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San Francisco Poised to Make History With Law Banning Use of Facial Recognition Technology

San Francisco Poised to Make History With Law Banning Use of Facial Recognition Technology

Julia Conley, staff writer

Civil liberties advocates on Monday eagerly awaited the results of a vote by San Francisco officials on the city's use of facial recognition technology—hoping the city's Board of Supervisors would vote to ban the surveillance tool.

The board is set to vote Tuesday on the Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance, a law that advocates say would make history and potentially encourage other cities to ban the use of facial recognition technology, which is being used increasingly by police and private companies.

Buy a bibi gun and shoot all those cameras

When there are no real consequences for breaking the law, as is the case for anyone with power in America, a ban will in reality accomplish very little.
All major US corporations factor in potential fines and bribes before breaking a law, and always make obscene profits from their crimes regardless of being “caught”.
The CIA is violating every domestic and international law on a daily basis, including their own charter.
Something similar can be said for most if not all of the alphabet soup agencies.
Laws really only protect criminals when they are selectively enforced.
Facial recognition is a tool of oppression with potential for profitable exploitation, and there is no reason to think those who would employ it in the first place cares one whit about laws that won’t be enforced.

The police won’t skip a beat. Just hire the same service from private companies.

1984 is getting out of hand. The public needs weaponry that will kill surveillance systems like spy drones. A sweet little laser would be nice.
By the way, Bin Laden won, big time. PROOF. Look at your airports, and spying on you e-mail, registration of weapons, draft card etc.
When out in public wear a Bernie mask to foil the facial recognition people.

If only facial recognition was that “easy” to circumvent.
Even if it is not technically illegal you can very easily get shot by police if wearing a mask in public, it is not as if they require much of an excuse, nor will they be held accountable.
More over, even if it is called facial recognition it does much more than just analyze faces.
It analyzes gait, build, height etc and have many ways of recognizing someone even if they do hide their face. It is also linked to a variety of other systems that can track electronic devices and so on.
Basically 1984 would actually be an improvement over the systems of control we are currently living under.

I was seriously having a little fun as well as addressing the topic. You are right that there is much more to this. I’ll have to do make up, or get a real professional mask.
We can run but we can’t hide very easily.