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Sanders and Trump: The Populist and the Demagogue


Sanders and Trump: The Populist and the Demagogue

Robert Borosage

Donald Trump is rocking. Polls show him consolidating his lead over Republican presidential rivals and closing in hypothetical run-offs with Hillary Clinton. He crows about crowds bigger and more raucous than his rivals can draw. He dominates the news in the dog days of August. When Trump released a racist, fantastical immigration posture, his rival scrambled to embrace one or more of its noxious elements – the wall, the armed border, the stripping of birthright citizenship.


Comparing Bernie to Trump is like comparing the devil to an angel!


I hate linking Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump together.


Trump wants to end citizenship for children born in the U.S. to illegals, gee Mr. Trump whats next? Maybe you ought to propose slavery for those children since it would be a lot cheaper than sending millions of them back to Latin America and besides you could make more billions by using them in your business enterprises!


Remember when goofy Orin Hatch suggested that maybe the country should ditch the “native born” qualification for the presidency, because at the time, Arnold, The Terminator, Schwarzenegger, was all the rage in GOP circles.


I don’t think Trump woud win but I do think Sanders can. Nevertheless a race between Sanders the anti-oligarchy candidate and Trump the oligarch sure does seem like the plot of a poorly written Hollywood straight to video movie doesn’t it?

You have to smile though when thinking about it… lol. It would sure be one hell of a doozie of a race! I bet it would generate record turnouts. Narrows things down a bit to utterly black and white contrasts on the issues.

Actually it would be great, wouldn’t it? Clarity if nothing else. Of course if Trump won I’d want to emigrate…lol.

Now that is what I call a historic race!!!


Excellent article, Mr. Borosage. Your capacity to show distinctions and nuance will be lost on those who only traffic in One Size Fits All UNIFORM frames.


“Sanders, of course, is far bolder and clearer in his indictment. His
focus is on the corrupting power of big money and the corporations – the
“billionaire class.” He calls for breaking up the big banks, and
levying a tax on speculation. He’d raise taxes on the rich and
corporations and use that money to rebuild the country’s decrepit
infrastructure. He calls for expanding Social Security and moving to a
national health care plan like Medicare for All. He’d make college free
for all. He challenges the US to lead the green industrial revolution
and meet the challenge of climate change. He favors a living wage, and
empowering workers to capture a fair share of the profits they help

Sorry, you USAians can’t have him. We need him as Prime Minister of the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


Sounds like a great idea to me. The USA might get someone both intelligent and honest.


Unfortunately, another difference is that Trump is likely to get his agenda passed by the Republican Congress and Sanders will not.


Only a condescending twit would make such a statement, and what pray tell, gives you license to condescend to anyone?


In the headline, the term “demagogue” should be replaced with “demon.” Demagogue is much too mild to refer to a narcissistic, hubristic, arrogant, bloviating billionaire like Trump. DT does not belong in the same sentence as Senator Sanders.


I’m voting for Bulworth.


It is not a condescending statement: it is a bitter one. For me the bitterness is magnified by your uncomprehending knee-jerk reaction.


i understand what you are saying, but i find absolutely NOTHING entertaining about this debacle of so-called democracy. the whole republican show is disgusting, and i don’t know if i have any words for trump other than nauseating and scary (scary because of how many people seem to like him). as for the dinos…well…they’re all pretty nauseating, too. so far, i’ll support bernie, but i ain’t happy about it. too bad stein can’t get his backers…


Alas, I have offended an exceptional patriotic USAian. Mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa and very sorry old chap, eh what?


There is nothing knee jerk in calling a person on condemning a whole nation.


Yes, I am a patriotic American, and proper patriotism is nothing to shy away from. Nothing I have ever said or written could be interpreted as the work of a person who thinks he is an exceptional American, or who thinks America is an exceptional nation. Good day.


Ah well; our Lord Macaulay once said that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. He certainly knew what he was talking about. We produced plenty of scoundrels in our time.

And no, I did not condemn a whole nation. I merely intimated that some assorted USA-born POTUSes had not been up to scratch and that perhaps some of your immigrants, who had citizenship, might do better.


Whatever. Good Day.