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Sanders and Activists Say DOJ Ban on Private Prisons Doesn't Go Far Enough


Sanders and Activists Say DOJ Ban on Private Prisons Doesn't Go Far Enough

Nika Knight, staff writer

Progressives and prison reform advocates hailed the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) announcement Thursday that it would phase out federal private prisons—and celebrated the resulting plummet in private prison stocks—but many also argued that the decision does not go far enough.


The Republicans want to privatize everything.
Because there is a profit to be made and not because it's good public policy or advantages to "we the people."

Republicans support for-profit:
Health care
Water supplies
Sewage treatment plants
and so on.

If they could figure out a way to do it the Republicans would charge all of us for the air that we breath.

Republicans are awful human beings.
Almost as awful as Libertarians.


Thanks for beating me to the punch! Check, check, and check!


Neoliberal Democrats are the same as Republicans.
So you are correct.


My pleasure.
You know what they say "great minds think alike."

That'll draw some incoming so take cover.


Actually DINOs are worse, because they're hypocrites who pretend to be what they're not. If you're a liberal, a DINO will lie to your face to get himself or (ahem) herself elected.


The for profit society.


There should be a Constitutional amendment forbidding the privatization of any foundational governmental function.

Of course, there are lots of things in the Constitution that are broken. Like, you can't be put in jail for being in debt...

But it should be fundamental that government functions are done by government, with democratic control by the people.


On the cynicism scale, for-profit prisons rank right up there.
Sanders understands that these might be closed sooner than later, because if the TPP goes into effect, the prison corp's will claim interference with expected future profits. That will make closures far more difficult, perhaps impossible.


Make that "...should be closed sooner than later..."


As long as there is money being made ( billions now), lobbyist in D.C. pushing this gulag system of corrections, do you really think the DOJ is going to act to ban.This horror show should never have been allowed to begin in the first place. By the way, It was during the Ronnie Raygun/ Bush era that we find its origins.


All of a sudden, everything Sanders says is a headline in CD.
It is clear your site has determined to actively promote HIM via his desire for a continued "movement" even though he is supporting HRC and the Administration, and no longer is a candidate himself.
• "Sanders and activists say ..." Quite transparent.
Are you on some Sanders committee or something? There still IS a race going on.
As a reader and supporter, I'd like to know of the other CANDIDATES' positions, including Jill Stein, on this partial private prison reduction. I understand that Sanders is still one of our Senators, but candidate positions on this issue should be relevant as well.


If you think things are bad in private prisons now, imagine the greater abuse the prisoners will receive now that the prisons know their contracts are going to be terminated.


"And DINO's like Hillary Bush Clinton are nearly the same".
I would have left out the word Nearly.


If you look behind the scenes you will discover Dems behind this too - blaming it all on Reps is silly ...


Naw - will make no difference - if the corps want to cash in on any market, they can still sue for entry anyway ....


It's a back door way of keeping the spotlight on Dems so folks don't navigate to, or are even aware of, 3rd party positions, which are often better and which one would have to "push" Dems to adopt, even if that were possible - this pattern has been rather clear on CD for sometime -


Abolishing the death penalty, restoring voting rights to prisoners ....


" ...so the DOJ's decision to phase out for-profit federal prisons 'is another example of a more symbolic prison reform, which is what the prison reforms of the last few years have been,' "

So this symbol doesn't go far enough, according to Sanders - so lets have some more of them, who knows, pile enough symbols together and maybe we can start a band ...


The national interest is served when we don't build a prison to prison pipeline. Almost all countries on earth aren't so crazy as to build a prison to prison pipeline.

To get convicts to re-up or to become lifers, our expensive prison system has to take the following actions:

  1. Never teach job skills that might work on the outside. Never.

  2. Torture people, and the more the better, until most of the cons go stark raving looney. Solitary confinement as used in the USA is a war crime. Putting people in an environment of 1000 guys where some of their neighbors have shivs is completely scary and it gets to normal people.

  3. Where people are insane, don't treat them to be better able to handle the outside.

  4. When they get out, abandon them so that they have no place to sleep that night. Make them sleep under bridges and stand in bread lines in subfreezing temperatures.