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Safe and Secure: Who Does and Doesn't Matter In Trump's America


Safe and Secure: Who Does and Doesn't Matter In Trump's America

Hundreds of mourners followed the flower-laden body of engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, to its cremation site in southern India after he was killed by a white man in a Kansas bar who yelled "Get out of my country!" before opening fire. Another Indian was wounded, as was a white patron who tried to stop the shooter because it "was naturally right to do.” The ever-blathering Trump, whose rhetoric has helped make these things acceptable, has said not a word. Which speaks volumes.


Clearly these people are not in his world which is getting smaller and richer. Plus, he has not said boo about the weather catastrophies. What a piece of sh-t.


I refuse to say the word Trump.

Voldemort and the death eaters is all I can manage.


Rednecks are getting pretty scary. Trump's characterization of "illegal immigrants" a "murderers and thugs" in the speech tonight will yield some more murders soon...


Should American Indians start killing white people and tell them to get the hell out of their country? These stupid racist white people who think they have primacy on this land, I sure wish I could load them up on a boat and deport them back to their true "father land." What does it take to get these idiots to learn how horrible they are? Unrepentant sinners is what I've begun to call them for that is what they are. Unrepentant sinners.


That's why I say "rump". Its a polite way of saying "asshole" and it has the benefit of actually using most of the letters of his name. Isn't it so convenient that his name has a built in insult?


That got me smiling.