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Sanctions on North Korea Will Not Lead to Peace. Just Ask Iraqis.


Sanctions on North Korea Will Not Lead to Peace. Just Ask Iraqis.

Yifat Susskind

As the world turns its attention away from the goodwill of the PyeongChang Olympics, the Trump Administration is doubling down on its hostility towards North Korea — this time in the form of aggressive new sanctions announced on Friday that target that country’s ability to carry out trade.


Economic sanctions are an act of war.

Peace is definitely possible in Korea.

People are for peace, it’s cheaper and more fun.

Pentagonians are not for peace. The military empire wants war.


This reminds me of the callous Madeleine Albright, a staunch supporter of the harsh economic sanctions against Iraq. A U.N. report found that, from 1991 to late 1995, as many as 576,000 Iraqi children died due to these sanctions. In a 1996 interview on the CBS program “60 Minutes,” she was asked whether the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was worth it. Her answer “The price is worth it” just says it all.


It is good to observe that sanctions will not keep the peace.

One might continue by observing that they are not intended to do so. Iraq is indeed an excellent example. Sanctions drained the country and softened it up for attack while the attackers invented a rhetoric to excuse their actions. It seems fairly obvious that this is the intention with Korea, and that actions against Korea bear the intention of encirclement of Russia and China.


The US is losing its ability to accomplish anything through sanctions.

For example, how are our sanctions (not to mention actual proxy shooting wars) against Russia and Iran working?


Yes, it is true. They don’t work. Is it another distraction? What is the point of it all? Of course to the extent that it hurts another country, it is cruel. Practicing cruelty to become inured to it? And it builds cold, racist attitudes toward the East. As the East builds up its defenses, the Asian coastal fisheries and reefs are being destroyed. More nuclear on the coastal countries, ugh.


You and I and the U.S. knows that sanctions don’t work to change State behavior. . It follows that if the stated purpose is to change State behavior, then the stated purpose is a lie.


I wish to beg forgiveness on behalf of the us for the cruel sanctions and warfare attacks against Iraqi people who are innocent and never did us any harm whatsoever.