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Sanders Among Few US Lawmakers to Condemn 'Horrific' Israeli Attacks on Unarmed Gaza Protesters

U would do better to never vote for a jew because they are the problem in our congress. We have too many zionists and evangelicals who have nothing to do with Christ they are more zionist than zionists. The real Christians in Palestine are for the Palestinians and the evangelicals are for the zionists. I would never vote for Sanders, but for all our sakes we must get the Trump and family out because they are criminals and should be in jail. The air will be a little sweeter when they go.

I see posts like yours that are true and yet it just gets worse. The rest of Americans must stand up to this sickness. Brave men and women should take the congress back, force israel to give back Palestinian land so they are free in their own land. Israel has some and Palestinians have some fair.

The Palestinians are from Jordan, they have no say in anything related to Jerusalem. The Israelis would not have fired on them if they hadn’t attacked Israel’s borders. Meanwhile, Abbas, like Arafat before him, are pocketing all of the ‘aid’ money flowing in.

I suspect you really mean the US govt is really controlled by Jews. If you do then this is a major anti-semitic statement on your part. It sounds like you don’t distinguish between Jews and Israelis If I am right in what I wrote your Jew hating is truly frightening and quite disturving. Plus totally unfair, untrue.

“This is a violation of international standards, in some instances committing what appear to be wilful killings constituting war crimes.”

In some instances? IN SOME INSTANCES?!?!
IN at least 52 instances.

But, thank you, Bernie, for helping dial back a notch my growing anti-Semitism by, as a high profile Jew, speaking out against israel.

I wonder if Schumer holds an Israeli passport.

Israel has no borders, nor does it have a constitution or any sort of founding document.

As for BDS I include all foods marked with a k inside a circle to indicate kosher. I leave those for others for whom that has meaning.


Did you write never vote for a Jew because of being Jewish or for support for Israel , both, or different reason.

How ironic that fascism which brought us Hitler/Nazis and the
Jewish Holocaust in Germany has risen in Israel –

in its right wing leadership which continues to war on Palestine
and threaten Iran.

Israeli citizens want peace –
Netanyahu and his fascist agenda demand war.

Everything Israel has done has been given the nod by the US – in fact, US
funds and supplies the weapons for Israel’s violence.

And why? Because Israel has been US’s foothold in the ME to control oil and
to conduct what seems to be a new Christian “Crusade” (as W called it) on
Muslims with more than 1 million Muslims killed in US wars in ME.

What has the US brought to the Middle East except the rise of war and fascism?