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Sanders Accuses Clinton of Parroting His Message to Win Votes


Sanders Accuses Clinton of Parroting His Message to Win Votes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With polls showing a tight race and one of his toughest contests ahead of him, Bernie Sanders is going on the offensive against rival Hillary Clinton, accusing her of parroting his anti-establishment message even as she cashes in on Wall Street and other corporate ties.


I keep hearing liberal pundits saying how great itvis that Sanders is pushing Clinton to the left. While that might be true in her rhetoric, no, Bernie wants to win. Why? Who can you trust to at least attempt to deliver on what they say, Sanders or Clinton?


"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”
― Dorothy Parker

Bernie has to sharpen his tongue. Apparently, Bernie thinks telling the truth about Hillary is dirty politics, no Bernie, Willie Horton was dirty politics. Adlai Stevenson said that if the Republicans would stop telling lies about him, he would stop telling the truth about them. A good lesson, so Bernie, just tell the truth about Hillary.


It's going to be Trump & Clinton. It will be the show of shows of any prior presidential election. It had to be this way. It's the way we do things. If P.T. Barnum could only see it. One event is and has to be, a step above the rest to keep the crowd of followers interested. No matter who's elected though, the results will be the same: The 1% will continue to cherry-pick the crop. There could never be more reflective candidates for the people they represent than Clinton & Trump: The election of the tacky and the sleazy. The handlers know who their audiences are.


HRC = why shapeshifting might just be a real phenomenon...


This is welcome news. I respect Bernie for keeping it respectful but Hillary has a record that speaks for it's self and people should know that. Bernie needs to take the gloves off and put her record out there. Black people have been fed a load of crap about the Clinton's for years. Before South Carolina he needs to plaster her record everywhere.
The coup in Honduras is especially galling to me because the children coming across our border from Honduras are coming because of that coup against a Democratically elected president. She was intricately involved in that.
It's time to come out hard if Bernie's going to win. I cannot vote for her period. And I'm sure others feel the same so he has to win.


You're right Bernie has been pulling punches from the start. He can bring back her email issue because it isn't a trivial matter to send government classified material to her personal account usurping government oversight. Not only her abysmal record on foreign and domestic policy failures HRC's illegal email activity without traceable record keeping is a very big deal and should be brought into light..


Exactly! Why wasn't this brought up in the debate when Hitlery started complaining about how the 'children need to go back to their parents'


Bernie has much arrayed against him and his message of political revolution, including an opponent willing to misrepresent, lie, shill for corporate/banker/wall St greed/avarice and endless wars - say anything to win regardless the truth! Voter ignorance, apathy and outright stupidity, media corruption/betrayal of America, political talking-heads from both right and "left" either lying or bashing, bought 'economists" trashing proposals, the corrupt Dem Party DNC machine apparatus, all them and more all working overtime against Bernie Sanders message, the nation's best interest, and, ultimately, themselves!......

"Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?" ―Obi-Wan Kenobi

If there is going to be any "political revolution" against the corruption and purchase of our republic, people who see the truth must step it up! Volunteers, contributions, outreach to the ill-informed voter, and talking some damn sense into those drinking the Hillary Kool-Aid like Mother's Milk!

Certain demographic groups are apparently so susceptible, so brainwashed, so tied to a false narrative of Clinton political fantasy fairy-tales and outright lies they will support the candidate even tho their contrived message and history is clearly one of deception and self-interest. The big-money powers they actually serve and profit from, don't give a rats-ass about anyone but their own selves or anything but profits, power, and wealth!!


Easy. You can trust the one who started off his career as a young student activist by marching with MLK against income inequality, who has never ceased working on that issue, among others for the people, during his entire congressional career, and whose campaign is all about those issues. The issues proved popular, so popular that Hillary absorbed them into her campaign. I can't even remember what her original platform was. Neither can she, probably, since she turns and sways in accordance with the wind of public opinion.


Part of Bernie's appeal is his level of integrity. Everybody sets a certain level of integrity for themselves, except Bernie Sanders has established a pretty good lifetime level of integrity and almost every other politician has an abominable level of integrity. Someday we'll find out whether he sneaks superpremium ice cream behind his wife's back, but for now, he's not going to sell out his political integrity on the cheap.


A year ago, Bernie's first stated goal was to move Hillary to the left. That goal has been checked off. I've seen a cartoon of a six inch high Bernie Sanders sitting on the right side of an enormous Hillary Clinton on a chair, and Bernie is talking about how to move her to the left.


I think journalists step onto a VERY slippery slope when CD turns Sen Sanders citing documentation counter to Clinton rhetoric into "accusing her of parroting his anti-establishment message".

With all due respect, I think it much more valuable to use direct quotable statement in a headline like this. This headline reads that Sanders is trying to win votes by making an accusation that she is parroting his message. Think this is flip? Give it 24 hours and watch it backfire.

An accusation is a charge. Bernie Sanders is NOT making accusations - he is making a call to bring the record front and center as proof of empty rhetoric. This is about HOW doing precisely that is assiduously bulldozed in US elections by million $ campaign advertising advisers. It is up to the alternative press to flex some new muscle in the innovations department.


You're right. I think Sanders made a big mistake about the emails and what they say about Clinton. Her supposed "electability" advantage over Sanders is going to take a big hit once the Republicans start harping on it. Trump is already talking about prosecuting her.

As others in these comments and elsewhere have said, Sanders needs to get tougher on Clinton, and the email issue is a legitimate area to do so.


They both have records in Congress which should make it possible for voters to judge them. There are no bombastic real estate developers with no record in government running on the Democratic side. People can judge whether Clinton's words are backed up by her record.


I'm with you that Bernie should sharpen his attacks on Hillary. Here's my two cents:

--Keep up the pressure on Hillary to release her Wall Street transcripts (no way she can spin herself out of this)
--Keep sowing seeds of doubt about her foreign policy judgement (association with Kissinger, failed states in Syria and Libya under her watch, support for the overthrow of the elected government in Honduras)

Most of all, win over the African American vote! If you study the charts, the single thing Bernie needs to do to win the Democratic nomination is to draw even with Hillary with the African American demographic. He doesn't even have to win it, just draw even.

Think of it. The black vote is keeping Clinton's candidacy viable. The Clintons of Super Predator. The Clintons of the Welfare Reform Bill that contributed to 35% of African American children now living in poverty. The Clintons of the Crime Bill that increased the prison population by 60%. The Clintons of NAFTA and PNTR with China that took jobs from the African American community and moved them to Mexico and China.

This is the house of policy turds that Hillary is trying to hide from the African American community.


The FBI investigation into her misuse of emails and connections to the Clinton Foundation is the ticking time bomb that just might create chaos in the Democratic nomination. I hope all evidence comes out soon because it would be really bad if Hillary got the nomination and then the floodgate opened.


HRC and the dems. have the system rigged against Sanders, no doubt about it! If HRC cannot get the Democratic nomination for POTUS legitimately, which would give it to Bernie, the corrupt Wall Street stooge will do it illegitimately. So Bernie has nothing to lose by getting tough with HRC. Enough of this talk that Bernie will support HRC if she gets the nomination! Bernie, how about asking HRC if she will support you if she loses the nomination!


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That is not is a priority of Bernie at all, wishful thinking on your part, I suspect.