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Sanders and Clinton Neck-and-Neck in Iowa and New Hampshire


Sanders and Clinton Neck-and-Neck in Iowa and New Hampshire

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Just weeks ahead of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck, polls released Sunday reveal.

In New Hampshire, Sanders is backed by 50 percent—a four point lead over Clinton, who has 46 percent, according to surveys from NBC/The Wall Street Journal/Marist.


As usual, the media is making too much out of one poll. In a December CBS poll in Iowa Sanders was only 5 points behind Clinton. However, in Gravis poll a few days later he was 16 points behind. You could conclude nothing has change in a month based on the CBS and new NBC poll, It's close, On the other and if you focus on the PPP poll from early December where Sanders was 18 points behind and the more recent Gravis poll you conclude it isn't that close. In Nevada Sanders was behind by 16 points in a CNN poll in October and behind by 23 in a Gravis poll in December so it appears in Nevada Sanders has been in play since the polling started. What basically we have is poor journalism. So what else is new?


Hey, we finally agree on something. The media nearly always give polls a very superficial examination, almost never considers the margin of error when discussing supposed changes in the numbers, and never analyzes the various poll's sampling criteria.


Go Bernie. I hope your campaign is building a good ground game and can get people out to the polls in NH and especially to the caucuses in Iowa.


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From your mouth to the Goddess' ears - may it be so!


yes, a profoundly broken system. I vote for a new paradigm.


EVERY one of your posts does its utmost to minimize the waves that Sanders is making. Someone, likely from the Hillary camp, is likely paying for your "time" and commitment to "opinion-shaping." You do your utmost to come off as just another mild-mannered chump acting quizzical... a la Columbo, the detective. But since ALL of your commentary conforms to the same subliminal message... I will call out the RAT that I smell.


Yes and No.

Americans were formerly accustomed to some "air space" between the two parties.

Ninety pecent of the things Obama campaigned upon he betrayed. And THAT kind of betrayal catalyzes activism.

That's why there have been major movements to raise the minimum wage.

And major movements to wake "leadership" up as per climate change/global warming.

Movements to close down fracking operations, find legal ways for those without "documentation" to stay inside "the homeland," and retain the operations of public schools.

I also find it suspect when a poster demonizes a Dem. rather than rail at the unseemly fact that the systemic nature of political corruption virtually induces candidates to become beholden to Big Money interests.

THAT is the crux of the problem.

The framing that ONLY speaks of a Dem as a "lesser of 2 evils" misses a HUGE part of the political puzzle. And ultimately, Bernie is not a conventional Dem. He's largely an independent. The system precludes 3rd party iconoclasts... so Bernie made a pragmatic decision because based on the perils this nation (and others) face, there's no time to build up a 3rd party to thwart full steam ahead to calamitous damage... full spectrum arrogance style.


There is an incredible amount of spontaneous creative energy out there for Sanders that I've never seen before in any political campaign. Hundreds of original songs, thousands of original t-shirts paintings and signs, a release of pentup energy that's becoming a force of nature. It's starting to look like Bernie will not only beat but destroy Hillary in the primary. May it be so.


It is up to us to give Bernie a Congress he can work with and to Bernie to give us a SCOTUS that works for us, not for Wall Street banks and corporations.


Bernie can do it despite this scam orchestrated in the neoliberal-con 'D' Vichy party, it's current smooth-lying 'front-man' and its selected Empress in waiting:

Obama's weekend scam, reminds me of "Weekend with Bernie", in that what Obama is doing to Bernie Sanders is a media/propaganda scam of the highest order --- combining his emotive anti-child killing performance, his Friday NYT OpEd, and his last SOTE (State of the Empire) speech --- to make sure Bernie is dead and to allow Empress-select Killary to be guaranteed of succession to figure-head leadership of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which is nominally HQed in, and merely 'poses' as our former country.

By throwing out this 'red herring' of demanding that the candidate he supports having to agree with the one 'single-issue' of standing tall on demanding only that domestic gun manufacturers not have immunity on small arms they make and sell in the U.S., Obama is sealing Bernie's fate and insuring Killary's success --- since this 'one issue' is the only one single 'identity issue' that Bernie can't dodge, even if he tries to, because most people already know that Bernie voted to allow immunity, and Killary already has the hook in Bernie on this one domestic issue.

Obama is essentially (and The Empire thinks inexorably) insuring that the Empire's first choice for continued success beyond 2016, faux-Empress/president Killary (or, 'the first woman president' as the media/propaganda-sector of the DGCEmpire will title her) can insure that the potentially dangerous and likely 'doesn't play well with others' Empire, "Mr. Sanders never comes to Washington".

And Bernie, as I told him in Rochester NH, "will not get through this thing without exposing, publicly 'calling-out', and non-violently confronting this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire --- which can only and easily be defeated simply by ripping off it's mask".


