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Saddam Hussein Was Not 'Worth Removing From Power': Ex-CIA Agent


Saddam Hussein Was Not 'Worth Removing From Power': Ex-CIA Agent

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A former CIA analyst who personally interrogated Saddam Hussein said the U.S. "got it so wrong" on the invasion of Iraq and should have left the now-deceased leader in power.


The romoval of Saddam Hussein from power was planned prior to 9/11,

Here an interesting video. The French Foreign Minister in office in 2011 claimed that on a visit to the UK France was invited to join the UK in a process to remove Assad from power in Syria.

This was two years before the Syrian protests started.


" How, then, had America got it so wrong?"

It depends on who in America you are speaking about. From the perspectives of the oilgarchy, economic elites, they did not get it wrong; they got it right! Because they backed Saddam as long as he was their thug, but when Saddam was no longer their thug, they knew they had it wrong.


As many of us posted on CD more than a decade ago, the oligrachs' Iraq invasion killed two birds with one stone...1) weakened Saddam once they no longer needed him, and 2) set the stage for eternal occupations and wars that continues to pay handsome dividends for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC).


If the 'goal' is to maintain the artificial post-WW1 political Frankenstein monster / country that is Iraq, yes, then a ruthless strongman is pretty much necessary. Iraq, like that other detritus from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Yugoslavia, was a truly bad idea bound to fail. This problem still remains though it appears as if Recip Erdogan is eager to reestablish Turkish hegemony over the region. No matter what happens, it will be messy.


Matters not as the Bush family bolstered by Cheney and his pals were intent on making Sadam pay for the Gulf War. Besides, the vast fossil fuels reserves in Iraq were Siren calls to these brigands.


Typical half truth bullshit from a CIA spook.

"will require making tough decisions and, ultimately, recognizing that we may have to deal with people and leaders that we abhor if we want to help bring stability back to the region,"

Oh yes Nixon, you mean like all the jerks the CIA installs, including one Saddam Hussein?


Sadam was setting up a new payment system for their oil; bypassing the US dollar. Kadafii was doing the same thing, with what he envisioned as a Pan African currency - again, instead of the dollar. America frowns on that kind of disrespect.


Gen Wesley Clark revealed the US plans to take out seven Middle East Countries. This was around 2001 and Iraq was one of the seven. So Hussein wasn't the target...he was the excuse. Same for Libya and Qaddafi same for Syria and Assad. The leaders are demonized then used as an excuse for the American empire takeover. Also, Libya was planning to use Dinar to use in uniting Africa and freeing Africa from European dominance.


Ah gee isn't that just s p e c i a l. In typical CIA fashion it only took him 13 years and the destruction of a functioning secular nation for him to figure that one out.


What gives the DC neocons the right to determine another country's leadership?


Because they are arrogant S.O.B.s !


"Hussein was known for his cruel and tyrannical leadership." As if that would deter American leaders from supporting him, as they did for years before deciding he was an enemy.
Cruel tyrants are often the USA's favorite rulers.


Yes, if you look at the history of American hegemony and hubris, you will find that American foreign policies never minded dictators, tyrants or brutal thugs, as long as they were our dictators,tyrants, or our brutal thugs!


Begs the question of just what the hell right did we even have to go overthrow a foreign government?


In fact, they seem to prefer cruel tyrants -- just as long as they aren't socialists of communists. The war criminal Pinochet is just one other example.

The US isn't "making democracy safe for the world" -- but "making capitalism safe for the world" -- or, even more precisely. it is "making capitalism safe for the ruling class."


A actually they made a lot of money on that war. That was the whole reason for the invasion.


Cruel tyranny is where our own government is headed.He forgot to mention the 100,000 Iraqi troops we massacred.
Our government is pure evil now.


" Actually, they ( the war profiteers ) made a lot of money on that war."

And unfortunately many more to come because the U.S. Empire is a war profiteering, military dictatorship, claiming to be a Democracy.


Right and the Empire wont stop until it has us on the verge of nuclear war...it seems to be already headed in that direction right now.Trying hard to make Russia our enemy again. Sooner or later the people are going to have a head on collision with this evil government of ours. Look at the beast for what it is. It is pure evil, a menace to all life on the planet.
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