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'Sadistic and Depraved': Trump Rejects California Request for Federal Disaster Aid to Recover From Catastrophic Wildfires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/16/sadistic-and-depraved-trump-rejects-california-request-federal-disaster-aid-recover


This is stunning. It’s like he wants to piss off as many voters as possible before the election.


… it’s rare that im actually surprised by anything, anymore - i had thought they couldn’t refuse the aid; now im surprised that Trump hasn’t done this before…


“How President Trump continues to treat California is sadistic and depraved,”

That is exactly what he is.
A vote for Trump is a vote for Death.

Worse than even DT is the Republican controlled Senate. The destroyer of whatever sliver of democracy that remains in this country.

And soon the Supremes will be even more sadistic and depraved.

People, it is time! Past time.


There are 33 million acres of forest (ed ) lands in California. Federal ownership is 19 million acres = 57%. State and local agencies (including land trusts) own 3%. Privately owned forest lands are 13.3 million acres = 40%. Industrial …


If Newsom has any testicles (I doubt it, but hey, we can dream) he would call an emergency session of the state legislature and move to require employers within California to send all federal withholding taxes to the state dept of revenue first. And then refuse to send it to the federal treasury until all the affairs of Californians are paid for first. The secret is to make it a states rights issue, something that the federalist society backed cronies on the SCOTUS would almost have to support.
The time has come for a progressive Confederacy. For the more progressive states, who by in large, send far more money to the federal government than they get back, to be the ones who secede from the union. After the trump years we will find that the nation has been irreparably divided anyway. It’s time for progressives to admit that fact, and move on without the “taker” states.
I am a progressive, but I’m not a sap. I am tired of seeing my tax money be spent on war and providing enough support for the poorer protofascist feudal states to survive despite their own corruption and laziness. The time has come to cut the conservative states off, and force them to live by their own dog eat dog, libertarian ethos. Don’t worry, when they get hungry, which won’t take long, they’ll come crawling back.


Let’s face it, the nation has been without a president since 12:01 PM 20 January 2017. It has had a petty and vindictive tyrant, with a cult following. There is no reasoning with cultists, they must be outvoted. We must hope that the stochastic terrorism pump seizes before too much violence occurs during the backlash, but I do expect that some “patriots” will act out. These are the times that try people’s souls.


Trump is waging war on Americans who oppose him. He’d be glad if the entire west coast burns.
He’s used his COVID strategy to kill groups that he doesn’t value and/or dislikes.
His gutting of clean air, clean water, pollution, toxic chemicals and other regulations is also deadly.
His promise to permanently defund social security and Medicare will be deadly.
His praise for Q-Anon, criminal police, and armed right-wing vigilantes is deadly.
His desire to criminalize abortion, contraceptives and women’s reproductive health clinics is deadly.
Trump is the head of a death cult and must be voted out of office, along with his GOP enablers, and then prosecuted for his many crimes.


Right now, Daniel Ellsberg is being interviewed by Sonali Kolhatkar and everything he’s saying about what nightmare Americans (and the planet) are facing and how bad it can be IF 45 remains in power.

Disasters like this are just going to get worse and we all need to work and fight to kick this vile pos out of office and follow this up with kicking everyone of these conservative bastards out in the street behind his orange, hairy ass. (Sorry for that image but you all know it’s the truth.)

Under 45, our water, air and land has become so much more polluted. Koch bros and their ilk are dancing on our graves. Get Biden in and give him a majority in all branches, for once since FDR, and push Dems towards a future for The People, instead of premature death and suffering for many, many millions.

We have lots of work to do.


NAH… he already knows he’s losing CA, so he doesn’t care about pissing them off


This low-life move is designed to divide and punish people - Americans - (as well as all other inhabitants of Earth have been by trimp) to see “Californians” and well as New Yorker’s as the “other”; as “Democrats” and thus as “enemy”.

The same mindset the monster sociopath sees all other people as, not to be respected but as targets for his narcissist pathology - he is incapable of empathy or concern for any but himself in his ego madness. The person least qualified to be president was installed by a corrupted system that has done perhaps irreparable damage to society and Republic to feed his malignant utterly corrupt and depraved indifference for all others - “sadistic and depraved” indeed!.
Surely his actions are crimes - treasonous in intent and action - if presented to the people by a prosecutor of intelligence, integrity and courage, for which trump must pay! The equation of accountability for crimes against the people - against millions.

