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Sanders and Dems Demand Betsy DeVos Pay $5.3 Million Fine for Campaign Finance Violations


Sanders and Dems Demand Betsy DeVos Pay $5.3 Million Fine for Campaign Finance Violations

Nika Knight, staff writer

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump's Education Secretary pick, "brazenly disregarded" Ohio election laws, says a group of Democratic senators led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).


Perhaps as Education Secretary Betsy Devious will require mandatory corruption education in schools to teach kids to be corrupt at an early age ?


As usual it is only a handful of progressive dems speaking-out against the corruption, incompetence, conflicts of interest, and appalling ignorance of trump & co - that handful does not include the new minority leader Nancy Pelosi, a failure party hack sellout that must be retired she like other dem bootlickers are a huge part of the problem! Clearly the Dem establishment is in collusion with the "bad-cop" current figurehead for vulture capitalism and 1% domination.


A floater rising to the top in The Trump toilet. Michissippi has several others, Rick lead head Snyder and AG Billy Schuette.
Flush the monetary fashion!$$$


Isn't that the American way? lol
( America is not the only country that socializes anti-democratic psychosis. But it is damn good at that!)


"Socialized anti-democratic psychosis" is a key driver of so many Murkins serially voting against their own interests.

Murkin sepshunulism at its best.


I'll bet that DeVious and Carrie Walton (Walmart) Penner are great pals both set on dismantling public education using rancid rhetoric that they are only in it for the children. The reality is that the charter school systems across the nation are owned by major hedge funds and investment groups and they are not in the business of philanthropy, shall we say. There is a lot of money to be made using public funds for private purposes...little initial capital outlay, no loans/interest payments, acquiring major land parcels and buildings, paying teachers pitifully low salaries and no benefits, hiring unqualified teachers, charging for EVERYTHING including extracurricular activities, busing, music programs (if any) and simply closing up shop when not enough profits are being made or the school management is found embezzling and/or misappropriating state and local funds (funneling them into their personal accounts to pay for exotic vacations, new cars, etc. as happened in Houston, TX). And studies show that far too many charter schools underperform and states like Missouri have shut down several for malfeasance coupled with poor performance.

The Waltons and DeVious families are not philanthropic "to do good" but rather to have major tax write-offs and acquire land/buildings for pennies on the dollar...all at the expense of the parents of the children...when they show up for school and find the doors padlocked with a notice "closed until further notice." When the charters close, the public school system then has to take on those children left school-less. Many public schools are struggling financially and to add students in mid-term causes all kinds of problems financially and logistically as well as putting even more loads on the shoulders of the teachers.

But DeVious (Thank you ray) and Walton could care less as neither has EVER attended public school K-University...what, comingle with the riff-raff...absurd!



Woman knows nothing about education or teaching just money and corruption. Good post.


I agree- same old ususal handful. Now, that the others have their posts they could care less, and will laugh it off.


Go Bernie- but where except for a handful of others are the rest of the dems? Oh, I am sorry they're disguised as rethugs.


Oh, and don't forget those second amendment psychpaths.


New minority leader???? She's an oldtimer who's awfully comfortable in that role, and very RICH at that.


One of the traits of corrupt billionaires: The conviction they can violate laws and do whatever they please without worrying about consequences. In this case just thanks to some Dems, who still believe in laws, this was brought to attention. As always, Bernie trying to correct a wrong.


Absolutely agree - NP needs to step away from the throne. It is time for new, fresh blood in the Democratic leadership. Time to clear the Blue-Dog swamp once and for all. Patriotic Democratic Progressive Americans need to stand tall and talk loud against this surge of Fascist Republican Authority. No quarter should be given to these heathens. Save our (small - d) democracy we must!


Our elite live in a strange and puzzling land. Out here in the real world, there are significant consequences for refusing to pay a fine.


For all practical purposes, the Dem Party is over for the foreseeable future. The Reagan Dems of the 1980s moved further to the right to merge with the Clinton wing in the 1990s. They leaned so far to the right that they finally tipped over and shattered on the ground.

A new progressive party is unlikely because those who are not on the right wing are so deeply divided (esp. on core socioeconomic issues).


Don can't dismantle the Trump Foundation because it's being investigated. Lil Betsy has put off paying a $5.3 million fine since 2006. Can't wait to hear more about Don's august, civic-minded nominees.