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Sanders and Varoufakis Announce Alliance to Craft 'Common Blueprint for an International New Deal'


What we really have created is a precise working global machine. All the principles it’s predicated on it demonstrates; that’s what’s important. It has to behave well, like a dog. It demonstrates that destiny bows to the genius of its creators. It’s complexity seemingly makes it like a creature. An entity comes down and inhabits the golden calf. This is what fascinates people today…humans making quasi-creatures. But if it doesn’t behave well and gives evidence of a misconception inherent in said principles it must be tinkered with. Now, it’s all very well that the machine demonstrates to some limited extent such aforementioned principles; but it’s as if a worker calls in sick for a week so he can sit and watch a machine he’s created perform. As Michael Hudson says, finance [or the finance-machine] is not the real economy. The real economy milks cows. The real economy makes baby carriages. The real economy makes antibiotics, but doesn’t use them to enable cruel industrial farming. The real economy makes vaccines, but takes precautions to eliminate sundry viral contaminants. It also is complex and precise, but it is not CHIEFLY a quasi-logical entity whose favor/behavior in given circumstances we rely on for wagering diversions. No, it exists for a different purpose.


Whatever he allowed prior, at present he’s speaking against the most colossally corrupt boondoggle war (waged by an outright tyrant) any congress was ever stupid enough and weak enough to assist. Yes, I say “ever” because the warring nation is run by a Caligula, and because, with the US as an ally, Iranians in Yemen never posed Saudi Arabia any danger. There was no purpose for the war other than to provide a training ground for armed forces in the ridiculous hope of someday turning back the clock to prior the Iraqi War era. And 7 million are on the verge of starvation. Following MBS’ wishes would embroil us in regime changing a Russian ally…a regime change which there is no need for. Yeah, and these factors make doing so about the stupidest thing humans ever embarked on. So Sanders must be going up against the hardest heads that ever existed.


Heard about this article (9/13/18) on Nader Radio Hour today.

“There’s no way to avert the next financial crisis, warn former regulators from 2008 meltdown”


Thank you for an interesting post and rational thoughts. Bernie’s proposal is quite provocative and one that is long overdue. The plutocracy, as we know it, is global in nature, operating in lockstep to get its way. It has been effective at isolating opposition to the confines of a weakening nation state or smaller provinces/regions. Bernie’s proposal changes that dynamic by moving progressive politics onto the world stage where it can be promoted by internationalists as an alternative vision to neoliberalism. Make no mistake, this move is bold and one that the plutocracy will attempt to kill off. Socialism for the rich, free unbridled markets for the rest.


Oil consuming nations often end up selling arms to oil producers. And now we see where that leads. Instead of bidding wars to get Amazon or Foxconn in town, maybe the Federal gov could assist locales to make attractive offers to decent paying corporations creating many jobs…producing specifically non-defense related items [or not-gun items]…or to retool toward this end…just as gov incentivizes corporations to conserve on energy consumption [has that been chopped?].

That way when the 1.5 million folks with Top Secret security passes get thinned (talk about a national obsession), they might have a more useful job to move into. Or have one period.

Wow, it was a decade after “The Take” film in 2013! Where does the time go? Too bad about Macri.

“A Decade after ‘The Take’: Inside Argentina’s Worker Owned Factories” https://www.shareable.net/blog/a-decade-after-the-take-inside-argentinas-worker-owned-factories


…So, in your ignorance you pose Bernie as a criminal, not even close and you can go fuck yourself. He works for justice and human rights…and you work for the GOP or some such deviant group…


Meritocracy was bad enough, but then came computers and smartphones…another whole universe of expertese [information] for the informed to glory in. To flaunt. My theory…unconsciously we imitate news “analysts” (cause they’re the “masters” of information). Of course all these Sinclairian Stepford newcasters and Sinclarian droid news castors are great models to emulate. Competition lies in knowing the worst. Tuttle knows it better than we do. He knows the worst.


…Deprogramming 10% of the population may take some time, I think the environment will close in before that ever happens, what we see in the oceans and atmosphere now was baked in 40 years ago…


I think the cesspool/chem-pool situation in the Gulf of Mexico (with Florence for example) was made a lot worse by recent deregulation, am I not right?


