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Sanctions Are Genocidal, and They Are the US’s Favorite Weapon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/06/sanctions-are-genocidal-and-they-are-uss-favorite-weapon

Chris Hayes in a townhall with Sen Warren listed the big issues of the day----FOREIGN POLICY WAS NOT LISTED ??? And at the same time why didn’t Warren interject and say wait a minute----we have to include Yemen as a major issue ( Trump is trying to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia going around Congress----this should be an impeachable offence).

Thank you for the numbers on Venezuela-----These sanctions are an act of war----and I have yet to see any “reporter” challenge these candidates on US foreign policy. Trump is a total bully—but then maybe he truly represents the sick murderous elite that control the US government.-------The people of this country better wake up to the horrors being inflicted around the world by US policy-----BECAUSE THE PEOPLE OF THE US DO HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS MADNESS.


It’s about time the same medicine was applied to the perpetrators. But that’s not likely in the near future.
Re Venezuela, the population is managing by self help initiatives, more a barter system as money is not a lot of good now.

There is no justification for the infliction of so much pain, suffering and death on the people of Iran, or Venezuela to mention just a couple of current horror stories. Iran has no nuclear weapons program and Venezuelan masses don’t want the “neoliberalism or death and starvation” limited choices we allow (a variation on “money or your life” with similar morality of imposition)