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Sanders and Warren to Progressives: Step One, Elect Clinton. Step Two, Revolution

Sanders and Warren to Progressives: Step One, Elect Clinton. Step Two, Revolution.

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) appeared side-by-side in Denver on Sunday evening to once again make the case to progressive voters that a vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is still a vote for "political revolution."

Nonsense! Voting for Hillary, who wants to continue the Obama presidency, is in no way still a vote for political revolution. Anyone expecting change must vote for Stein-Baraka.


It’s troubling to hear Sanders scare tactic about a “slide into oligarchy,” as if HRC isn’t part of our existing oligarchy. Lately I’ve been hearing folks rationalize their HRC votes by saying, “Now it’s not enough to just beat Trump, we must give Hillary an overwhelming mandate.” I’ve yet to meet one who actually wants a real “political revolution.”


What has Bernie been smoking…send him a copy of the Goldman speeches…perhaps he will set up a "Sanders foundation’


No vote is a vote for revolution. Electoral politics is simply a way to help fight the revolution on more favorable terrain. You are confusing the path for the destination.

The far more important question is what are you planning to do after the election?


“Sanders warned Colorado voters that ‘if we do not get our act together, this country is going to slide into oligarchy’”
Sorry Mr. Sanders (and El. Warren). You had the chance to stop it or seriously slow it down but it’s too late for now…You have shown you are a part of the larger picture; You had a chance to really rally the common folk but you chose to cooperate with the oligarchy.
Never, never Hillary!!!
(I don’t even care if DT will win…NEVER, NEVER Hillary!!)


The problem with this strategy is that it will be harder to win progressive reforms in a Clinton presidency. When Clinton starts to backtrack on the public option, TPP, the minimum wage, etc, and when she involves us deeper in “humanitarian” wars and takes us toe-to-toe with Putin, all the lesser-evil voters who pushed Clinton over the top are going to have to back her or admit that they were damn fools to vote for her in the first place.

Let’s not forget that it took a Democrat – and another Clinton – to end welfare as we know it, sign NAFTA, repeal regulation that paved the way for the economic meltdown in 2008, and lead the sanctions in Iraq that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children. Too many so-called progressives were just fine with all that in the 90s. Clinton II will be no different.


I’m skeptical about this so-called “political revolution” occurring any time soon because much of the US is quite conservative but Clinton does have a surprisingly progressive agenda and if she wins and somehow the Democrats can take the House and Senate I could see some of the changes that Warren and Sanders are calling for actually getting into law.


Hillary’s agenda is in no way progressive. And only a Republican would think otherwise.
Hillary will be elected. That’s a given.

So vote for Jill Stein. Because it’s the right thing to do.

The House will remain in Republican hands.
The Democrats will win control of the Senate.

Those two results are a given at this point unless…
We all vote ‘against’ every incumbent running for office.
Do that and the results reverse themselves.


Yes, and why was Bill Clinton able to do those things? Do you think that political activism is about getting all hysterical about voting for a single person in a single office (President) then sitting on your ass doing nothing for four years?


Under the US system , once a person elected to President, outside of impeachment there no way of removing that person from power for 4 years. Given the nature of the crimes already committed by Ms Clinton , along with the litany of the same for past Presidents , unless Ms Clinton commits some sexual act with an intern , impeachment is off the table.

In a Parliamentary system a leader of a Party can be removed by the party itself and or a Government defeated via a non confidence motion forcing that leader to step down. In a Parliamentary system a leader can also be forced to resign if they try to force through legislation that fails such as happened to Cameron in the UK.

I really do not see how Ms Warren or Mr Sanders think they can mold Ms Clintons actions to their will. She can simply just ignore them and ally herself with Republicans (many of whom prefer her over Trump) or the Democrats who do not have a progressive bone in their body.

As far as the progressive movement goes , if they do in fact start their Revolution once Hilary elected to President, there will be 4 more years of Politics of the 1 percent added to the 40 that has gone on before. Why not start the revolution NOW with a vote for Green rather than wait and hope it can happen in another 4 years?

