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Sanders Applauded for Vow to Vote 'No' on Pompeo as Hundreds of Groups Urge Senate to Reject 'Unfit' Choice

Sanders Applauded for Vow to Vote 'No' on Pompeo as Hundreds of Groups Urge Senate to Reject 'Unfit' Choice

Julia Conley, staff writer

Anti-war and civil rights advocates applauded Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after he announced Monday that he would oppose CIA Director Mike Pompeo's nomination for Secretary of State—and urged Americans to tell their senators to do the same.

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Mike Pompeo, John Bolton (“Trump’s fellow blowtorch”) and Gina Haspel are nominees
who likely would be unable to pass simple psychiatric tests.

It’s the president’s Constitutional duty to support the government agencies and their
goals, with the intent for which they were established – not to destroy those goals.

US/CIA warmongering all over the world, setting new precedents for torture, and pushing
military actions rather than diplomacy are what terrorists do – not democracies.


Not to dis Sanders, but announcing that you aren’t going to vote for a militant fascist for Secretary of State is a pretty low bar for applause.


If we hear the same choice of vote from the majority it will be cause for rejoicing

True, but I would rejoice to express gratitude, not congratulations for a high degree of morality.

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“It’s the president’s Constitutional duty to support the government agencies … not to destroy those goals.” What a delightful statement - too bad that isn’t how the world works right now. Let’s make it true!

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Basically “The Happy Torturers” –

under umbrella of “White Supremacist” thinking …

The entire Democratic Party and its DNC must declare itself as standing against
these nominees. Bernie Sanders can give leadership to the Dem Party (as he has
been doing), but he can’t speak for the party – he’s an independent.


I wish this was a possibility, however, if the past is any indication of the future, the Democrat Warhawks will prevail.

The lesson here to learn is, run more progressive 3rd party candidates “not” on the take from the MIC.

Send “Pompous Ass” Pompeo back to the swamp he came from.

Nice photo of Pompeo with a smile and fine suit.
Helps me to remember what extremism actually looks like.


I’ll place the over-under for Democratic NO votes at 10.

And I’ll count the ‘Independent’ Bernie as a Democratic NO vote and still take the under.


Well, 51 + 13 ( Jewish Senators ) =s 64. 100 - 10 =s 90 -64 =s 26. That’s close isn’t it?
You really think 26 Democratic Senators, many up for re-election in 2018, will vote to confirm " Pompous Ass " Pompeo?
I don’t believe that and want to take your bet. First though, I’ll need to call " Rabbi Joe " Lieberman and we’ll chant about it with Sheldon and Steve.
I’ll get back to you when we get an answer.

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{Pompeo} advocates war; Islamophobic; Climate Change Denier; Hostile to human rights: reproductive, lgbt, medical; SUPPORTS TORTURE; …and if that were not enough is a Koch Brother tool. Yes I do believe this group of Senators with the help of democrats will approve this nomination. I am not sure who is more vile: the candidate or the shills who approve him.

Pony –

THIS is exactly why we cannot look to the Dem Party as any real option.

The Dem Party has just as big a wall against liberal candidates being welcome
in the party as the GOP has.

You can set them up, you can fund them, but they will not be supported by the party.

We just had this happen at very local levels here in our town where the GOP’s long
time hold on the town was overturned and control (including a female Dem Mayor)
has passed into Dem hands. HOWEVER, four Dem candidates challenging Rep.
Leonard Lance/NJ for the USHR have been side-lined to move another corporate
candidate into place.

Our TOWN newspaper reports on "Democrats Clearing Field in 7th In Effort to
Unseat Lance" and comments that … “But in order to do so the establishment is
doing its best to clear out the competition in primaries to ensure the party’s choices –
usually those with lots of campaign cash – are the ones facing Republican
incumbents in November.”

Referring specifically to the Lance race, they add: "Over the last two months two
female candidates and two male candidates from our local towns have dropped out
of the race, leaving Tom Malinowski/Rocky Hill the clear front runner to face five
term Rep. Lance… They also say that: "In our view, it looks like both of the women
were pushed to suspend their campaigns as the party wanted Mr. Malinowski, a
former assistant secretary of state in the Obama Administration, to face Rep. Lance."

They then quote a statement by David Pringle/Cranford one of the male candidates
at the time of his exit announcement from the race …

"At a time when the nation is clamoring for new voices, for women, for environmentalists,
for people of color, they are the first people the system casts aside …
Candidates are viewed almost exclusively through a fund-raising prism.
Whoever raises the most money is seen as the best candidate. Fundraising consumes
up to seven hours of a candidate’s day. We need public financing for campaigns and
competitive races. Organizational politics confines candidate selection decisions to too
few people in an opaque process. Our big D Democratic Party needs to be more small d

Calling the process unfair to candidates, Mr. Pringle told newjerseyglobe.com in March:
“Democrats should’ve learned by now the more unfair the process the harder it is to unite.”

“Primaries are for vetting candidates, giving regular voters not just the party insiders the
chance to decide and prepping for the fall,” Mr. Pringle said.

A female spokesperson for the GOP Senate Campaign representing a male candidate who
is running against the establishment candidate (another male) had a similar statement:
"time and time and time again the New Jersey establishment tells us who to vote for."

Very much like what Pringle said of the situation, except that I don’t think he was hard enough
on the system. When the “establishment” is owned by people like Koch Bros./John Birch
Society we’re talking about a very extreme amount of bribery going on with Koch Bros. now
promising to increase their investment from $40 million in 2016 to $400 million this time
around. We can expect the Koch Bros. wish list to increase by tenfold as well.

We already have suicidal systems in place leading the nation . . .
Elitism, Capitalism, Christianity and all of it controlling our MIC and Intelligence networks
which are spying on the American public — spying on the American public!!
We’re seeing in Trump where they are leading us and Trump is showing us today where
he will lead us in his threats to use missiles to attack Syria in a challenge to Russia.
Is this enough insanity for us yet?

Nothing could be clearer than that our voting/elections are rigged and that we need to
work outside of government to change it.

PS: There was an unbelievable movement created to ensure that Bannon would be gone …
We need the same kind of action to prevent Pompeo and Haspel from being affirmed and
to catapult John Bolton out of the White House and out of the administration totally.


Apologies – couldn’t amend my post, but …

Patriarchal control of our societies and the notion of “White male Supremacy”
which is very dominant in this administration once again – is certainly another
suicidal concept sometimes referred to as “The Bird with one wing.”

You are a smart Lady.

Don’t ever change.

Pony –

Everyone here is smart. Including you.

We just notice and know different things which is why CD forum is
itself informative. Right now I’ve missed reading two articles, but
I always read the comments from members here.


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