His plan and that Republican lap-dogs work for is to pack the SCOTUS with equally depraved and corrupt and/or “religious” slaves to narrow, mindless,mythology.- the American Taliban. Ant THAT is why the unDem Party once in power must use that power given by the people to secure justice for all those betrayed and victimized by the orange chancre during his despicable tenure - to fight for the balance and justice for all!.
.The big question is whether justice may prevail and accountability for capital crimes against the Republic, people, and environment be at the top of the agenda for the people in power - that they somehow gain the courage and vision to act accordingly to bring the monster to the justice he and his crony agents/lap-dogs richly deserve.


California is a blue state, also the election has no bearing on whether Trump remains in office. The precedent is pretty incredible, it means that the president can decide what part of the US to support or not to. I’ll bet if Red States like Florida or Texas need help he’ll allocate a few trillion, skim about 90% off and give the rest to the state. Of course the decision is actually one for the congress, but that’s assuming a representative congress.


This has more to do with the public, than Trump. He didn’t force his way into office, he’s still supported by over half the voters.


In what decade might that be? WTF? After he dies in office?

Trump is still supported by over half the voters? You just made that one up, because Trump has never been supported by over half the voters.

We’ll see what the case is in Nov - don’t hold your breath waiting for your statement to come true.


Hi Michael - from Calgary !

There’s a Snow Squall Warning here - not a problem.

However, from what little I can see of your situation - I am thinking “past time” is the right phrase.

Absolutely hope I am wrong.

Center Right author Anne Applebaum has a book our which I perused - “Twilight of Democracy”. Very much in line with Madeleine Albright’s 2018 book “Fascism: A Warning”. So nothing new there, but a different perspective, Anne Applebaum is married to Radek Sikorski, also center right political in what used to be democratic Poland. The hook is that Radek fought and reported from Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and teamed up with the Hollywood charismatic warlord Ismael Khan. He wrote a book about his experience there - “Dust of the Saints”, a prized possession of mine.

The cover of the book says it all:


Another book of relevance is Michael Ignatieff’s “Empire Lite”, written in 2003, before he became Official Leader of the Opposition here in Canada, with the Liberal Party. He left office after the worst defeat of the Liberals in history I believe, and returned to academia, where he shines - Harvard, now Rector of the Central European University in Budapest, now moved as I understand it - to Vienna, backer George Soros.

He speaks with a unique voice, and I am rereading Empire Lite again - to try and understand what is happening to your country - a formidable undertaking.

If you and your countrymen can somehow prevail and oust Trump - my hat is off to you.

It is definitely wait and see time - the calm before the storm - and given the state of what passes for calm these last few days in the US - that’s ominous I would think.


Partisan Politics are so bad in the USA this actually gains Trump votes.

He is going to lose California huge so the state a write off. At the same time if you go to red states and read some of what the right wing is posting , they in fact loathe the “libtards” in California and actually cheer this sort of stuff on.

There an element of that from the left as well though not to the same degree. When something bad happens to a right winger it cheered.

I do not think there many Countries in the world that have this sort of dichotomy between the right and the left. I think it a direct result of the adopting of the “Rugged Individualism” and “it every person for themselves” mentality where fellow citizens are seen as rivals and competition against who one must have a victory over. Countries that have a more cooperative model do not have these sorts of divisions.

Across the world all Countries fall somewhere between the competitive and cooperative models and the USA is way over on the competitive side.


Exactly so. It’s yet another stunningly clear example of just how much more despicable and dangerous for the country Trump is than even a man like Joe Biden. And what this election means for the country’s future, for the futures of those we love, is right out there for anyone with a modicum of objectivity to “see”.

While this latest example is harmful to California and to the nation, it’s occurred at just the right time, three weeks before a national referendum on Trump and his Death Cult. The nation is presented with the perfect example of just how sick is the mind of Donald J. Trump, how utterly despicable is the man and his Death Cult. The stakes of this ongoing election could not be higher. The American people are staring autocratic rule and frank fascism squarely in the face. Is Trump to be unleashed? That’s what the people are deciding.


When we learn how PPE was distributed.
When we learn about Trump raking in the cash.
When we learn of Trumps actual instructions to
Mark Meadows about further federal Corona
financial assistance to families and laid off employees.
{As if Mark needs any prodding}
When we learn about middle east loan to Jared Kushner
15 months ago. 500 to 700 million dollars. Does he
have to pay it back, or is it a gift?

Next February, the democrats can re-imburse California.


I’ll be there.

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