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Sadiq Khan and the End of Islamophobia


Sadiq Khan and the End of Islamophobia

John Feffer

Even his own sister was mortified.

In the recent mayoral race in London, the Conservative Party’s Zac Goldsmith was in many ways the perfect candidate: a young, handsome fellow who possessed full-spectrum appeal.

"Over the past decade, 32 states proposed shariah law bans, controversies about the construction of mosques have increased by more than 800 percent, and the number of Americans with negative opinions of Islam has more than doubled.

To understand how astonishing these results are, imagine if I wrote that 32 states had proposed anti-UFO laws, "

Why is it astonishing? It's similar the world over. If there had been no terrorist attacks, no social/cultural conflict with Islam, no death threats and fatwahs, and people felt like this, then it would be astonishing. Otherwise no.


More genius!

His wife and daughters don't WEAR any hint of the hijab...

If spelling errors were fined in this forum, I'd be rich!


"If spelling errors were fined in this forum I'd be rich"
If arrogance were fined in this forum, you would be obscenely rich.


You are so right. Just think there would be no obesity problem in the US if it hadn't been for Ernest Hamwi a Syrian Muslim immigrant who invented the ice cream cone at the St; Louis World's Fair. Such dastardly and advance planning involved! Gotta watch those Muslims.