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Same-Sex Marriage Isn't Equality for All LGBT People. Our Movement Can't End



That's right Chelsea, thanks for using your voice in this forum to call for true inclusion and solidarity. Everybody's gotta have everybody's back, or out-groups can continue to be picked off marginalized and subjected to criminal assault with impunity.


Go away, and take your mediaeval RC lies with you. They work on young children and adults with poor thinking ability, but healthy adults see through them.


Perhaps you believe that you are talking about scientific truth but actually your story is filled with holes. Real people are far more important than your fearful, hateful pseudo-science. You have a wire loose and you need to be fixed...


No, i'll stick with science. i'm very sorry about your obsessions and delusions.


This person identified himself as a Bishop. A "modern" day Inquisitor, infused with archaic hate.


Damn, Mairead figured it out by God given intuition.


Yes, you did. I was raised RC, and can smell RC lies a mile away.