranks of Hitler, Stalin, Nixon and Putin; others offered explanations - Nostradamus voted - objections - doesn't it have to be a person? - and alternatives - us, who have to defeat him.


This anti-Trump stuff is becoming really boring.


Then here's one more: The sick egotistical, psychopath joins so many other cretins.
What a joke, kinda like The Nobel Peace Prize. Orwell's prophecy in motion.


There is one thing which set all of these dictators apart from Trump: They had enough brains to keep their dirty machinations out of the view of the public. That is why they had more popular support in their times, than Trump will ever have.


I don't think so. All anti-Trump all the time would be fine with me.


QUOTE: ...is orange clown, rampaging toddler, textbook narcissist and black hole of need Donald Trump, presumably because a. he used up so much of our public air and precious time horrifying us over and over again and b. every president-elect is...UNQUOTE

He is obviously and sadly the best this country had to offer for the presidency.
Do we deserve that "thing"? - Obviously and depressingly we do, for reasons of political lethargy and illiteracy.
No other country with an adult literacy rate above 60% would have crowned such and expectorant of a putrid swamp as the chief executive of their nation.


Have to agree. The fearless leader's chair is a bit Shabby Chic. But then again...


Perfect Twilight Zone parody material. Trump, like the oligarchy in which he is ensconced, has externalized every cost, ethic, rational balance and breadth of living coherence to funnel the cuts from countless lives into his own rendering pot to the tune of billions.
How appropriate that he is seated in a velvet upholstered French provincial chair ... and peering over his shoulder behind him. The flaccid droop of one who has spent a lifetime illegitimately gorging on and attempting to hide the fact that in reality there is no way to make the real costs just disappear.

Yes Donald Trump, we see you peering behind you, but the 'pose' has an entirely different meaning from that of your handlers. To the viewer your image is precisely the content of your 'history' and all that has been hidden in it. No wonder you are now permanently presented to the world as looking over your shoulder. Gives the word 'peer' the appropriate double meaning.


so, WHY are you still coming to this site? Fox Snooze is available for Trump Worship


What did Putin do?


Wait a minute. Clinton got over 2 million more votes than Trump. I'm no Clinton fan, but in an alternate universe the candidate with the most votes wins. This is the work of our very undemocratic Constitution, not the fault of voters (keeping in mind that Clinton is no prize either).


I would boycott Time magazine over this, except I started boycotting Time a decade ago. There's plenty social justice advocates can do about Trump, but what can a social justice organizer already boycotting Time do about Time, except stand on a street corner with a sign: Time is so over!

A better title would have been "Corporation of the Year," because that's what folks voted for--the Trump brand.


This article reminded me of someone's resume who put on it as one of his awards:
"Named TIME Magazine's person of the year in 2006"


Kinda like the pro-drumpf stuff is really intellectually intoxicating.


Everything you said is dead on. But this is the "exceptional" US of A, the only jurisdiction on the planet, where voting machines are used, where a skilled hacker can insert a bunch of votes of his/her choice with a few key strokes, instead of tediously feeding in fake paper ballots one by one.

These machines offer the added bonus of conveniently breaking down, when a recount is indicated.

We like to call all that "constructive democracy"


Time Magazine, just like the Nobel Piece Price committee was once a venerable institution, but over time has succumbed to dry rot.

Come think of it so has our nations leadership as the emergence of the logical "outgrowth", our President elect, illustrates.


I would like to introduce the idea that Julian Assange more deserves an award but that Donald Trump more deserves Time, all puns probably legit.

If I thought it could be done as an act of will, I might suggest that we just stop regarding being "Time's Man of the Year" or a Nobel Prize winner to be a good thing. Tossing half these people in a volcano might have been a better sign of civilization that feting them.

TIme Person of the Year

  • 27 Charles Lindbergh
  • 28 Walter Chrysler
  • 29 Owen Young
  • 30 Mahatma Gandhi
  • 31 Pierre Laval
  • 32 FDR
  • 33 Hugh Johnson
  • 34 FDR
  • 35 Haile Selassie
  • 36 Wallis Simpson
  • 37 Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong Mei-Ling (Chiang's wife)
  • 38 Adolf Hitler
  • 39 Joe Stalin
  • 40 Winston Churchill
  • 41 FDR
  • 42 Joe Stalin
  • 43 George Marshall
  • 44 Ike
  • 45 Truman
  • 46 James Byrnes
  • 47 George Marshall
  • 48 Truman
  • 49 Churchill
  • 50 "The American Fighting Man"
  • 51 Mohammad Mossadegh
  • 52 Elizabeth II
  • 53 Konrad Adenauer
  • 54 John Foster Dulles
  • 55 Harlow Curtice
  • 56 "The Hungarian Freedom Fighter"
  • 57 Nikita Khruschev
  • 58 de Gaulle
  • 59 Ike
  • 60 "US Scientists"
  • 61 JFK
  • 62 Pope John XXIII
  • 63 MLK
  • 64 LBJ
  • 65 William Westmoreland
  • 66 "The Inheritor"
  • 67 Lyndon B. Johnson
  • 68 The Apollo 8 Astronauts
  • 69 "The Middle Americans"
  • 70 Willy Brandt
  • 71 Richard Nixon
  • 72 Henry Kissinger
  • 73 John Sirica
  • 74 King Faisal
  • 75 "American Women"
  • 76 Jimmy Carter
  • 77 Anwar Sadat
  • 78 Deng Xiaoping
  • 79 Ayatollah Khomeini
  • 80 Ronald Reagan
  • 81 Lech Walesa
  • 82 "The Computer"
  • 83 Yuri Andropov
  • 84 Peter Ueberroth
  • 85 Deng Xiaoping
  • 86 Corazon Aquino
  • 87 Mikhail Gorbachev
  • 88 "The Endangered Earth"
  • 89 Mikhail Gorbachev
  • 90 Bush I
  • 91 Ted Turner
  • 92 B Clinton
  • 93 "The Peacemakers"
  • 94 Pope John Paul II
  • 95 Newt Gingrich
  • 96 David Ho
  • 97 Andrew Grove
  • 98 Bill Clinton and Ken Starr
  • 99 Jeffrey Bezos
  • 00 W
  • 01 Giuliani
  • 02 "The Whistleblowers" (related to Enron)
  • 03 "The American Soldier"
  • 04 W
  • 05 "The Good Samaritans"
  • 06 "You" (individual Web content creators)
  • 07 Putin
  • 08 Obama
  • 09 Bernanke
  • 10 Zuckerberg
  • 11 "The protestor"
  • 12 Obama
  • 13 Pope Francis
  • 14 "Ebola Fighters"
  • 15 Angela Merkel
  • 16 Donald Trump


Moron/Racist/Liar/Pervert/Sociopath of the Year!. This is what Time should have said about Trump! And then explained that is why Trump was not selected as man of the year. But like most of the rest of the MSM, Time is just another quisling and a fawning parasite for the oligarchy.


Hey, now T-dump and Putin can have a fellow tyrant celebration rife with women of questionable "virtue," male dancers, and all manner of endangered predatory species on leashes. And they can channel Stalin and Hitler together beseeching them to join the fete.


This is the kind of stuff/comment that I find boring.