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Sanders and Perez to Launch Nationwide 'Fight Back' Tour in Maine


Sanders and Perez to Launch Nationwide 'Fight Back' Tour in Maine

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Tom Perez will kick off a multi-state tour in Maine on Monday, where they are expected to outline the progressive plan to strengthen the party, bolster grassroots activism, and resist President Donald Trump.


""So many of our people are giving up on the political process," he continued. "It is very frightening. In the last presidential election, when Trump won, we had the lowest voter turnout over—in 20 years. And in the previous two years before that, in the midterm election, we had the lowest voter turnout in 70 years. We're going to be fighting to see that the Democratic Party becomes a 50-state party. You can't just be a West Coast party and an East Coast party."

They just don't get it!


What don't they get?


And while we fight for our domestic situation, corporations STILL abuse the poor the world over. A prime example is the retirement fund TIAA-CREF - serving most of academia and others. Documented as having major amounts of money in land-grabbing operations, Grassroots International has posted a petition today, International Peasants Day - calling on TIAA-CREF to:

  • Disclose information about all farmland and palm oil investments
  • Commit to a Deforestation and Land Grab-Free investment policy that includes adhering to four pillars of responsible investment and excludes investments in companies that don't meet this policy



The reason we have to "fight back" against Trump now is because Bernie didn't "fight back" against the Democratic Party when they STOLE THE NOMINATION from everyone who supported him!

You Democrats need to get your own house in order, first.


I think in the end it is simple. Bernie's message needs to be front and center and someone even as clueless as Tom Perez knows it. For this cross country tour to be successful, the democrats must talk specific bread and butter issues and the progressive solution. No more vague empty gestures, aka the Hillary approach. Then it needs to be enshined in a document that every democrat must support. If not, they are cut off of political and monetary support. No half baked vague jibberish. Those days are over and so is this party if they haven't figured that out.


Without a doubt, despite his standing there with the hypocritical Dems, Bernie gives us hope. Of course part of the reason for that is because Trump is so bad and Bernie is as yet the only one who could beat him next time around. In any case, Yay Bernie! Things would be worse without your voice. It is the truth, if you can imagine it. Things would be worse. Bernie still gives us hope.


They had an opportunity to really knock one out of the park in Kansas last week where were they? Talk is cheap the Dems. just talk. The GOP wins and wins and wins that's why they hold most of the power.


We're about to to engage in a potential nuclear exchange with North Korea and these guys are talking about what????


April 14, 2017 -- Paul Street -- CounterPunch


Bernie Sanders, like all "progressives", has no solution to the many economic, social, ecological and political crises that are created by the capitalist economy.

Both Democratic and Republican parties are supporters, by all means including nuclear war, of the now globalized capitalist economic system, offering only reforms, taxation, and criminal attacks against individual capitalists. When Bernie Sanders was asked the reason for the increasingly barbaric economic inequality, he said it was caused by "greed". This is nonsense as greed, one of the 7 "deadly sins", is a personality problem, not a macro-economic crisis.

The working class majority of the U.S., and globally, desperately needs to end globalized capitalism and transition to a globalized socialist economic system that provides all people with an universal minimum standard of living. A socialized enterprise is socially owned (not privately owned) that is democratically controlled and under workers' management.

Note Marxist economist educator Richard D. Wolff http://www.rdwolff.com Economic Update radio program, Democracy at Work worker owned, managed co-operative enterprise.


We love ya, Bernie, for showing us we are the majority. "US" meaning progressives NOT Corporate-Democrats! Forget about the danged corrupted Democratic Party. It can't be fixed.

I get so exasperated when people like Kucinich and Bernie keep holding out hope that the party will change it's ways. Not going to happen with all that corruption. Stop wasting time and energy trying to convince people who are wearing blinders and earplugs. Yes, let's organize. But not to reclaim the Democratic Party -- Let's organize to fight the corruption in this country.


You are clearly promoting a site, which is bent on splitting the progressive movement. As an individual, who has bothered to acquaint himself thoroughly with the progressive movements your article attacks I can only assume, that it is an insurgent paid for by corporate sources
That in turn assures me that the corporatocracy is getting worried.


The deadline passed last weekend, and what happened?  Has Dirty Debbie Duhby-Ass been thrown out yet?  Have they gotten rid of the stupor-delegates??  I have re-registered, and am no longer a DamnocRat.  I won't support the party ever again unless they clean up their act, and I sure as hell am not gonna hold my breath while I wait!


All this resistance protesting is wrong-headed. If not this, then what? What is needed is an alternate People's Agenda, and a political group pledged to accept nothing less.


Yes, that will happen, if we positively support the effort to replace the Congress by 2018/19 and again in 2020/21. With reliable and proven anti-corruption Representatives and Senators, we will turn this party upside-down.


This tour is doomed to fail unless the Democratic Party allows Progressive Candidates to win office. It has already proven that it is more than capable of rigging elections against Progressives as it did against Bernie Sanders in the Primary. The Democratic Party stubbornly fails to realize that the public knows what it is up to. It has turned into a party that stands for nothing and keeps on taking in money. The public is also coming to realize what the Republican Party stands for which is: "I've got mine and the hell with all of the rest of you." We need a NEW PARTY that represents all USA citizens because these two parties are clueless, useless, destructive and hopeless each in their own unique way.


Paul Street of is a well known organizer and commenter in radical left circles. He was a frequent contributor to Z Net and Z Magazine. I once admired his work. But very disturbingly, like so much of the US left, something happened to him over the past year - his writing is full of bitterness and nihilism, the usual conspiratorial narratives, and a kind of "forgetting" that electoral party politics is not the be-all and end-all of progress, but is only a part of the strategy of organizing for progress.


Thank you, I was nor familiar with the guy, but the above referenced article is clearly destructive to the progressive movement, at a time when unity is of utmost importance.
If we are splintered up, we will never make it.