As far as Trump’s deregs go, can’t find anything on the situation made worse due to his…with the Florence mess. Google & Duck strike out. Don’t know how recent the failures were that allowed the sugar industry to dump pesticides.

GLORIA HORNING: …You look at Lake Okeechobee and what it—allowing the sugar industry to dump all those pesticides into Lake Okeechobee, then go into our Gulf and Atlantic, and now all of that poison is now up into the Panhandle. And I really predict we’re going to have some sick folks out there, not just from the damage of the hurricane, but from the chemicals that they’re now going to be exposed to." https://www.democracynow.org/2018/10/11/hurricane_michael_pummels_communities_in_florida


Well, it looks like one senator among 100 had more power than the other 99 put together, since he helped hundreds of progressives win their elections.

Of course Bernie beat Hillary, the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable, including plenty of eye witnesses, proof of purged progressive voters, changing state DNC rules over vocal objections, and statistical studies that show Hillary’s chances of winning without cheating was one in over 77 Billion.

Now Nancy the inevitable Speaker is trying to not get voted out in favor of a real progressive.


People may say that the future economy won’t be synthetic shoes [until they get torn tendons or mid tarsal bone spurs], and that it’ll be all electronic. Sorry, but I see it otherwise. I say the tops of shoes can be fabric or leather mesh, and I say: How can your phones keep getting flatter and flatter without a ton of slave children in Africa digging up Rare Earths?



Glad someone came back. If Bern had been nominated I don’t know how well he would have done with Republicans. Somehow I’m thinking there needs to be a vast left wing conspiracy to educate DT’s base. Yesterday I read where 56% of Pubs think Trump’s reaction to Khashoggi’s murder was “about right.”

I see we’re in quicksand right now, and some kind of mild civil war looming in the future (or, who knows, maybe it’ll all be fought out and resolved some via elections & media). Mostly in regard to the alliance, I must be living in theory land…the far future.

Was determined to return and give my thoughts to theoldgoat, not thinking anyone would have returned. Then the type-field blocked out the end of your comment. In general, though, I’d appreciate any feedback on my recent thoughts.

They bore all the costs, the pollution, the sweatshops [here and there] to get us our stuff. Gov chipped in. Now they’re gonna replace many polluting freighters with the belt road. They’ll go on ahead, and you’d almost think it would be our just karma if we fell behind. But the fact is the whole neoliberal not-local-production paradigm is wrong no matter how titanic an effort any nation tries to make it work…I mean if the items can be produced locally. What I wonder, though, is if western nations maybe should all become little Germanys…at least make SOMETHIN to export (more viable than credit default swaps at least)…while all nations on the planet aim for the day of MUCH MORE self-sufficiency.

AUSTERITY on exotics. ENOUGH basic needs of everyone met.


I’ll give the Russiagaters this much: Russia has its clampdown scene. And so does China. I don’t know how much internal clampdown the hardliners want in Russia–they sure’nuff want a harder line with us [U.S.], plus there’s the neo-N element (Putin must placate “some” the former, the hawks).

Trump’s sanctions are doing the opposite of what he wants. You can read the write’n on the wall. We’re gonna be isolated.

But let’s suppose somehow all the overt hostilities simmer down…Idlib, Ukraine, and South China Sea. Democrats and progressives get control of gov, and somehow liberal-interventionist-think ends up on the way out.

At such a point you have the left and right idealisms with a primo opportunity to prove…either that rightist states can get along and provide for their collective populations; or, if that doesn’t happen…that socialist states can do so. It’s funny to watch the rightists’ ideas of solidarity across oceans and borders. They may end up with some axis, but no balance will come as Bannon has been preaching. Pakistan has a new leader, but what good has it done? They’re still on a razor’s edge with India. Crony oligarchs and Chinese mega corporations will still vie for dominance of markets. They’ll still farm out contracts to slave labor in the hinterlands. Russia will cut back pensions. And what will the new regime in America say? “Please send some long leg of OBOR out across the Atlantic to us.”

