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Sanders and Supporters Wooing Superdelegates to Join Revolution



Clinton faces the past while Bernie faces the future. The superdelegates would be foolish to ignore Bernie's appeal to the youth.


Like the New York Times pundits the super delegates mostly are part of the 1% and have hopes of the revolving door and moving up into billionaire status? Can that be that we might have some real statesmen that will work for "we the people" and help change the course of this great nation back into a working country for all of its people. Let's hope so.


Party hacks, both Dem and Rep, support a candidate based on dogma or patronage, not morality or common good. In Hillary Clinton's case she has called-in her many markers going back to Bill Clinton's administration to coral the "super-delegates" among state party pawns. These people owe their positions in many cases to party support or wealth/campaign-contribution bribes that make up a large part of Hill's "platform" and focus - the go-slow incremental change (collusion) she advocates and represents. The oly reason Hill has "moved left" is because of the advocacy and issues Bernie Sanders champions.

It is just this kind of unprincipled manipulation of our politics and republic to benefit a small minority of special interests with extreme wealth and corporate/banker/Wall St domination central to the corruption.

We are held captive as a nation and people to far too-much Machiavelli in our politics & media, and too little FDR & Eleanor, Rachel Carson, Martin Luther King Jr & Pope Francis.




Superdelegates are party "leaders" at various state and federal levels, often elected "representatives." I put quotes around "leaders" and "representatives" because very often these people spend their time with their finger in the air figuring out which direction they think the political wind is blowing rather than leading and often one can question whose interests they actually represent. To use another analogy, they see which direction the band is marching, then run to the front to be the drum major.

It will be no different to how they approach the party nomination. Many thought Hillary was a shoe-in, so wanted to get a good place on the bandwagon. Now that is less clear, so they may be questioning that move.

It seems to me though that it will take a lot to get them to jump ship (wow! how many other analogies am I missing using here) to Bernie, given how prone to the conservativeness of conventional wisdom they are.


They are essentially private clubs, they can do what they want. As long as they dont violate discrimination rules and a few other "public" rules.

Anyone can technically try to be a ruler but without a club supporting you...
Its a wee bit more couth than in Shakspear's time.


I hope you all have noticed the not-so prominent hyperlinked words to the petitions in the 6th paragraph. To make it easier, they are here:


and here:


They both effectively appeal for the same thing - first one seems to have the most momentum.


Glad to see Bernie is addressing the elephant in the nomination room. The super delegate system is nothing but an undemocratic, rigged political system designed keep the 1% oligarchs in power and eliminate any unwanted competition.

That is why Bernie could win all the primaries and still lose the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Another reason why I have called the Democratic party: THE FAKE OPPOSITION! Lets all hope Bernie can end this corruption in 2016. And that people like Debbie Schultz and the DNC are given a wake-up call!


I have signed, but what I would like to see is millions of people signing these petitions.


Considering what a pathological liar Hillary Clinton is, I'm convinced that evidence will come out regarding her emails and donations made to the Clinton Foundation that will wound her credibility as a candidate. It will be at that point that super delegates start abandoning her and aligning with Bernie Sanders.


Well, in the beginning there was Jefferson. The other man who had a softer outlook toward democracy, Sam Adams bailed rather early on. Democracy not only wasn't the intention behind the constitution, the constitution and federalist papers were designed to prevent it. Why does this get so little attention? So . . . don't hold your breath. This is a fight. Have you ever been in a fight? Here's how to lose a fight; fail to realize you are in a fight; underestimate the intent and determination of your opponent; pull your punches; relent in any way; allow yourself to believe that your opponent doesn't really want to do you in; give it less than everything you've got.
See? You learn this after a fight or two.


As was already mentioned in this thread the Clintos have a lot of favors waiting to be done for them and the rich and powerful on their side. I wouldn't expect anything to come it that damages her candidacy. If it does then I'll have even more doubts about Bernie being the real deal.


and when Bernie gets to the White House, a major issue to look at is changing the "Justice" system of the Supreme Court so that no one person can serve more than a designated number of years. This body of unelected people have way too much influence over our lives. And if the Republithugs insist on carrying out their stated objective in denying a legally elected president his constitutional right to nominate another justice, perhaps it is time for millions of us to march on Congress and take back the peoples' government with a true revolution. I am ready to go right now at the age of 82. How many of you will come with me???????


I hope that is true about the super delegates coming over to Bernie, but many of them are so corrupt that they would rather lose the election with HRC or Biden than support Bernie.


Sanders needs to convince superdelegates that he is electable. Ever since George McGovern lost in a landslide winning only Massachusetts against Richard Nixon there has been a fear of nominating a candidate who is too far on the left. There is sort of a threshold on how far on the left you can be and Sanders is perceived to be beyond that threshold. My guess is that he is not going to be very successful in getting superdelegates but if he wins enough regular delegates it won't matter.


America's political system has been rigged in favor of the 1% from day 1. It's basically a Plutocracy and both parties today like it that way.


Chris Hedges thinks none of this is going to happen, Indeed, Hedges wouldn't agree with at least 90% of the posts here on CD. In his latest piece, he trots out some of the most pathetic red herrings about Bernie I've seen, from the Bernie supports Hillary if he loses, to Bernie caucuses with the Democrats and votes 90% of the time with them, to Bernie the sheep dog, to the futility of any election. It is such a depressing and defeatist piece. I have no , I repeat, no use for Mr. Hedges, there is going to be an election, and a Bernie Sanders as president will make a difference. ( His screed is on OpEd News) http://www.opednews.com/articles/Bernie-Sanders-Phantom-Mo-by-Chris-Hedges-Bernie-Sanders-Presidential-Campaign_History_Independent_Money


I agree. It needs to be done. However that's not the job of the president. The constitution would need to be changed and that's not part of the president's job.


Yes, and that is why to many super delegates Bernie's political revolution is an anathema to them because that is the last thing that they want to be part of!


"On Sunday, a different DNC official continued defending the "complicated" nomination process, writing in a blog post that the system "is open and inclusive, [and] it provides an opportunity for anyone to run and participate in our presidential nominating convention."