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Same Old Media Parade: Why Are Liberals Cheering?

I usually defend liberals who are ARE much much better than the GOP on many many important issues (environment, labor, civil rights, heath care, consumer protection, reproductive freedom…) but not this time. Its taken as a given that Iran is always bad, the conflict in Korea is all the fault of North Korea, that Putin poisoned the spy in the UK (why???) is the bad guy in Ukraine, and there is no question about the need to demonize Russia. The only question is how much to punish Russia. Its a little like “when did you stop beating your wife” because the very question masks unsupported allegations. Don’t we ever learn from Remember the Maine, the Lusitania, Tonkin Gulf, Iraq’s WMD…
We need a real peace movement, and soon. And the US government is far from the only dangerous player, we need a worldwide peace movement, and soon!

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National Propaganda Radio. They already report the Skripal poisoning as “the Russian poisoning of an ex spy and his daughter”, despite not having any actual evidence or logic as to “why” would Russia do that to a spy they let loose from Russia many years ago. NPR is all-aboard Syrian regime change as well, They suck.


Warren’s support for religious states goes against my idea of separation of church and state. But I’m a little worried you include Tulsi. Why? She is a surfer and understands wave philosophy. Where do you say she went astray?

I quit listening to that propaganda mike when it went breathless with embedded admiration while invading Iraq.

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I think it is very important to learn that we need to distinguish “Liberals” from “Progressives”. There are plenty of Liberals out there that still support the corporatist / neo-liberal set of Democrats that are just the other side of the coin from the Conservative Republicans. These people are the ones that blindly worship the Clintons and Obama despite the damage they have done to our country. They are the ones that patronize and berate the “Bernie-bros” for trying to drive corruption out of the Democratic ranks and direct the party back to supporting the working people instead of Wall Street interests. These are the people who, just like all Republicans, are hell-bent on voting against their own and everyone else’s best interest. That is why many Progressives are abandoning the moniker “Liberal” and just referring to themselves with purely Progressive.


Liberals now deny the existence of a deep state, loving the CIA, NSA and FBI lauding them as great patriots. They still cannot see past their arrogance, despising progressives and loving the military, war, Wall Street and all the things that make our country the monstrous, deadly aggressive empire it has become.

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Perhaps you meant to say martial law.


Just a theory: the poisoning incident came, what, two weeks before the faux election in Russia?

I don’t know an effing thing about actual spies, but I suppose there is some truth in all the fictionalization, such as, spies never retire until they are “retired.” I found it odd also that a spy (a double agent) retired for many years, and fully exposed by the way, would be singled out for revenge by “Putin” on the eave of his glorious never-in-doubt re-election. Doesn’t make any sense to me either, but I have been disenthralled from the mind games that our masters try to play on us for some time, so I suppose you’d have to ask some of the drones that still believe that the US won WWII, and are the defenders of freedom and democracy the world over. I know this is a Brit thing, but that ancien regime is trying to prop up even older fairy tales than the ones the US is peddling.

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Americans are total suckers for double-speak in the fashion of calling the corporate press the “free press” (similarly for the monopolized, undemocratic “free market”).


Only very outside sources, like Common Dreams , The Nation, etc. are talking about the very deep,and in many cases, permanent damage Trump is causing, at a very fast rate. The Interior and Education Departments are excellent flashpoints to watch, but MOST Americans are tuning it out. Especially the EPA being dismantled, the revising of science policy documents and more.
So far, Betsy DeVos has been mostly confined to setting back the student loan program decades, but she is poised at any second to mess with disabled and non-conforming students (she already has, really). Personally, I have little respect left for the majority of the country. They are not alarmed enough that “Celebrity Apprentice” is PRESIDENT. And just over ten years ago Oprah Winfrey was squealing “The Donald!” on her television show when it was still on. Many of these folks actually BELIEVE in a concept like “Oprah for President…” This country, for all the chances and breaks it’s been given, is now an intellectual and moral gutter.

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This morning on Bill Press, Free Speech TV show, Press opined that in the recent Russia election, the only opponent of Putin was removed from the contest. When you watch RT America, you learn that there were eight contestants in the race for election and Putin won 77%. Also, you never hear these corporate MSM critics of Russia mention that they used paper ballots–these can be challenged, recounted and false votes removed
very unlike the US where counts never seem to match the votes.


Even for a cynic like me, it’s been very depressing/alarming to see the liberals guzzling the Russiagate Kool-Aid like frat boys chugging cheap beer. The red-staters have this pyschological need to scapegoat immigrants & people of color for America’s woes, but the liberals want to blame Russia. In both cases, it’s this primitive tribal desire to blame an external boogie-man, as opposed to looking for internal, systemic problems.

But every single liberal I know IRL is chugging the Kool-Aid. It’s the most effective PSYOP I’ve ever seen. Wish I knew if the Pentagon’s objective was the USA’s Russian proxy war in Syria, or if their goal was Russia itself.

Oh well, either way, we’re doomed.

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Hey bro, how’s the weather at Langley today?

Marshall Luhan! Thanks for the reminder. He originated the phrase “the medium is the message.”

from wikipedia: “The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

More true now than ever. Especially w/ social media and YouTube, moving pictures vs. written print is a good example of how we receive the information affects the way we process it.

It’s not Luhan, it’s got a Mc in front of it.
BTW- he spoke at my university. Then, took ??s in the student lounge sitting on an old dirty beat up couch. Amazing and low key guy. I’ve never looked at TV, film or photography the same way.
Norman Lear was fascinating but the messaging was only medium cool, so to speak.:wink:

By owning the narrative, mainstream media owns minds.
Minds repeat story told to them.
Minds believe story told to them.
Minds vote and replicate more minds with the same story.
Minds pick this party or that party.
Minds clap their hands and jump up and down.
The national mind collapses explosively, in slow motion, into the black hole of lies.
The requiem of ignorance and depravity is a massive crescendo!

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My internet service has been out for about 24hrs and I just saw this response to my post. All I can say is WTF?

I knew what you meant and agree. They brought the 1600 page document right in. Dennis Kucinich is the only Congressman I know of who read it and voted NO. It was the first slam, and with subsequent acts, like the Military Commissions Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act, our rights have been chipped away to the point of non-existence. The final blow will come when they start controlling our food and other life-sustaining resources. Martial Law will make the government the owner and operator of everything.

Great comments. Yup, the big push to continue the duopoly, as if having decades to prove its ‘leadership’ haven’t completely undermined its claims to authority and human values.
And yes, we progressives have already been coerced into voting for said duopoly how many times? The result? The same old corrupted bs that has ruled for a long time.
If society is going to acknowledge the pervasive corruption and really change, then people will have to defy polls and stand for what they believe in, because it is a matter of life and death.
The rhetoric of progress has torpedoed itself with so much anti-progress. Democracy is dead till we create it for the first time.
So voters, stop blaming those who choose to not continue the duopoly. After all, who is wasting their votes, . . . . those who continually perpetuate the suffering of millions or those that vote for a authentic social democracy where politicians, bureaucrats and corporations serve the people accountably and transparently? _
Who is really wasting their votes?_

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Yes, i notice how listening to the ‘experts’ rarely seems to include the actual historical narrative which is the only way to accurately perceive the ignorance and corruption around many issues.