Escobar https://www.sott.net/article/399060-Pepe-Escobar-Asia-and-Europe-sit-down-for-talks-not-sanctions

All this is why an international progressive alliance makes sense to me…at least in terms of ideas that outline a whole new paradigm. In a way it could form up a philosophy as did the Declaration of Independence. Have to say at this point in my life I view hefty bodies of dogma as the scariest things history has come up with. You had first the press, and now you have hard drives. The longer the document or the more the volumes…the more puffed up the authors and/or the scholars that get through’em (TPP eg). Oh yes, the “scholar officials” must have their say about whatever any new movement formulates. But IMO no dogmatists should try to lay their trip on this progressive alliance. Aside from “some” Marxist truisms, that includes Marxists. As Camus wrote, Marxists thought modern industry would take care of everything if it was run fairly. Well, China has kept this ideology like some titular monarch [why in part they’ve helped Cuba some], and they made a good try, but it hasn’t happened. And it’s no wonder because, as Marx COULD NOT anticipate, rebels against smartphone Prolefeed and lobby-TV-Prolefeed would rise up even faster than they would under the “biblical” abundant living doctrine (and the rebels need clamping down, right?). Shoot, they’d rise up against pollution! We should say, “If you want to believe science is a decent god, believe it; but if Josephine Schmo wants to believe Allah is the only one…let her!” And this principle should IMO be carried to college classrooms. We had a hundred years of egotists yammering that a four dimensional universe accounts for all that is, but now even science itself seems to be seriously suggesting more. A paradigm agnostic on more issues? Or more tolerant/pluralistic? I don’t know, pick a word. There are plenty out there.


The Civil War is being fought right now within the Democratic Party. Who will win? The The Democratic Centrists and their masters the oligarchy? Or the big money rejecting progressives on the left?
Nancy Pelosi had absolutely nothing to do with the Democrats winning back the majority in the House. If anything, she helped them lose the majority for the past eight years. Don’t see how raising close to a billion dollars in corporate cash is a reason to vote her in as the Speaker, when the House majority was won by progressives who reject it.


Glad to see you back! But un-glad I can’t remember who made the remarks about Pelosi in this link below…Mark Green or Joel Rogers (Nader Radio Hr). Look at reality. We’re dealing with a big machine parts of which are move’n with significant inertia. IMO Pelosi’s not a demon from hell. I’ll repeat exactly what I said above. Every appeal to new party only, or to new party right now…rings to me like–> do a few tweeks and everything is solved. As I wrote above…when one glorious day we get in synch with the other nations who have single payer, everything is not accomplished. They have problems too. The west has manufacturing problems. Did you read the Escobar link? Germany’s a tad more rational, but they also could slide right into the other mirror neoliberal empire. I can bracket out US politics for a minute and focus on the alliance. What does it say about avoiding both hegemonies?? [hopefully something about the people within the hegemony-nations activating to transform the hegemonies over top’em] It seems almost quaint now to think we could set an example for other nations in this set (besides ourselves, ha!). Yet IN THE TIME OF NIXON this is what happened. Can you believe it?!

I share comments that appear here on facebook, but I would guard against accepting standard default argumentation that fills up that platform. Man, this is the time to discriminate! To go where the experienced are saying something.

DT has no industrial policy (but IMO neither do the other parties) https://therealnews.com/stories/chinas-gdp-growth-slows-down-is-it-trumps-trade-war


I know Imran Khan wasn’t a relative right-wing solution/candidate; I thought he would mean some hope, and still am not informed enough re the Asia Bibi situation to put blame on him. But the rightist phenomenon remains fairly fixed in Pakistan (of a somewhat different order), and India is going more into the zeitgeist itself.


A Rosetta Stone made of sound was created…I don’t know if on or a little prior to…July 19, 2015, and without it you might find yourself at a loss…not for words but in terms of understanding words. If you’re in a big hurry, Yves Smith comes in at around 1:52.



Eight days ago I cited ISMW Khan vs India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party…yielding no Pakistan/India peace…as evidence that rightist nations don’t get along (old rightists in Pakistan and new ones in India). The fundamentalism in Pakistan is a considerable thing to deal with, but my example was wrong. Khan was not just another equivalent rightist put in the driver’s seat. My view now (my sincere hope and prayer now) is that Pakistan’s authoritarianism need not forever remain so gigantic a thing that Khan couldn’t conceivably improve India/Pakistan relations.


If the progressive Democrats in the House cave and vote for Pelosi as Speaker of the House, their credibility will be completely shot right out of the gate. That will enable the start of a new progressive party where the representatives actually represent their constituents. If that doesn’t happen, then the Republicans will win back the House in 2020.