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San Francisco Shows Nation Way Forward by Throwing Out Old Marijuana Convictions

San Francisco Shows Nation Way Forward by Throwing Out Old Marijuana Convictions

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just weeks after a California measure legalizing the use of recreational marijuana went into effect, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón announced on Wednesday that the city will wipe clean the records of thousands of individuals who have been charged with marijuana-related misdemeanors and felonies over the past several decades.

This is awesome. Once in a great, great while, a piece of fantastic news gives me hope, like this one.

:tips hat to George Gascon:


I think this is excellent - if it’s not a crime any more, why have the record?

All I can think of is George Carlin:

There were other things that bothered me; perhaps it’s, uh,
retrospect, y’know. I’m seeing them better now but I think I was
troubled too at the time by the fact that my church would keep changing
rules. I mean, they would change a rule anytime they wanted. “THIS LAW’S
ETERNAL! Except for this weekend! SPECIAL DISPENSATION!” Magic words.
Yeah, like eating meat on Friday was definitely a sin- except for the
people in Philadelphia; they were number one in the scrap iron drive,
yeah! They would give it away as a prize, y’know? If your parish gave
the most money to the bishop’s relief fund…Hamburgers on Friday, yeah!
Wow. And I’ve been gone a long time now. It’s not even a sin anymore to
eat meat on Friday but I’ll betcha there are still some guys in Hell
doing time on the meat rap, right? “I thought it was retroactive! I had a
baloney sandwich! This guy had a beef jerky, right? Tell 'em what you
had.” How’d you like to do eternity for a beef jerky. Yeah, 'cause Hell
wasn’t no five to ten, y’know. Hell was LATER!

Somewhere, Harvey Milk and Jerry Garcia are beaming with pride.


Standing On The Moon, wth Jerry on this news!
Onward through the Fascist fog…:herb:

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Of course there is another take from some of our other bards -

Battle lines bein’ drawn.

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This is a true civil servant. The whole justice sys. could learn a lot from this man.

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I can’t help but wonder how obvious the push back will be. I fully expect some attempt by this administration to grossly overreach their authority, and keep those private concrete human-bins packed tight.
Let’s hope that this is a catalyst for some lesser known voices to speak out… on our side, and the side of those that seek to keep the evil machine running. Those little squeaky cockroaches are easier to identify and squash when they are emboldened to brag, right?

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proud to be a native Californian, would that Alabama would become open-minded & legalize pot. I’m afraid it will never happen where I live, unfortunately too many here think like Jeff Sessions, bigot.

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I’m not clear. Is this a get out of jail free pass for those imprisoned on marijuana charges? Possession? Selling? I was hoping that would also have been discussed.
I’ve heard that even in states where marijuana is legal, people still sit in jail on the drug charges.

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Bravo!! at least it is a start