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Sanders Accepts Challenge to Kill TPP If Elected... Nothing from Clinton So Far


Sanders Accepts Challenge to Kill TPP If Elected... Nothing from Clinton So Far

Jon Queally, staff writer

Accepting a challenge and passing it on ahead of primary voting in Ohio and elsewhere on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed that if elected president he would refuse to present the contoversial TransPacific Partnership (TPP) agreement to Congress and asked his rival Hillary Clinton to join him in that pledge.


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Without the Bernie campaign running on issues, the TPP probably would have passed by now. Obama has already signed it but it has not been authorized by congress and sent to the president.

The congress already gave Obama fast track authority on the TPP so it could be passed through congress and sent to Obama, but the push against TPP has stood in the way of congress acting on it.

The American people could have been totally aware of even the existence of TPP if not for Bernie and other groups bringing it up. The corporate media, as a corporation, owned by a few people, has for the most part ignored or buried the TPP and other "trade" agreements.

Bernie's strong stand against the TPP is forcing the issue out into the public where it needs to be.


Tell it like it is Bernie!

"You don’t need a PhD to understand that a trade agreement written by corporate America was to force American workers to compete against desperately poor people all over the world. American workers should not have to compete against people making pennies an hour."


The "nuanced" response from Mrs Clinton, you know the wife/partner of Prez Bill who signed the NAFTA scam (as well as rescission of the Glass-Steagall Act), re the TPP is to repeat her smarmy evasion that she is "not in favor of" what she knows about the TPP! Know a deceiver, especially a politician, by the language they use or do not use - Bernie provides an unequivocal NO to the TPP Trojan Horse, while Mrs Clinton leaves a way out for herself to reverse and serve her masters....as usual.



In the mean time one way to support that stance is to get and share, and encourage wider sharing of the petitions - like this one on Bernie'Sanders Senate web page - in opposition to the TPP type trade deals and on-line letter writing instruments of groups like Public Citizen and flood Congress - until it is a tsunami FULLY reflecting the percentage of people in the US who are opposed.


Wait for it:

<loudly> I will not support the TPP; it is absolutely unacceptable...<whisper> as currently written -- Hillary Clinton


Clinton-esque..... It would be very Clinton-esque for Hillary to shift from her current pro-TPP- pro-Empire stance to one against it to gain the votes from her ruled-upon class.
And then as she gains the throne, to switch support back to the TPP.. For she is only a politician, not a leader, saying what it takes to win the vote.....


yes..".I will not support the TPP."..( currently, until the election is over....and until other distractions take your mind away off of this one)...


Nice. Bernie is going to replace the neoliberal policies of Obamacare and the TPP with Single-Payer Health Care and worker friendly policies. No wonder both wings of the business party resent him. Good for him! To have their disdain should be viewed as a badge of honor.


No worker anywhere should settle for poverty wages. May this discontent spread across our common home planet!


Good. Try to put some meat on all this feigned opposition to TPP by corporate shill Clinton. I still remember Obama's promises in 2008 about NAFTA - going to renegotiate it, etc etc - that went no where once he moved into the Oval Office. I'm not sure if I'd believe even a promise to oppose it by Hillary but I still agree that it's important to make her fully wear her "opposition" as much as possible to reduce the amount of wiggle room she has to play with when she later attempts to renege on her campaign statements.



Any Pennsylvania voter reading this who is an independent or Green (or Libertarian or Republican for that matter), needs to change their registration to "Democrat" by March 28 if they want to to vote for Bernie in the April 26 primary. You can always change you registration back afterward! It can be done on the web - go here:


Please spread this message around.


If she did that and it destroyed more jobs and caused a lot of misery she would most likely be a one term president...But the payoff would be so good for her it probably wouldnt matter to her. Dont take no chances this is our only chance to get it right...VOTE BERNIE or kiss your standard of living goodbye...Hello corporate world.


Kaptur, eh? Not bad, although she's going to be getting an earful from the DNC. They were the ones that extended her career by destroying Kucinich's district to favor her reelection.
So much for gratitude, yes!?
Somewhere Dennis is laughing his a$$ off.


If Clinton will not agree to kill the TPP deal, how much longer can Warren stay silent?


I have read somewhere, that the GDP growth of Mexico, since joining NAFTA, was about half of that of other Latin countries. I could find nothing to substantiate that.
On the other hand, I could also find no substantiation of any benefits of NAFTA. Only a lot of obfuscating data. It appears, that the only benefit of that particular agreement were political, due to rose colored trade projections.

While the benefits of NAFTA are at best unclear, that is not the case with the TPP. There are very clear benefits to multinational corporations, which would achieve a large degree of sovereignty over national laws and governments. That capitalism, gone wild, must be stopped!
And the only country, which can do that effectively is the hyper-capitalist US of A.

That is why not only we, but the whole world desperately needs Bernie!


THIS is what democracy looks like!


To the neoliberal War Witch, the TPP is the job-killing, sovereignty-gutting, people-disempowering, transnational-stroking "gold standard". She probably goes light-headed with glee when she flips through its 1200 pages of lawyerly social and ecological devastation.

As far as what she tells the public? She'll tell them anything they want to hear about it in order to get elected and make this nightmarish scam the law of the land.


Gee, I don't understand. Shillary said 45 times that she was in favor of TPP but then suddenly she was against it and now we haven't heard from her to as to whether she will actually work against it like Sanders has stated ..... Oh wait.
What she DID do this week was to try and smear Sanders with a BS allegation that he supported some whack job militia, and she also talked about how the Rayguns tried to help AIDS/HIV victims back in the 80s. Hey, Shill, why don't you make it three fu*ckups by stating that we need to send more ground troops to Syria? That would make your neocon friends like Robert Kagan even happier. You know, the ones that you would be sure to include in your administration if you win?
Jeez, how can anyone keep supporting this woman for president!


Good comment. Yes, the DNC did its best to pay back Kucinich for being such a liberal/progressive. I'm pleased that Kaptur said this.