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Sanders and Clinton Locked in Dead Heat in California, Latest Polls Show



Attention all Diebold Technicians:
You are urgently needed immediately in California to ensure a Clinton victory.
It is a very slippery slope: If we allow the voters to express their legitimate preference for Bernie, who knows what could happen?
Our PAC will pay for all transportation costs plus a generous bonus, especially for all jurisdictions that are changed to 100% support for Hillary.
Thank you for your cooperation.


I continue to hope that Sanders forces the superdelegates to be deployed as the weapon of last resort that they really are. The DNC, I'm sure, was praying to avoid them being the decisive factor. I remember when they were developed, the hope was that they would act as a deterrent to old school Labor Dems candidates--and they largely have. Knowing your behind by about 600+ delegates from the beginning will keep a lot of good Democrats out of races.
So I'm guessing now the DNC is hoping that if it comes to a hung convention, that the vote will be close enough to where they an afford to "cut loose" a hundred or more delegates to Sanders in a losing effort in order to make it all look like a vote of conscience, rather than the rig it actually is.

Good luck, Mr. Sanders! Expose what you can while you can.


Senator Sanders' Rallies, today, are in Modesto and Chico, California. The rally last night in Davis, must have had easily, over 5,000 hand-waving attendees - a standing room only, elbow-to-elbow, overflow capacity - maybe 15,000 or more. It was YUGE! The Sanders campaign announced that it now has collected enough ($27 average per 2-million individuals, giving 8-million separate donations), to campaign through to late July, bringing a contested contest to Philadelphia, PA, Democratic convention. Neither Mr. Sanders nor Mrs Clinton will have enough "pledged" delegates to walk in as the presumptive nominee. Only the "establishment" "super delegates" can stop a Clinton-2 coronation.

Time for some soul-searching, with the Dem hierarchy. A viable Dem party hinges on opening its myopically blurred corporate vision, that has seemingly, jammed its doors shut to the "under 45-year old's" overwhelmingly, enthusiastic endorsement of Bernie Sanders - over the wall street challenger, Mrs Clinton.

12PM PST Modesto - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pexh3wtpGpc
6PM PST Chico - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4psc0q8a0g


HRC in a war hawk and endorsed by the neocons the enemy within every agency of our lousy criminal elite oligarch owned politicians so sad.Calling this POS a democrat when she and her husband began as Goldwater supporters absurd wake up take back our country before they bankrupt us with wars of aggression.


Yeah, I remember those "good" ol' days when racism, misogyny, homophobia, and bigotry reigned supreme! And those cute aphorisms, "Only dead injun is good injun" or "dumb blonde" oh, so cute! lol OH. OH.
AND OH YEAH! "Pinko" "Commie" hysteria.

As we marched in lock step towards the nirvana of chauvinism and consumerism while polluting Earth with CO2 and radionuclides. OH, YUMMY. YUMMY!

Sorry about the cynicism, but I just was reading in the Guardian US, omitting any mention of Bernie Sanders, only about the "over and done with" Clinton-2 coronation!


There is a huge debate going on in Britain now about the future of BBC and the Guardian. The country wants to pull public funding from these media outlets that are not representing the view of the people. There is hope but it wont come to us easy we must fight for it.


I think there will be great interest over whether Sanders suspends his campaign after the results from California come in. This time the TV networks are sure to cover his speech. They will almost certainly have declared Clinton the presumptive nominee at that point. High drama on June 7 for sure.


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Look the Dems have declared the winner. No matter what the voters say the final tally will have that rigged feel.Remember that in November.


How can she be fooling so many people for so long?

Of course, that's if the numbers are true.


We NEVER "throw the baby out with the bath water", without referring to "The Precautionary Principle" first! Reactionary solutions are not real solutions. Sweeping generalizations only produce wishful thinking - and get back unwanted, unexpected, consequences. Plus, speaking for the "people" of any nation is ludicrous.

I remember, just months ago, maybe 6-months, the Guardian US editor, abruptly quit; who knows really why. (US version is out of NY) - (there are also the UK & Australian versions, all operated by the UK as a "Commons" entity, rather than privately owned).

The new boss is still an unknown, sorta. She could be leaning toward the current UK & EU & US, right-wing, corporate government dictates; however, her readership (in the US version) is decidedly on the left and it shows in the vitriol of the comments, reflexively written, when the Guardian blatantly shifts to the right, which to me, it seems, is gradually happening.

