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'Saddened But Not Surprised': No Indictment for Cops Who Killed Tamir Rice



The DOJ should certainly step in. Hell, jump in!

This is perfectly reminiscent of Alabama, Mississippi, and other DeepSouth states during the late '50s and the '60s.

How in hell people can give cops a free ride when they know damned well what happened is beyond me.

And that DA needs to lose his job and never hold another public office.


"The family's attorneys said they are renewing their request that the Department of Justice "step in to conduct a real investigation into this tragic shooting.": Yes, but how about bringing the US to the World Court too for such abuses? Maybe the First Nations should join them too?


Some Tweets:


hey we all saw the video- who do you think you're fooling? i remember the cop describing this little kid as some kind of hulking, scary menace. But we know Tamir. We saw him get shot 2 seconds after the cop car arrived.


If there is a God and a heaven or hell, these officers will not be bumping into Tamir where they are going - the basement facility. And one hopes they will be there for a good long while.


The Grand Jury decision is just sickening. Appalling. But truth be told: not surprising. When did the life of a black child matter in the United States? In US history, white men have rarely been held to account for killing African American children. The case of Tamir Rice blends in seamlessly with the racist norm, where black people count for nothing. What is just as appalling is to read all the online comments of "good white Americans," who passionately defend the actions of the officers. These people say that Tamir brought it on himself. Some of them say he was a thug who deservedly died a thug's death. When I hear people talk like this about the death of a child, I really despair for the future. You realize that there are some barbarians in American society who hate black people so intensely that they do not think that anything bad can be done to them. When hatred runs so deep, ruthlessness and amoralism floods the world. One can only ask: what the hell is wrong with people who think they are "white"?

Poor Tamir Rice. He had the great misfortune to be born a black child in racist America. Is there justice somewhere in this absurd universe?


Why is all the focus on the police, who are doing their best in difficult circumstances...often fearing for their lives, instead of on the rebel rousers who instigate violent protests? The black protesters do not want justice: i.e. whatever decision is delivered by a jury - they want only a guilty verdict.


All of these obviously unjust police shootings of black people without any legal recourse is the very definition of institutional racism. It is inherent in the system and has to change systemically.


Errm. Let's see...
1. The focus in any criminal inquiry is usually on the criminal accused of a crime. The fact that the accused criminal is a police officer doesn't change this. In fact, we should demand higher standards of conduct of police officers than of non-police officers.
2. How does murdering civilians with impunity translate into police officers "doing their best"? If the actions of the police nationwide that has been exposed recently by the widespread use of cell phone video capability has revealed anything, it's that the cultures of many of our police departments is depraved.
3. Being a police officer, despite all the propaganda, is NOT high on the list of professions that are dangerous. Window cleaners die on the job at much higher rates than police officers. Why do we pay police officers so much more than window cleaners?
4, If police officers are so "often fearing for their lives" that they get away with murdering children, then we need fewer "scaredy cats" on the police forces nationwide and we need to recruit tougher people who ARE willing to put their lives on the line before cowardly engaging in child assassinations.
5. Before presuming what the "black protesters" want or don't want, why don't you try asking some of them?
6. Personally, as a white observer, I'm amazed at the restraint shown by black Americans. If you look honestly at what's happening around you, you should be very thankful that we've not yet had a 2nd civil war, given the outrageous actions of "law enforcement" during the last couple of years, exposed for all the world to see and, what is even worse than the individual actions of members of our law enforcement agencies is the abject failure of our justice system to produce any outcomes that remotely resemble justice.


So you would have done the same tough guy? You seem like a perfect candidate for a cop.



PLUS........aren't cops supposed to have target training? If they HAVE to shoot, can't they aim for a part of the body that has less lethality? How many bullets have to be fired? These kids who've been shot with multiple bullets? My definition of murder. And no one's mentioned what these protectors of wethepeople did to Tamir's sister. The cops involved in these murders of unarmed Blacks and other minorities will continue their grisly mission until stopped in their tracks. I'd rather see that happen by juries that convict them than by armed revolution........you're right about the restraint shown by Black Americans.......critical mass hasn't been reached yet.


You call murdering a child ,doing their best in difficult circumstances. You are a sick cookie.


If is quite reasonable to expect a guilty verdict for killing a 12 year old kid with a toy gun.

Excuses of prior offenses or being a thug just do not cut it if the victim is a 12 year old.


Police departments nationwide have been investigated by the DOJ and not one officer has been held accountable. The police unions and the FOP are unafraid of the DOJ, the FBI or any federal agency because they have UNION contracts and can not be touch because they have "special immunity" to kill any one for any reason and receive paid vacations. The only way to stop police violence is to disband and dissolve police unions which are accurately armed militias.


In the eyes of the police all black people even children are marked for death.


I was out fishing and some boy started shooting his BB gun at me. With this precedent set and the one of Zimmerman and others, does this mean I could have shot and killed that boy? Apparently so. Oh wait, that boy shooting his bb gun at me was a redneck white boy. Probably not then....


Clearly both cops had a record of using excessive force in the past. Shouldn't these events have been taken into consideration?? The nation need perhaps under a federal mandate, (good luck) to initiate independent grand juries.


Yep, there is really, no real justice in so many areas...


This is yet another troubling sign and symptom of a civilian police force being transformed to a militarized domestic police operation. The examples of this are emerging throughout the country. It is only collateral damage in the minds of some. As the US government expands their bootprint of military bases throughout the world, they are expanding their military bootprint within the confines of the US borders, using police stations as encampments from which they can control and expand their dominance. As it is happening from outside the US borders, it is now happening within.. As they need an excuse to justify both actions abroad and actions within the country, terrorism is but one tool in their toolbox, domestic unrest is another. The signs are troubling.