The Sanders and Warren proposed strategy is thus doomed to fail and they MUST know that which suggests to me the intent is to get voters to hold their nose once more and vote Clinton. This same thing has been going on for decades and has resulted in no Political Revolution that I can see.

The Party of the Democrats is now to the Right of Nixons Republicans of 1972 .


I believe history shows otherwise. The progressive movement grew the fastest under Democratic Presidents like Johnson and Obama then it did under Republican Presidents like Reagan and Bush. Under a Trump Presidency, progressives would be joining Democrats in trying to block everything Trump does - the movement would not grow. Under a Clinton Presidency, progressives will be focused on the issues that separate liberals from Progressives on domestic policy and those that separate both of the parties from sanity in foreign policy.


Reading this article makes me ill. Newsflash, Bernie: we already ARE living in an oligarchy, and Hillary Clinton is part and parcel of it, and you have the gall to actively campaign for her.

I voted for Bernie in the primaries and regret donating the maximum, $2,700, to his campaign - which I’ve never done before. I allowed myself, once again, to be fooled into voting for a Democrat (albeit in the primary), even though I am no longer a Democrat. When I think of the things I could have done with that money - donate to Haiti relief, to homeless people, to Doctors Without Borders, to animal sanctuaries… Instead, I allowed myself to be sheep-dogged once again.

I am also angry because the DNC and Podesta emails published by Wikileaks confirm what we already knew: that the election was indeed rigged against Bernie Sanders, and he never stood a chance - which is yet another reason that my campaign donations to Bernie Sanders were a total waste.

Every four years, I promise myself I won’t get sucked in to this game, and every four years, I do. Damn, they’re good. Or else I’m just incredibly dense. I supported Kucinich, and then he took a plane ride on Air Force One and reneged on his commitment to single-payer. Then I supported Bernie - a good friend of the Democrats, if not himself actually one - and look how that turned out. Revolution, my ass. Fortunately, I voted for Jill Stein in 2012, and I just voted for her again by absentee ballot. But the system is rigged, and voting is a joke. So is Bernie at this point.

I encourage everyone to read Chris Hedges’ article today in Truthdig dot com; it discusses the fact that the Democratic Party helped create the Trump-Frankenstein monster (in fact, Bill Clinton urged Trump to run for President), and that they are playing a dangerous game, that we’re all going to pay for. We are screwed.


Bill was able to get those bills through congress because they all had strong Republican backing.
They were passed with overwhelming Republican “Yes” votes and a few Republican/Democrat “Yes” votes.
Progressives and the Left wanted nothing to do with any of these draconian pieces of legislation.


How to beat the oligarchy:

Vote them into office. After they’ve won try to get them to change.

This winning strategy brought to you by 'Beth and Bernie.

Next Up:

How to recover from doing something really stupid:

Do something really stupid. Swear never to do it again (again).

Vote Sane: Vote Green.


I agree that the overwhelming mandate part is ridiculous. Other things being equal, if Clinton wins by 20 electoral votes - there would be essentially no difference than with her winning by 200 electoral votes. On the pother hand, having the Green Party total go from 0.4% to 3% or even to 5% would make much more of a difference in the make-up of American politics.


The Obama administration hacked Assange and shut WikiLeaks down last night.
Fascism at work.


An “agenda” or “platform” is a collection of words. There is nothing progressive about her record.


Keeping Hillary below 50% of the total vote is the goal, and the solution to preventing her from doing much of anything while in office.
Vote for Jill Stein and make that happen.


There was a huge fight during the drafting of the platform and progressives lost big time. That was back before Hillary was president. Once she takes the office she will have even more power to block whatever she wants. Also, there is the case of Obama. He won two elections with progressives saying the exact same thing: we need to elect him and then hold his feet to the fire (god am I sick of that meaningless phrase). The only progressive victory there was the keystone pipeline.

No I don’t think it’s our job to vote once every four years and sit on our butts in the meantime, but cases of successful protests are extremely rare and Hillary has already defined herself as someone who doesn’t care about progressive issues and isn’t about to budge and inch to oppose what she was bribed to do.

It’s very convenient for her that Trump is her main opponent. I don’t think anyone would buy this crap otherwise.