So, go figure. Lotsa far-right shenanigans are going on these days in Europe, England, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela - the long list is very disconcerting to those of us who value Love over hate. Example: Just yesterday, TeleSur, out of Valenzuela, (created during Hugo Chavez), usually a sane breathe of fresh, liberal air, called out His Holiness the Dali Lama of Tibet! Calling him an IMPERIALIST! lol Because he said, paraphrasing, "There are too many people migrating to Europe". Of course, any sane person reads this as a humble concern that these refugees have been DRIVEN OUT OF THEIR HOMES. Yada, yada, ya! lol Follow the dollar trail, I say. The search will certainly wind up at a corrupt politician's steps.


Bernie or Bust it all up!
The Dem party establishment and their corporate servant/whore wing must be defeated! Bernie is doing all and more anyone could expect - he is astonishing with his energy and moral compass/issues oriented race, and WE must do the same and more! IF the Dems and Hillary steal the nomination - and the're doin' all of that possible for the Red Queen - Bernie should look at other options - he may not be comfortable running some other way but the future is at stake and we all may be victims unless we get a prez other than Clinton or Trump!

Bernie or Bust it all up!


Why would sanders suspend his campaign?

Clinton will not have reached the pledged delegate level to get the nomination. The only way to count her as presumptive is the include the poll of the way superdelegates are leaning that mostly happened last fall (well before she lost 80% of the recent primaries)

And, its not like there are FBI interviews/indictments or anything else coming down the pike that could cause those superdelegates to change their mind...

I think Sanders will do what he has said and take this to the convention.

I don't expect a concession speech after he continues his winning streak and your employer at ClintonCo shouldn't either.


I hope they pull the plug on funding. It is criminal what has happened to those once great news institutions. They are cheap senasationilst rags now.


That's not what Bernie says. Paraphrasing: "We have received enough money to go on to D.C. for rallies. through to the Philadelphia Convention". Soooooo easy to count Bernie out! IF you only read the corpororate news, or better, watch the corrupted cable news propagandists.


Sanders has nearly half the Dem vote and a double digit lead over Trump. Hillary is hardly inevitable, in fact if the DNC doesn't seriously consider her weak numbers at the convention they will do so at the peril of a Trump presidency. This country is angry about many things like vote rigging and the rigging of the financial industry against main street. These things need to be considered at convention as well, before the pot boils over.
Republicans have had to accept Trump because he has won. The Dems need to understand if they aren't fair in the convention they will lose and fracture the party no matter how much they want Hillary.
Go Bernie, you're almost there.


The Powers That Be in the Democratic Party definitely want Sanders to concede on June 7th. I don't think he will. He will go to the Convention. This is something his supporters demand because it's possible Clinton will be indicted and have to drop out.

So why do the Powers That Be want him to concede? Precisely because Clinton might be indicted and have to drop out. They want Sanders already out if that happens so they can bring in Biden. They may actually wants this knowing how hated Clinton is and how much more likable Biden is. In their heads-up-their-own-asses limited vision, they think Sanders' supporters just don't like Clinton and would support Biden. Well, they are wrong on that too. Even if Biden picks Warren as his VP.


Watching the highlights of Bernie's two campaign rallies, reminded me of the words of JFK to a labor union convention 54 years ago:

"Now I know that there are some people who say that this isn't any business of the president of the United States. And who believe that the president of the United States should be the honorary chairman of a great fraternal organization and confine himself to ceremonial functions. But that isn't what the constitution says and I did not run for the president of the United States to fulfill that office in that way.
Harry Truman once said that there are 14-15 million Americans who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests. And that the interests of the great mass of the other people is the responsibility of the president of the United States and I propose to fulfill it...And I believe it is the responsibility of the president of the United States to concern himself with the general welfare and the public interest and if the people feel it is not then they should secure the services of a new president of the United States."

John F. Kennedy
Address to the convention of the UAW
May 8, 1962
Atlantic City NJ

Video clip available at:

Should Bernie win the nomination he better be very careful about who he picks for a running mate. That was JFK's great blunder (compelled by circumstances beyond politics)


I like Tulsi Gabbard, congresswoman from Hawaii for Bernie's VP. She introduced Bernie, last night in Davis, CA. If you like Ms. Warren, you will certainly like Tulsi. Bernie said it, I believe him, that he will be pulling YUGE crowds in Washington D.C. from the 7th on to "The Rumble in Philly". Grapevine has it, that Mrs. Clinton's poor health (at 68 yrs) is telling, as she appears very tired. At 74 yrs, Bernie seems to be getting younger looking (my opinion sans grapevine)! lol One, two, three rallies, EVERY EFIN' day, for almost a year, WOW!