Tuna is right on. Hillary Clinton will get the nomination and all the Sanders delegates/supporters will be ordered to vote for Clinton. His sole job is to keep the left wing in electoral politics. How often does he criticize Hillary Clinton? How often does he defend her and criticize Trump? It's nauseating it's so predictable. The Left, please wake up, whoever is still around, and get back to business organizing people to fight for justice, provide service to the oppressed, create local economy (economic, emotional, spiritual). Plant seeds for the future.



The Dems want someone to show how far to the right Hillary is. They want someone to show how any pretense she makes at holding progressive values is a sham. They think that enthused progressives will jump to Hillary after the DNC engineers her coronation.

They're really happy with Bernie's poll numbers because it shows how well their plan is working.

And if he wins Iowa they'll be ecstatic.


"people already know that Bernie voted to allow immunity" (to gun manufacturers)

Sanders has given his explanaition on his vote saying it was a "complicated" bill. He stated:
"If you have a small gun shop owner in northern Vermont who sells a gun legally to somebody and then, you know, something happens to that guy, he goes nuts or something, and he kills somebody, should the gun shop owner be held liable? I think not.
On the other hand, if you have a manufacturer that is sending guns into an area and really knows that those guns are not being used by the people or bought by the people in that area but are being sold to criminals, should we hold that manufacturer liable? Absolutely."

Let's not throw the baby out with the bathtub, Hill and Obama are using this single issue, albeit an important one, to cast doubt on Bernie and attempt to derail his great and increasing momentum - that strategy is transparent. The focus should be on the many other issues Bernie champions that Hill dances around, affecting millions of Americans, average people made wage and interest slaves to TBTF banks and other financial parasitism.

"Gun violence" is a term being used to mask the many causes of violence to focus exclusively on guns. Causes of violence in our society are numerous, including psycoactive big-pharma (supported by Hillary and Obama) drugs increasingly prescribed to children to increase profits, and increased militarization and glorification of violence sends a powerful message. Our world is involved in endless wars and institutionalized violence, much of which Prez Obama is directly responsible for. The term "gun violence" seeks to limit focus to only one of Sanders many critical issues affecting America and Americans while diverting attention from Hillary's and Obama's involvement in violence against millions one way or another.


During one of the debates Sanders blasted Clinton for being too close to Wall Street and basically said that when she was in Congress she took money from Wall Street and voted the way they wanted. She said he was impugning her integrity. Basically he is stating she is a tool of Wall Street. How much more critical of Hillary do you want him to get? I think he has been very divisive and has pretty much said Hillary is not the type of candidate you should vote for because of her ties to Wall Street. I don't see him playing any role in keeping progressives in the fold. He is calling for a people's revolution and has claimed that change cannot come without that. If progressives vote for Hillary in the end it will not be because of Bernie Sanders. The reason progressives will vote for her is to keep the Republican candidate from winning.


Sanders is calling for a people's revolution....by voting for him? That's a people's revolution. That is sad. Back in 1999 I saw Ralph Nader at a campaign event in Columbus, OH. He gave a great acerbic speech. Then he took questions. First question, what would he do first in office if he was elected. Not a damn thing, he said. You all, he said, have to organize and tell me what to do. He believes in accountability. The best real socialist in political power in the U.S. is Kshama Sawant, who got elected by hundreds of people going door to door, and holding her accountable. Sanders is either deluded or he's deluding people into believing his candidacy is a people's revolution. Even Sanders admits he's to the right of Eisenhower, a mass murderer of millions of Koreans. Keep Republicans from winning, great strategy progressives. I'd hate for the Republicans to win. The Democrats in power have killed hundreds of thousands of Arabs, helped destroy the Arab Spring, helped create and fund ISIS, funneled money and guns to terrorist state Israel, done the same to a psychotic Saudi Arabia, starved people in Iran, installed a right-wing regime in Ukraine, starting a new cold war against Russia & China, deported more people than Bush Jr....I can go on. But oh no, not the horror of a Republican president!


Voting for Bernie's Sanders is not the people's revolution. If elected he could try to encourage it but only the people can do it. Personally I don't see it happening as I think the people are polarized so if people on the left want something people on the right will fight to oppose it. My own view is to ignore any people's revolution and just vote for the person who you think will make the best president. I am concerned about what the president will accomplish not the people. Of course people still need to organize to fight for what they believe in and will protest and lobby as in the past.


That is only going to happen if we can change the way we vote. And THAT will only happen if we change the Constitution. So lets do it.


"Sanders is either deluded or he's deluding people into believing his candidacy is a people's revolution."

Obama knew he was lying and deluding people in 2008 and 2012, but I would argue Bernie is sincerely being straight with the people, but having said that, I believe Bernie is being used to delude the left into thinking his candidacy is revolutionary to placate the left.