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Sanctions and the Fate of the Nuclear Talks


Sanctions and the Fate of the Nuclear Talks

Gareth Porter

With the agreed deadline for reaching a “political framework” for a final comprehensive nuclear agreement only a few days away, the fate of the negotiations now hang on closing the gap between the P5+1 and Iran on removing sanctions.

The issues associated with Iran’s nuclear programme have now been pretty much resolved, except for limits on research and development. But on sanctions relief, all the evidence indicates that the two sides have not advanced beyond where they were last November, when they were very far apart.


We will gladly lift sanctions tomorrow in exchange for compliance today.

Without some current concrete benefit why should Iran agree to invasive monitoring/inspections that will undoubtedly put them at a disadvantage in a military confrontation?

And why negotiate with a stick and no carrot?

That only makes sense if Obama doesn’t actually want an agreement and wants to blame Iran for refusing to agree.

And if diplomacy can’t stop Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program, what’s left?


Dubowitz is an enemy of the 99% and perhaps an agent of the Israeli government. In any case Dubowitz is a corporate lackey who is willing to sacrifice the needs of the 99% for his corporate overlords. Obama, a weak and ineffectual president, will back whatever his backbenchers demand. The fact that these negotiations NEVER included discussions about nuclear disarmament by the ‘P5’ or Israel is an insult to the ideals of democracy and fair play. It is essential that the American public abandons the corporate Party system once and for all or else we may find our selves on the precipice of a nuclear doomsday scenario.


" Iran (like NK) will/would starve their people if it meant they get a nuke." And this is based on what facts?