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Sanders 2016? Bernie to Announce Whether He Plans to Run for President


Sanders 2016? Bernie to Announce Whether He Plans to Run for President

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Vermont's Independent Senator Bernie Sanders will decide by the end of April whether or not he will run for the U.S. presidency in the 2016 election, his spokesperson told the Burlington Free Press on Sunday.

As he weighs the decision, Sanders—who describes himself as a Democratic Socialist—is publicly challenging candidates to take on the pressing issues of inequality, poverty, and the erosion of democracy.


He won’t run. He will make some announcement saying that it is much more important that he support the Democratic Candidate against any Republican presidency. He will go on ad nauseam how he will “keep fighting to make sure that the American people are represented against the interests of Wall Street, yadda yadda yadda”


I agree, but you can’t blame him… progressives are already being given rationalizations for their voting for Hillary. “She’s the 11th most liberal Senator!” “Sanders is unelectable nationally!” http://crooksandliars.com/2015/04/are-you-ready-hillary-derangement-syndrome Cesca and Conason have already written this way and it’s not even the election year yet … the clear message is Progressives need to frikkin’ give up, 'cause she’s the nominee. It’s sadder than sad. I will not vote for her. This is one Progressive whose vote she will not get.


Every candidate for president has got to answer one simple question:

Why is the United States currently engaged in more direct and proxy wars than at any other time in our history, while at the same time we are spending $30 Billion dollars a year to support the racist, apartheid Zionist regime in Israel?

But of course, none of the so-called progressive candidates running under the Democratic Party banner will even mention either of these subjects.

Sanders is a hypocrite of monumental proportions. He votes for rampant defense spending and against food stamps for the poor. Some “socialist” he is.

And can he please just comb his hair?


Oh please. Can you be more negative? He’s most likely referring to the very real fact that these days it’s almost impossible to mount a campaign without hundreds of millions of dollars that are either from your own bank account or that don’t come from billionaires looking for a payback. That means he needs to raise enough money from ordinary people, many who probably haven’t even heard of him. The mainstream press doesn’t take him seriously (probably because they know what he says is true.) In even the alternative press I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read lines like, “Sanders of course will never win” or “he can’t possibly win,” etc. Sanders has been more consistently vocal about the wealth inequality in this country, the loss of the middle class, and the corruption of money in politics than Elizabeth Warren has, and yet the press has spent more time conjecturing about whether she’ll run for president. I think Sanders just wants to hear from people who are willing to support him before he takes on such a monumental task. Maybe Sanders can still hear Howard Dean’s “scream” echoing in his head (and see how easy it is for the mainstream press to ruin a


He’s got my vote if he stays indie.


The Koch Drone Trolls are out in force trashing Sanders and Warren. Some of these trolls are automated to make sure that every progressive politician gets trashed. Shame on you…even if you are only a software program built by tea party fascists.


Bernie Sanders is not a War Monger. He voted against the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Please stay on your Tea Party Sites and keep your comments from slipping into absurdity.


Sanders has my vote. He is the voice of reason in the Senate. Do I agree with him on all issues…No. But I will support him because I am not looking for perfection in American politics. I just want someone who is not insane as my President.


It is heartening to see progressives of any party responding to the foibles of Empire in our present Gilded Age. Senator Sanders is that seldom allowed voice in media, there by the power of his post, that deserves the bully pulpit in a national debate.
Progressives ascend as regressives descend and as always, win in the end.