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'Sadistic' Sabotage: Uproar After Trump Declares End of Healthcare Subsidies


'Sadistic' Sabotage: Uproar After Trump Declares End of Healthcare Subsidies

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Trump doesn't get that when he tosses a grenade into the healthcare system in broad daylight, we see who did it."


The Evil that some men do simply must be justified by their demise.


Is this another set of stone, paving the road to Medicare for ALL - let’s hope so.


I wish the scales would finally fall off of the eyes of all the lower class and middle class people who voted for this despicable assemblage of human flesh known as Trump.

Not likely, however.


Satan worshipers clap their hands and grin when they attack Earth and Life.


Where does this evil come from? Is this contempt and disregard for the lives of all others “conservatism”?

This is not leadership in any real sense, it is dictatorship by a mentally-ill imbecile/moron criminal mind, devoid of reason, empathy, common decency, respect for anything outside his own ego, understanding of the world we live in, the natural world, and every notion of truth, justice, and honor! He is totally lacking in every aspect of good judgment/stewardship required to lead or act for others!

This president is a deranged person that must be removed from office immediately - he has proven to be mentally, intellectually, and emotionally irresponsible and unfit to hold the “highest office in the land” - he is a clear and present danger to our nation, people, our planet’s future ability to sustain its health and safety, and indeed a threat to all citizens of planet earth - even the Earth itself!

There has never in modern times been as loathsome, deranged, dangerous, and mentally diseased person or regime agenda ruling America !


Why do you think this? Why do any progressives? If Republicans do pass a budget, you realize we’ll be living life much farther from single payer than now, or anything like a European style mixed system, right?


Memo to Jake:

Trump conned even you.

It’s not he who did it: it is -and has been the entirety of the Republican party who’s been doing it.

You got caught out staring at the shiny object.


This is gross stupidity. Advocating assassination is beyond the pale.


At this point, anything that awakens the masses and hastens the collapse of the monstrosity that is for profit capitalist healthcare is, in the long run, a good thing. Single payer now, comrades!


Why do you think wrecking health coverage for millions will lead to single payer? As I note above, if Republicans manage to pass a budget, we may be living further from a single payer system than we did prior to the ACA. That budget will ratchet funding down, not up. Every continuing resolution afterwards will be based on it. Don’t say “revolution” either. That’s not an answer and never was. Hell, we may be living one now, just not the one progressives want. Barring a concrete explanation, I continue to think progressives were fools to believe this in 2016, and continue to think so now.


Now the bastard is going to cut taxpayer money to the insurance industry!?!
How the hell does he think they will make record profits if they can’t suck noisily at the taxpayer teat?!?

You’re way underestimating his threat level.
The Earth? This whole galactic sector in imperiled!!


You don’t hear any REPUBS complaining - must be sadistic too.


Just because I don’t like it is not going to stop Trump/repubs. My point was that maybe the more people are made to suffer by Trumpublcon acts, the more they will hate them and vote them out, and perhaps create enough will to transform the system to the benefit of the people… In the meastime I will continue resistence and resilience.


Darn, it sounds like you’ve already given in to your capitalist masters, and given up. That’s a shame. Hopefully there are hundreds of millions who’s lives are being destroyed by capitalism who haven’t. It doesn’t matter if you call it a revolution or not.


Hopefully, when they find they can’t afford health care anymore, they will see him for what he really is.


Who benefits? the chaos along with debt used to destabilize, alienate, undermine, destroys health, environment is the Bernaysian (advertising) smoke and mirror game of 21st century colonization.

I think of “pride” which has been marketed as the colonizing/divide and conquer version of dignity in which integrity is inextricably connected for sustainable health in all forms.


Making things worse for millions will bring on the revolution? So you and Trump are on the same page. People are just things to be manipulated.


Yeah, I reread your comment and saw it wasn’t an assertion, but about hoping people would see the light. So my misread, and I hope the same.


It is the entire system. While Obamacare does provide some relief, it in no way fixes the system. This will bring it down as there is no way coverage can be provided using private insurance. Millions will be denied coverage and others will face bankruptcy if any kind of serious problem develops. Trump is simply the idiot forcing change but not the change he envisions.