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Sad! Trump's Six-Month Approval Rating Lowest of Any President in 70 Years


Sad! Trump's Six-Month Approval Rating Lowest of Any President in 70 Years

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump's six-month approval rating is the lowest of any president in the past 70 years.

That's according to the results of an ABC News/Washington Post poll published Sunday, which show that 36 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing as president. Barack Oabama's rating at the 6-month point, by comparison, was 59 percent.



That's about all anyone can say. Well, I guess you could say...

Very Sad!


Well, when the Capitol was being decided on, there were two choices of land. One was good dairy land, the other was a swamp. Probably because it was cheaper, the swamp was decided upon and the Capitol city was built.
* Now we are faced with the reality of the choice.
* In a dairy, the cream rises to the top.
* In a swamp, the scum rises, and so it has come to pass.
* So now, what do We the People do to correct this? Perhaps the first thing to do is to get and read copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Contrast and compare those documents with what we have now, then correct it.
* This used to be a nation where people of good will and hard work could live comfortably, where medicine, decent food, good water were in reach of almost every one.
* The idea of taxes are that a certain portion of everyone's income shall be held by the government, to ensure that the government can care for those taxed; health, education, welfare, laws to protect the people from exploitation by business and government.
* Now, the idea of taxes is that there is a huge pot of money which the government now owns and can use in any manner it wishes to. Caring for the People, the tax payers, is way down on the list, after graft, corruption, pandering to those of vast wealth who feel that they should be tax free, and endlessly building the Wehrmacht and funding endless, spreading wars.
* Time for a change, perhaps?


*Time for a change, for sure.


36% horrid Americans - damn.


How dare this writer.
Trump is the most popular president ever.....Just ask him.


What is even sadder, is that there are still 36%, who approve of this sleaze bag, after all the damage he has done to this country, both internally and around the globe.


What did you expect? The system is so dysfunctional and corrupt that decent Americans are despairing. They see that the nation is misfiring on all cylinders, waging wars they lose 100%, and stripping wealth out of the 99%. Trump is delivering on that score, but whether any good come out of depends on him holding his nerve against the destructive forces aimed at him. If he fails [quite likely ] the old system will regroup and just continue on as usual. That will be a disaster as the "usual" is not sustainable.


What is really Sad! are the tens of millions of fools and idiots who STILL support this rancid excuse for a president after the last 6 months of incompetency and corruption. It really is a cult and these assholes have been brainwashed by decades of right-wing bullshit from our M$M so I think we can expect them to remain as his loyal mob for some time. We are now thoroughly disgraced before the world and I think the growing consensus is, and not just in Europe, that we are a powerful but increasingly unstable country who cannot be counted on to act in a reasonable manner as the superpower we have postured ourselves to be. What we really are is a giant "banana republic" in the making. The Orange Anus has assembled the worst of the worst to be part of his regime. The implications are very scary.
Once again, Trumpo the Malevolent has affixed his "brand" on something (this time it is the USA) and it has been a miserable failure. In the past, he has simply cashed out and refused to honor his obligations and let others pay for the damages. What will the Mango Mussolini do this time? War has always worked in the past to divert the populace. Iraq 1 and 2 got 90% approval ratings for HW Bush and his idiot son. Plus Trumpo has shown a real interest in why we can't use our nukes. To Trumpo they would be cool to use and MUCH bigger than the MOAB he so eagerly dropped recently. That'll show 'em, hey, Donnie?


He has also claimed he is "very, very smart" and "has the best words". I feel sorry for the people who believed him and voted for this miserable piece of shit. He has already betrayed them and the country and he has skirted very close to treason.


36% is no obstacle to Trump's reign of terror when you consider that the electoral college enables a POTUS to win with only 23% of the popular vote, and Congress keeps screwing the 99% royally despite their approval ratings hovering in the teens since the dawn of the 21st century.


That's my thought. The fact that he has any "base" whatsoever means that we're not out of the woods yet by a long shot.


Trump is a dipshit!
Wish he would resign and continue bankrupting his business interests. Hopefully with no harm to others.


What is there to approve of? Greed, gluttony, cruelty, criminality, hubris, malfeasance, stupidity, vengeance, misogyny, fear-mongering...pick one or all...the devil's deeds.


How could they be lower than the village idiot's ratings? He lied America into interminable war. 16 years and counting, the Middle East a disaster zone except for the little defenseless country surrounded by hostile neighbors. How long will we go on believing that fairy tale. ?