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Sanctuary Cities 'Stand Resolute' in Face of Threatened Funding Cut-Off


Sanctuary Cities 'Stand Resolute' in Face of Threatened Funding Cut-Off

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sanctuary cities are refusing to back down in the face of the Trump administration's crackdown on immigration, which was codified on Monday after Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to cut off funding for states and cities that shelter undocumented residents.


Trump continues to try to force his unpopular agenda on the country. It seems to escape him that he wound up with almost 3 million fewer votes than his opponent, Hillary Clinton who the public judged defeated him in all three debates, and that was after he received a lot of help from James Comey and probably also from Putin. Maybe he has 35% of the country on his side if that. Less than 20% supported his healthcare plan. People everywhere are resisting and why shouldn't they since Trump ignores the US Constitution and American values.


You are for real?? Trump cares? So he and his push a health care plan that hurts millions more than the number already hurting? He uses our tax dollars for his extravagant lifestyle when that money could be helping the homeless, feeding millions, hell, providing medical and dental care for people in his own neighborhood? He builds his inner sanctum, aka family dynasty? You must be just a troll, someone who doesn't even read the articles on these forums or you'd be having your eyes opened a little bit each day.

I wish I could see the looks on trumpists' faces when they start seeing how they've been had and when their own oxen get gored. Trump is just a little worse than the republithugs who ideologically don't care about wethepeople-----he is so narcissistic that he can't look past his own reflected image to care about anything at all, just himself.


:stuck_out_tongue: hmmm, well, the good news is that in spite of your myopia and inability to comprehend what I said, you have pretty good grammar skills. Whatever education you had was not totally wasted. Have a good day, Darlin'....