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'Same Story Every Time': Baltimore Solidarity Actions Sweep U.S


'Same Story Every Time': Baltimore Solidarity Actions Sweep U.S.

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Widespread protests over police brutality, systemic racism, and the recent death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray took place across the U.S. on Wednesday night, with demonstrators demanding justice, accountability, and reform.

In Baltimore, the epicenter of the most recent uprising, around 2,000 people rallied near City Hall on Wednesday night, before marching to Penn Station and then dispersing well before the nightly 10pm curfew came into force.


One problem of course is that many of these protests will lead to superficial change. A few Police officers will be used as sacrificial lambs but the system itself will remain inherently racist.

The obvious example of this was all of those Civil Rights marches. Many suggested the success of those movements made racism a thing of the past when all racism did was adapt. It remained entrenched and in real terms nothing really changed.


There is so much pent up anger and frustration everywhere, we are seeing the first in a series of explosions. The individuals who have pushed so hard to ensure that every American can own and open-carry guns will rue the day, as the police confront thousands of armed citizens out for retribution.


As things are becoming more peaceful in here in Baltimore – for now – looks like they’re ratcheting up everywhere else. To be clear, by “peaceful” I don’t mean that protest demonstrations have stopped. On the contrary, they’re going on every day. There’s one going on now as I type this, on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at 6:30 pm. We can harness this moment, if we choose to. Or we can let it explode in rioting and violence, which is exactly what the National Security State wants.


Here’s the “proof” of “violence” last night in Denver. Check out Vimeo video 126535599. New user, can’t post a link.


Although what you say is true, actually rooting it out is never going to be possible, even if you employed Mao Tse Tung tactics such as re-education camps. The best that you can do is block it in the short term and pro-actively foster change over a few generations.


It is the same as years before, mom’s pulling their kids away from wanton thuggery, angry, normal people who know if they don’t make noise they will be ignored, many insulated whites shaming the entire black community for “not having more patience…”
The black community has had more than enough patience. Thanks to Reagan and his idiot followers, they sent the ghetto to hell in the 1980s with federal distribution of crack, no jobs, no training, and no respect for blacks because so many people in this country are living in their new police state fantasy. This is the culmination of 35 years of negligence, as is the wrecked economy, as is the stale wages that everyone, particularly women and people of color have to put up with now. I pray that the smallest amount of people get hurt, because a lot of people are going to get hurt with this going on. Long hot summer again, and again.
I AM glad to see activism en masse happening, hope it continues. I’m a white gay man, we are practically the only ones right now of all the people who were clamoring for rights when I was an adolescent in the 1970’s who are finally getting stuff we asked for forty years ago. Blacks, women, and others are still getting dumped on as bad as then, in some ways worse. Keep the police busy this year, and let the Bush clan and all the imbeciles who don’t give a damn know that it will NOT be business as usual.


The article is borderline soft-cop stuff. The real issue is the whole mess which has been dumped on all of the 99% – blacks, whites, latinos, and all the rest. No jobs, the rapidly rising actual cost of living (as opposed to the lying govt figures), enormous cuts in social services, the callousness of public officials (including many of the police), the disgusting corruption of the federal govt, etc. etc. etc. The wanton slaying of blacks is the straw that broke the camel’s back in the black community. Get out on the streets and start talking to people. It’s not about police brutality. It’s about the whole f*g mess. The press distorts the stories about the riots in Ferguson and the rest,so that whites and other non-blacks will fail to see that the blacks are enraged for the same reasons that the rest of us are enraged. The last thing the ruling class wants is the white 99% to start talking with the black 99% about their common interests.


Yeah, the height of surreal it is. I agree, something that the local people could gather around and call theirs and the corporate eggshell types yank it away. Probably the players would have wanted to stand up for the local fans, but the day of management respecting that is gone. I’d like to think that ultimately some great good will come out of Baltimore now, and Americans will try for at least a little while to see this place as more than Inner Harbor and Johns Hopkins, in fact people live there and are saying what needs to be said, despite the 1% screaming about it.


Bingo. The whole thing is predicated on not allowing the majority to talk to each other, compare notes, and realize that the game all along has been to shaft as many people as possible, regardless of their subgroup. This is the psycho trip of the Kochs, literally world domination (I know, it does sound crazy), but it’s true-under the guise of “Libertarianism” they will just buy everything they can and control the dialog. And, a few believe it by saying that some jobs are being created, somewhere, maybe not Baltimore.


If a person is bent on being a racist there really is little we can do, because there are some who are haters at their core and others who are fearful of the ‘other.’ But we can root out racism in our institutions, and we can do it now. Racism is a tool of the powerful to divide us to maintain control, and these protests prove that people–especially young folks–aren’t going to stand for it. Kudos to all of them for disrupting a system bent on enslaving us all.


While we have people paying attention, we need something more than just the current protests. We need to reform Trial by Jury. and we need to reform speedy trial

This does not require new legislation. Each of these are already part of the constitution. but Trial by Jury has been corrupted by the ability of prosecutors to specify extortionate charges and then bargain away the ability of anyone to actually have a jury trial. Something like 95% of all trials are plea-bargained.

Someone who demands a Jury Trial is looking at a 30 year sentence if they actually force a trial.

Speedy trial has been corrupted by court rules that allow the prosecutors to require multiple court appearances over a period that may amount to two or three years.

If we can regain a minimum amount of control, we can keep cities like Ferguson from using the court docket as an ATM. And we already know that this is a problem across the US.

With just these two items, we can greatly reduce the number of bogus charges that are used to keep our “lower class” under control.

Trial by Jury reduces the ability of the police to administer justice by making s#it up.

If this creates an underemployment problem for our “justice system” we have enough banksters and politicians who need some “justice” to make up the difference.