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Sanders and Clinton Face Off in Wyoming


Sanders and Clinton Face Off in Wyoming

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A possible record turnout was expected in Wyoming on Saturday as voters caucused in the U.S. presidential election, with 14 pledged delegates and four superdelegates available for Democratic rivals Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.


Watch Wyoming for fraud in voting. 100% of absentee ballots from Laramie county for Hillary? Not possible! Her campaign has tampered with every state's election so far. When will the media tell the truth?
Watch for her connections to the Panama Papers through her long time butt buddy Podesta and his ties to the Kremlin and Saudi Arabia. Podesta runs her campaign and has been with the Clinton's since Bill's time. Articles on Salon and Truthdig.


Wyoming called for Bernie.


56.1 - 43.9 for Sanders thus far. Still three precincts to go yet.


It's all over the Twitter feed on this article's page apparently. I sense a disturbance in the Clinton machine, angered that the 'inevitable' coronation of its beloved Queen Hillary shall yet be disturbed by the petulant 'socialist' and his support base.



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A lot of people discount fraud in caucus states when Bernie wins, but they're forgetting that the delegates are assigned proportionally, so even when Bernie wins, Clinton's cheating is still getting her delegates that should have gone to him.


Having lived in Casper twice, years in the 80's and after 2005 I can say this is a Biggie in the Cowboy state. hrc's machine will be a mess in New York. Yes Sanders brings sanity to the field but how to fight off the machine???


From Truthout: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/35557-how-not-to-bern-out-ten-steps-toward-a-future-we-can-believe-in


Thank you for providing the link. Excellent article!!!


Looks like both will go to their conventions with nomination decided.


Yep, and the fact that articles are mentioning the Kremlin bank has ties to "terrorist financing" is interesting. Aren't they still arresting people for supporting terrorism?


Voter fraud. The great republican myth takes root in Berniedom.


Bernie or busters complaining that they have to be Democrats to vote in the Democratic Party primary?


How about Bernie actually gets more delegates than Clinton? More actual votes? Democracy, so passé.


No, primarily people complaining about their party affiliations having been changed or their registrations lost.


Except it's not much of a myth according to testimonials. How can a caucus (Laramie County in this case) be so one-sided for Bernie according to most pictures and somehow Hillary wins that county due to absentee/surrogate voting, by a 99/1 or 100/0 percent margin no less? That's statistically impossible unless you're trying to stuff the ballot box. Even the most ardent Hillary supporter has to realize that something is up, and it ain't just the sky. To even try to deflect that is the height of absurdity.


Hillary wins Goshen County 3-2. Final count is as follows:

Sanders | Clinton
156 | 124 (State Convention Delegates)
55.7% | 44.3% (Percent of Vote)
7 | 7 (Pledged Delegates) + 4 Superdelegates


Are you being intentionally misleading or are you really confused about the difference between Republicans claiming individual voters are committing fraud, and thus need to supply more proof of their identities, and systematic changes in voter registration information?

They are two very different things.

Of course a Clinton supporter trying to minimize reports of mass unauthorized changes in registration lists to prevent Sanders supporters from voting would want to dishonestly conflate that with the ridculous Republican meme of 'voter fraud'.

So, are you dumb or dishonest?

Note: Except in your politics, I don't think you're dumb.